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Found 9 results

  1. Lately, I've been thinking of using my own stock photos on Instagram to promote myself as a photographer (I'm still a newbie ). However, I am concerned that this might affect my stock photo business in a negative way since using my photos on a social media platform might create opportunities for theft. Does anybody have experience with this?, I would highly appreciate any kind of advice.
  2. Hi all, 1. May I ask if I can upload some of my landscape that are already published on my facebook account. What will happen if I upload photos from my FB. 2. Can I upload my live photos to social media like facebook? thanks.
  3. Please SS reinsert portfolio link on the dashboard for social media, and solution to share photos on Twitter with a show the photo also not just link and name. (like FB) Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone! I read through some posts about lack of sales and decreasing income.....some of us are really sad and demotivated. I'm considerably new on SS and only sold $12....so I'm no expert here! BUT. I love Pinterest and I think it has potential in promoting artwork. A while back when I was blogging, my best infographic went viral. It was repinned 10K+ in just 4 months!!! The reach of that is just huge. And all I did was: pin it in some groups. Simple. SO. I made a group board: Best of Shutterstock coz I think it could really work with stock images too. But for it to work I need you guys. The more the merrier! If you have a Pinterest account or you gonna make one: You are welcome to join! I believe we can help each other. Just follow my Best of Shutterstock board and I will send you an invitation to be a contributor! (I'm no affiliate of Pinterest nor get paid to promote it....it's just an honest idea based on my own experience!) Wish you all the best!
  5. Hey guys, do many of you put your personal social media accounts on your profiles? If so, why? I just don't get how my facebook profile would help my SS profile strength. Also, there's no instagram... I'm sure there's a reason for that but would anyone share some light on it for me please? Cheers
  6. I would like to tp promote some of my photos to my followers on Twitter. Can this be done easily without having to set up[ my own website?
  7. Doing some self promoting on social media recently mainly on an image I made and newly released. Well yeah I tried to tweet about it and lo and behold a Shutter stock algorithm changes my link to a common SS link designed to self promote them. Why? Shouldn't I be allowed to self promote by posting links directly for my images? I mean I only do it once per image and not over and over obnoxiously. Is there away around this? Thanks.
  8. .Is it allowed to post a referral link (contributors or customers) into social media in order to increase my sales?
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