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Found 8 results

  1. Hallo, I use contributor-app for android, keep it updated and I never see approval/rejection feedback for videos. It's only me? It's a bug or by design? And if it's by design... why? :-(
  2. Fellow comrades, come and share ur selling photos captured using mobile phone To begin with I share one of my sold pic...
  3. Hello! I have many photos of cyclone destruction, shot with Motorola smartphone. In have tried submitting (two times now while trying the re- submit method) but I am getting rejected. It says picture is out of focus and has noise. It was shot during rain and strong wind and it's a little blurry sometimes but I am really choosing the clearer pictures and trying to submit. I have sold three images like these but they were taken some days after the cyclone was gone and the sky and atmosphere was clear. Then why other images are not getting 'successfully reviewed' when they are similar image
  4. Is the quality of video produced by a phone like the Redmi Note 8T (48MP camera) or Redmi Note 8 Pro (64MP camera) likely to be acceptable for submission as stock footage? I have mirrorless kit I use for images and could put this on a gimbal and I think I would have a chance of capturing some acceptable 4k video. Putting a Redmi Note 8 on a much smaller and lighter gimbal would give me something that was a lot easier to carry, but I can't see that the quality would be anything like as good. It could be a complete non-starter for stock footage. An example of 2160p@30fps footage on a R
  5. Hello guys, first comment of mine in this Shutterstock forums. I am at the very early beginning and uploaded just some pictures taken by smartphones. Some were accepted, a lot of others were not. I got impressed by some ordinary content they accepted, like my coffee cup picture. Some great travel pictures weren't accepted (I guess they accepted the worst of all I tried to post). I tried to upload some content which could be useful for buyers (by the way, I am satisfied with my banana picture). But, after all, I think I have issues with cameras. Photos I take with cellphones have more vita
  6. Hi, I have just started being a contributor to Shutterstock about two weeks ago and uploaded my first few photos, link here. I am learning each day and trying to improve. I have a question related to mobile photography: Although my photographs have been accepted by Shutterstock, but I was wondering if clicking photographs from this phone will end-up selling also? Was anyone successfully able to sell photograph by clicking photos from smartphone of this category? Thank-you so much!
  7. Was this rejected for its apple origin, or for the reflection on the display? The reason was an intellectual infringement. Is there any chance to sell it not just as the editorial? A window reflecting on a cellphone display. Two black smartphones.

    © DetskymodelingDotCz

  8. Hi all you guys and gals... I was wondering... how can I edit image details on my ipad? If i go the route of the catalogue manager and find the images i am looking for, then i cant "double tap" an image (obviously, that is the native zoom function of the ipad) What am i missing?
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