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Found 23 results

  1. I get an error when I upload the file. And at Contributor I can't even login from another browser. When you click on login, after a while the page turns white.How can I fix this? Thank You 't even login from another browser. When you click on login, after a while the page turns white.
  2. Hello, sometimes i upload big batches of images, today i have uploaded 1,300. I submitted them yesterday to Adobe Stock and I have taken 20 minutes, in Shutterstock more than 2 hours. I think the problem is the thumbnail resolution, for example in adobe stock the thumbnail to preview your image is in a very low resolution, its a lighter system and this allows you to upload your photos very fast. I dont know how to resolve this, i have tested some alternative navigators and it continues going very slow, i click the images or attach the releases and it has LAG and its annoying. As Richard Whitcombe says, the sending panel is slow and clumsy, even clicking on the control / switch to use multiple images slows down the more you select, and this is what I mean. Its frustrating for me to select 100 images to send it.´╗┐ Please Shutterstock, try to review the submission panel to improve it because its a funnel effect for people uploading a big amount of images every week. Thank you very much and i wait for your feedback <3. ┬┐Anyone having this issue?
  3. Hi, I signed up as a contributor yesterday and tried to upload my first 10 images, all jpegs between 14.2 and 34.6 MB each. After more than 2 hours only two showed slight progress in the bar in the upload window. I cancelled and tried to submit just one image at a time. So far I have managed to upload and submit 4 images for review, but I have had to try at least twice with those images that have eventually gotten through. On the first go I wait an hour or so. When it still isn't uploaded I cancel the upload, log out and then log back in and try again. This is the only way I seem to be able to get it to work, and even then I am waiting a long time for the upload to complete. Is anyone else having this problem? I've read other forum threads where people mention very slow upload times. I am wondering if it is just me or others are experiencing this right now? My internet speed, while not super fast, is not slow and works quickly and fine for anything else I ever do on the internet, including any uploading or downloading. So I feel like the problem may be with SS. I will be visiting someone this week with super fast internet and will test it there to see if I can get my images to upload more quickly.
  4. Hey guys ! I've been here for more than a year and I still struggling with slow workflow, I have nearly 700 images uploaded and I have more than 2000 images and videos waiting and the number is grooving, I work nearly everyday on my photos for several hours, before I used just Photoshop but this month I'm using Xpiks for keywording, it helps but not a really big impact. How many pic do you guys upload in a month? how can i fasten my workflow ?
  5. Review times are getting ridiculously slow and seem to be staying that way. For non recent event images I can live with that. But if you are taking images for a recent event for editorial use....well by the time you have reviewed them the potential purchaser has gone elsewhere as the event is long gone. I can't see how this helps either Shutterstock or ourselves financially. It is ok saying "we are working on the backlog", but does that involve recruiting and training new reviewers? Because there clearly aren't enough for the volume of work submitted. Editorial images I really don't think should take more than 24 hours, preferably even quicker
  6. Hello friends, Woke up early today (5:50 AM CET) to keep uploading my portfolio but when I logged in I noticed the extremely slow response first on the dashboard and then on the "submit content" page. Is anyone having a similar issue? Also Submit, Pending and Reviewed sections appears as zero regardless how many files there. I hope staff sees this post too... Thanks in advance!
  7. When I'm typing in keywords or description to submit content, even though I'm typing at normal speed, the letters are extremely slow to show up. Imagine typing flower, but the speed you see is f l o w e r. It's fine on with the app on my phone, but nearly impossible to do anything on my laptop. Its not my computer, I've tried 3 different ones. Also, when selecting a category it won't let me scroll down. That I also have to do on my cell.
  8. This is becoming frustrating. Am I the only one that thinks that this new interface for submitting photos is WAY worse than the old one? Just a few examples: - Shift clicking on photos does not select only the ones you shift-clicked into but a bunch of other images as well - Saving images to submit afterwards does not work half the time. You have to re-tag as editorial or re-set the categories in the same image multiple times - It just takes too much time to select multiple images by ctrl+clicking It's just not a performant interface. Shutterstock seriously needs to revamp their APIs to allow for faster responding requests. Any thoughts?
  9. Good day. I've read through the comments on previous messages. It seems like approvals on Editorial work is still a major issue. On average it takes 4-7 days to approve. I'm a Photographer and Journalist Artist but I mostly do illustrative work for editorial, which means I create work for current News (not photos where I don't have release forms). This delay in approvals is really affecting my sales. My work used to sell as the stories are happening on CNN, BBC etc. because my images used to be approved on the same day. With this delay I'm starting to really worry. Once my images are eventually approved, some sell but way way! less. Please Shutterstock, please can someone sort this problem out. It's really is a major concern for me. I do have a suggestion though; Shutterstock has Commercial or Editorial sections. My suggestion is to have a button for (priority review - in the news) or a section entirely for Current News events. Whereby reviewers know that these images need to be reviewed quicker (only 'current' newsworthy images). I just hope Shutterstock realises how much they (and me) are losing simply because reviewers are either flooded with Editorial images or Shutterstock's system of reviewing simply doesn't care for with current events. I love using Shutterstock, I've always had a good experience with reviewers. I would like to keep my positivity up. Come on guys, sort the problem for Editorial approvals. What does everyone think of having a priority review system? Regards, Sergio Lacueva
  10. Is there any particular reason the Shutterstock FTP appears throttled to 8mbit/sec per user? This isnt a temporary fluctuation - ive been seen this exact throughout for many months now even connecting via several VPS on gigabit backbone links so its not a local problem. FWIW adobe runs at 240mbit/s and P5 at 400mbit/s on the same machine at the exact same time uploading the same files. It takes frustratingly long to upload multiple 4K video clips due to this (30 to 50 times longer than other sites!).
  11. Have I forgotten the way it has always been, or has the loading of keywords become very slow a week or two ago. I am speaking of going to edit an already existing/approved image and the time for them to load there. (I am not talking about the keword suggestipn tool.)
  12. Hi, I have submitted a batch of 11 photos on Tuesday and another 8 yesterday and still no word from reviewers - perhaps they are on Christmas holiday already? Fo now I am still waiting it out, but was just wondering if someone has had the same experience? And I know SS has up to 3 days to review, it's just that I have never had to wait that long before (in those ca. 15 months here)
  13. No more pain my friend. Vic comes to your rescue!
  14. compared with before, looks like review time for clips is slowing down. i have clips pending from nov 4 while photos are reviewed in few hours
  15. Hello everyone. For the second weekend in a row I've been trying to upload images and they simply sit in my pending approval window. This doesn't happen during the week. I'm wondering if there's a glitch or my files are stuck. (I have tried to delete them and re upload them if anyone thinks that is the problem.) I'd like to know if Shutterstock reviews editorial images/illustrations on weekends? I'm uploading some current news event illustrations and they're obviously losing relevance by the day. I've attached three examples: 1. PUERTO RICO, CARIBBEAN, 22 September 2017 - Hurricane Maria leaves island under water. World weeps. 2. MEXICO, 23 September 2017 - Rebuild Mexico City. Third earthquake hits Mexico in two weeks. 3. MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, 22 September 2017 - The race against time. Mexico is in desperate need of International assistance after the devastating earthquake. This kind of work should be reviewed much quicker. I've tried emailing Shutterstock. Its like talking to a robot, they don't understand what urgency means. It's silly in my opinion, they could be selling so many more images if they found a way to prioritize editorial (news) images.
  16. Why do you think the sales have so low? I've heard and read all kinds of variations - including that sales have deliberately dropped (which I personally do not think) ... So, there are too many pictures put on sale and too few buyers? Is it about inflation? Are we, the contributors, guilty that not understanding the current changes and choosing to send the same kind of images as we did until now +/- some small variations? This is it? Should we radically change something to our style or the things are independent of anything we do? Is "the blame" of SS? Why would be? Do we have to take more pictures than we did until now (the number counts more?!)? Ok, it's better to send more for good exposure - but, that's it? This is all about!? Or do we need to "better target" the demands as SS tried to indicate us this: https://www.shutterstock.com/special/theshotlist (THANK YOU, SS!)? What do you think? I do not want to find guiltyes, I just want to understand why and how ... Thank you folks!
  17. I have been experiencing very slow upload speeds for as long as I have been contributing. I love Shutterstock, but the slow upload speed is really annoying and time consuming. For example, I get between 200 and 300 kbs on average, wich equals to seriously long upload time for 4K videos on other sites I average between 7-12 Mbit per sec, wich equals to blazing fast uploads. Does anyone have the same issue? and possibly a fix?
  18. Hello, I've esperiencing a "currently being processed" issue since Jan 9th. Basically when I upload an image it stays in this status for many hours, even 15/18. Only when this text disappears the image goes into pensing status. This slows down the overall upload process very much, and it often happens that when the images are reviewed most of them are still in processing status, so only a small part of them are reviewed. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks =)
  19. Hi everybody, does anyone experience very slow ftp uploads when uploading to shutterstock while using Filezilla or is it just me? I average 0,5-0,6 mb/sec when uploading to SS, but other sites gives me between 4-12 mb/sec upload. Large files take a very long this way with 0,5-0,6 upload speed. Anyone have a advice? or is this a server side problem? Cheers
  20. In the past three months, my sales from new uploads have gone to nearly nothing. I still have sales from older content, but I am wondering why my new photos are not selling. Has anyone else experienced this?
  21. Hi everyone, Anyone else experiencing slow start of the month? I know it is kinda unpredictable, but never happen to me before. Had 1 download on 1st of July, and then 0 all other days till today (Today also 0). And I'm uploading new stuff everyday. Anyone?
  22. My jpgs are being reviewed very quickly, but all my vectors are still sitting un-reviewed since the weekend. Anyone else?
  23. Hi ! I uploaded several batches of footage and it's been more than a week form the first upload. The footage is piling up as I continue uploading. Is this happening to me only or it is the same for all the members ?
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