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Found 16 results

  1. How does the price of a photo change regarding the size? For example, will my image sell at the same price for specifically 7360 x 4912px and 4858 x 3242px. I have some grain and sharpness issues and downsizing the photos for about 66-70% is fixing me that problem more quickly than selective removal of grain for example. So if I downsize my photos, I'm a losing money in a long run, or that's just the way to speed up your portfolio size? Thanks
  2. I know that SS requires vector artboard size to be above 4MP. But today, I realized that it must be less than 25MP as well? Is this something new or has been there all the while?
  3. Hi folks! This is my first ever post in this forum. So I've been facing an issue with my vector eps files. My old files have enough space around each of them, but 2 recently approved items don't have although I kept enough space around each of them. Why is it happening? I'm little bit frustrated Please help me. TIA! Best th_studio
  4. Hi, I am a newbie here and have uploaded almost 100 photos. I am wondering why Shutterstock reduces the quality of my photos by reducing the size. For example, I submitted a photo that was 6000 MP x 4000 MP (12.9 MB) - so under the max size limits - and when I open it on the "submit content" page and select "see large preview", the image that is displayed was much smaller: the title showed "medium" and 1000 x 667 MP. Another image that I submitted at 6000 x 4000 (Sunset in Dubrovnik, Croatia with Fortress Silhouette) has been approved and the size is now only 1500 x 1101 (searched Google for the image). It has been reduced to a quarter of its original size. Does Shutterstock always do this, or is there a setting I should change? Zooming into see the details shows quite a degradation in quality between what I submitted and what is on the site, and I imagine that a buyer would like a photo to be as crisp as possible. Appreciate your help! Thanks!
  5. In order to decrease 4mp EPS vector file size, I use 72 and even 32 ppi transparency preset which I made them from transparency flattener presets in adobe illustrator. This method reduces for example a 75 mb eps file size to 7.5 mb without any loss of quality and 4 mp dimension. I'd like to know other ideas about this method of decreasing file size.
  6. Hi, When submitting photos to shutterstock taken on my photos they come out between 4.5mb and 7.5mb. When enhancing a photo on my phone they drop to 4.0 to 5.5mb depending on original size. Although the photo will look better should I loose mb's, enhancing them (colour, pop, light or auto), or should I just leave the photo alone and keep the bigger say 7.0mb for instance. Thanks Andy
  7. One of the funniest gear reviewers on youtube in my opinion, i needed to share this, enjoy it
  8. Hi everyone For years I have been trying to resize eps files to have less than 15MB, around every fifth file I am unalble to upload because I can't get it to have less than 15MB... I tried everything... Does this only bother me? Could it be possible to raise the limit to at least 20MB?
  9. Good evening all. I am looking at what image size I upload to Shutterstock. I have read conflicting comments about large or small sizes. Currently I downsize images to around 6 megapixels. Is it better to upload at full size (up to 24 mp in my case)? Thanks Tom
  10. I read the following on size problem. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006599?q=size&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 It states there, The supersize option is made available only for images that are 15 MP or less,sorry i just wonder if my photo will becomes blur in supersize. I uploaded image on the following resolution. 2592 px x 1944 px And this is the size L. Shutterstock creates a XL size for my photo, which will be available in 5184 px x 3888 px. Do i need to worry that my picture will looks blur on bigger resolution?
  11. Hi. I've sent the files in vector with jpg size around 10-12Mb, but they were not upproved becouse of size "has to be under 15Mb". How can it be? Where is a mistake? Does anybody know?
  12. Hi, All, Are there one or two image size ratios that are most desirable to customers? Or is it really all over the map because of so may diverse applications of images. What prompted me to ask is that I made a recent picture I took to be my phone wallpaper, without first cropping or sizing it to fit the phone. The result is a cropped image, and incidentally I kind of like the result of the cropping! I think I'll be looking at the image for different ways to crop it, which might result in one or another ratio from whatever I end up liking best. Thanks!
  13. Hello there, Hope everyone is keeping well. Some people said that one of the reasons to our poor sales here is due to a huge amount of uploads that have flooded Shutterstock now Since nobody like to think that one's work is of no use or crappy ones. (otherwise, why bother uploading...?) Here's my question thou. We heard people criticizing others' works as crappy with no hesitation. How do you define a crappy work yourself in your own portfolio? If you have pages after pages of images that had ZERO download sitting there over a long period of time, (say a year or two or even more) Will you consider deleting those images from your portfolio or will you rather keep them hoping that it will be sold some days in the future? I know some people had said that as long as you keep the images you never know what will come by. Personally, I think those scenarios are very few and far between nowadays. It's more of a hoarder's mindset if you asked me. Given that daily sales is not a given anymore to many hardworking contributors. My own experience here is that I do have surprising substantial sales once in a long while but none of those had came from the image that had no sale record before. (In my not so big portfolio, I admit that I had about 40 crappy images that had zero download.) I had deleted those images last year (every single one of them!). I will review my own portfolio again in a few months time to see if there's any images that has no download. Personally, it helps me to present a more streamline portfolio to the buyers. Be keen to hear what your thoughts are. Cheers everyone.
  14. reason File Size -- File size must be under 15MB for vectors and above 4MP for photos. but the photo size rejected is 2800x2100 = 5,88 Mpx boh..........
  15. Hey Folks! I've had SO many people here give me advice and point me in the right direction. You guys are amazing! So, I'm back with some questions There have been people who told me different things like "That photo could be a little brighter", or "I think you could crop a little off the left side of this particular photo" and "That one would look good square". I'm sure my questions sound silly to all of you... but, hey! How else am I going to learn? So, my first question: Is it okay to edit my photo's with software? Second: Can I crop? And, are there only certain dimensions or shapes of photo's that Shutterstock will accept? I thank all of you in advance for your answers and input! Have an awesome night! Rebekah
  16. I use the codec Apple ProRes (422-4444) for footages. File size in this case is very large, approximately 3,5 GB in 30 seconds. Do not scare a buyer file size? Codec H.264 will weigh 300Mb. It may be better to use it? A small file size does not scare the buyer? How should I proceed?
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