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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone, the review team is rejecting me some illustrations for similar content, the fact is that they are images of chemical elements in which the substance changes, for example gold silver etc etc. Is there a way to make them understand that they are totally different and that a customer may want to purchase an image for each substance? Thanks
  2. I see in some portfolios, they shifted the frame very little and created 50-100 similar content. And these were accepted. However, although not very similar, some of my images are rejected for "similar content". Is this a different secret? Or am I doing something wrong?
  3. I have submitted 2 similar photos. For me they are in different ankle so I thought it should be fine. However, it turned that one of them was approved and another one was rejected. If I need to choose one, I'd rather keep the one that was rejected. Therefore, I removed the approved photo from my portfolio and resubmitted the one which was rejected before. BUT it was rejected again due to "similar content" even though there was no such similar photo in my portfolio now. I tried to resubmit and select "previously submitted" as note to reviewer but nothing changed. A
  4. Hello people, I have read a lot of post here in the forum but this is my first post. I am contributing to Shutterstock for more than 2 years, my portfolio contains more than 260.000 files, and I have reached the highest level of the amount earned per download as a shutter stock contributor, which means that when shutter stock sells one of my files for their Best value (just $0.27 an image) I receive more than that, so shutter stock doesn't earn from my sales. Three days ago, in my surprise, I received an email from Jon, a member of Shutterstock Submit Department saying the followi
  5. Hi everybody, I just had 14 of 19 images rejected for "similar content" reason. I admit, the pictures were very similar, but previously I had no problem submitting (and getting routinely approved) batches of similar images (difference being one prop here or there, etc.). And I have never seen this reason before. Also, running a quick search in the forum produced no information - Is this reason new/restarted or was I just lucky until now? And was there some kind of communication, that submitting batches of pictures of the same subject from slightly different angles or accompanied by another
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