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Found 61 results

  1. Can you guys tell me, which kind of video sells better on shutterstock. Or show me your top sold video/videos on shutterstock.
  2. A week ago Sunday we were awaken at about 3:00 AM by the most horrific thunderstorm, that light up the sky and shook the house. I've never experienced anything so intense. We were in the midst of a heat wave with 100 degree temperatures and experienced one of those freak "dry lightning" events. That morning, my wife and I commented on how lucky we were that there wasn't a fire. Well that turned out to be premature. We drove to the beach for a walk with the dog and then hunkered down at home to avoid the afternoon heat. At around 4:20, I stepped outside for a break, and that's when I looked up and saw a huge cloud of smoke billowing from over the hills to the south. This was the view from the roof of my house: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/california-river-fire-salinas-monterey-county-1801300195 The neighborhood was abuzz with activity but the authorities hadn't yet called for an evacuation. Here is a shot from that evening: The next morning, the field workers were working as usual as the fire burned nearby: That afternoon, Cal Fire arrived with a fleet of helicopters. They collected water from the local pond to douse the flames. I took these shots from next to the pond: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/helicopters-collect-water-buckets-local-pond-1801313815 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/helicopter-pilot-collects-bucket-water-pond-1801392601 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/salinas-california-august-17-2020-cal-1803493255 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/salinas-california-august-17-2020-cal-1802697325 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/salinas-california-august-17-2020-cal-1802855740 Then I went back to the house and took some shots from my roof as they passed by: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/salinas-california-august-17-2020-cal-1803465634 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/salinas-california-august-17-2020-cal-1803501433 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/salinas-california-august-17-2020-cal-1802880979 By Tuesday the fire started getting close to houses just up the street and we were given evacuation orders, first advisory then mandatory on Wednesday: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/california-river-fire-salinas-monterey-county-1803496585 We ended up staying at a (dog friendly) hotel for 6 nights. In addition to the helicopters, they used a large 747 jet to douse the flames with retardant. They also used bulldozers to make firebreaks and lit backfires to protect the houses. In the end, only one nearby house suffered damage to its deck. Cal Fire saved the day and we were allowed back home on Monday! THANK YOU CAL FIRE!
  3. I am still reading through upload requirements. However, I am not finding the answer to this generic question. Can we upload and get approved images or videos that have an artistic viewpoint? I know Shutterstock sells illustrations, but I don't work with that medium yet. I have attached a photograph as an example. The image was taken on the west coast near the water. I inverted the colors to make something interesting. Also, if we are able to upload artistic images, do they need to adhere to the same requirements or any at all? For example, if this image is out of focus, does that matter like a standard stock image would? Thanks.
  4. Be creative! Create your own image against the new reality and submit it to SS Here is mine that got accepted !
  5. Just reached 8K images today morning! Wow! Thanks to SS and all of you for your support from time to time. Regards, Rudra
  6. Hi contributors, Today when I saw my earnings summary, I got shocked by seeing one image got downloaded for $ 0.17 only. As far as I know, minimum payout for per image download from SS is $ 0.25 and till now I had no issues with that. But as you can see below screenshots from my dashboard, I am really upset that the image got downloaded for even lower price than $0.25. When I searched on google for $ 0.17 per image download from shutterstock, I got surprised when one more person mentioned that his image got downloaded for $ 0.17 in below forum Also I found some links mentioning sites like getallstock.com selling stock photos for $ 0.17 from popular stocks sites like shutterstock and others. Check out the link below https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5190036.msg52654833#msg52654833 I am not sure about such sites if they are fake, pirates or what... Is this really fair for contributors like us who are putting more and more efforts to give best of our work on stock sites like Shutterstock? I am really upset having this kind of experience on SS and now I really feel like quitting from submitting my work after so many efforts I am putting behind my work. Please let me know if this is really a problem in Shutterstock or is this $0.17 price valid for per image download on Shutterstock Thanks
  7. To avoid contributors to review the content in Content Manager again, I would like to see the "Add to set" option before the content is sent for approval. I'm still waiting for it.. Also, I would like the geo option "location" to be active for footage too.
  8. I have previously posted about SS being my lead earner again after having fallen well behind FT long ago (a few years?) Not sure how long FT was my top earner. Anyhow several months back SS took the lead once again (until FT had pulled ahead of them SS was always my top earner) and again last month SS was in the lead. Thanks SS! Don't know what happened for me at FT. They are close to SS but not where they once were for me. Beside the drop at FT SS has been slowly creeping up again in earnings too. Ill take it.
  9. Hi everyone! wanted to share with you. first a Big thank you to Shutterstock ! soon I will be passing a huge milestone on my all time earnings! Its been hard work, make no mistake but what a journey !
  10. Hello, My name is Roirike. I have been ask a question in SS FB group once about who is the curator/ reviewer behind shutterstock? are they sleep or not? some friends said they are AI or kind like a machine, but others said that they are a real people behind the reviewer/curator at Shutterstock. But my question now is if they are a real person can we see them, like .. i just wanted to know who are they? what they are looks like in person? but if they are a machine or software or hardware or any AI things, can we see it? I just curious about them/it. And thank you for your patience and being my reviewer/curator all this time :) 😁
  11. Hello everybody, i am updating this map since i started contributing here. I guess if there would be a way to implement this into the Shutterstock contributor experience many of the contributors would love to see this. I find it very pleasing to see where in the world my photos have been bought. Cheers Martin
  12. SS is back on top. AS formerly F is now a mid level earner for me. They were my top earner for a long time but sadly since last month sales there have dropped like a stone.
  13. Is Shutterstock still the most cost-effective for photo and footage sales among other image stocks? Which stocks are between your leaders in sales figures?
  14. Shutterstock publishes monthly content guidelines that are likely to be requested in the near future. But it also means that competition for this content will increase. On the other hand, if your interests do not include follow of the best guidelines, but simply You wish to capture those photo moments that seem attractive, the content which buys the most from You can differ. In my experience there are two types of captures: in one case they buy something that is beautiful and refined, but in other cases, they buy something that is close to our daily life - sometimes it is not beautiful and not refined, but it just happens in life. But in any case, false artificialness does not promote sales.
  15. @Administrator / @Anna Shutterstock I would have a suggestion: "Add to set" option is currently only available in the Catalog Manager. It would be more logical to have this possibility at the beginning when the description and keywords are added to the images and footages.
  16. Hi folks, Recently I came to know that there is a website that allows to shutter stock images download illegally. Please report this website and please make more security for our images. It's a request to shutter stock team.
  17. Hi , so I've recently started uploading and if available I'd love to hear some tips from the seasoned vets here !! Also, my small little portfolio is there anything there that you would think could sell, is it a good start or bad one, I'd love to hear your tips and advice thank you !! - Adrian
  18. Hello all, I am a photo contributor since almost one year ago. On february I decided to start uploading videos and what I found is that video review works very bad here on Shutterstock and not in other similar stock platforms. My history, 1. 4th February I started to upload videos on the platform, I sent around 200 videos to review. 2. 21th February, nobody review 87 videos and since nobody review it the platform decided to delete it as the period for review is equally to the period that we have for submitting content 3 weeks. 3. 4th March, I upload again all the content plus additional videos, the latest videos sent, no matter if there were from the first batch, were reviewed but still pending 118 videos 4. 14th March, today I have still 118 pending videos that are going to be deleted the 21st March if nobody review it I would like to know why Shutterstock can delete the items without being reviewed, I found that not so professional and not good for us as contributors, if at the end we are the ones that create the content on Shutterstock, why do we received these technical support from them? no technical support since I don't have been answered by a technical expert in all my communications with Shutterstock just with people that said is going to a higher level to be reviewed. Is there anybody facing the same problem? Kind regards, Javier Ramos (abriendomundo)
  19. Hi all, Did you already see the new blog about Shutterstock Custom. The replacement for Flashstock? Somebody already applied to be a contributor?
  20. My name is Karan and i am from India. It's have been just a week, i started uploading on shutterstock. My big question is that, "Do Indian images get sold on shutterstock? " I mean, do advertisers around the world are demanding pictures of Indian models? I will be thankful for a genuine response.
  21. I made this picture during my latest revisit to a familiar landscape.

    © Kreyg Scott

  22. Hello everyone! May I know the tip on how you get the higher price for image instead of paid 0.25 cent & $1.88? Is it because of the amount of submission? Thank you
  23. Hi folks, Recently I came to know that there is a website that allows to shutter stock images download illegally. Please report this website and please make more security for our images. It's a request to shutter stock team. https://tricksnhub.com/download-shutterstock-images-free-without-watermark-2018/ https://nohat.se/
  24. How can I know whether my account is approved by shutterstock. Recently I have posted 10 photos and all of them get accepted. But still I ddnt get any verification messege or something like that. so how can I know whether my account is approved?
  25. Dear team, Warm greetings from harsh Trivedi. I am totally new to this Shutterstock contributor. I have a passion of capturing best moments on my Smartphone. Though I don't have a Good camera, I am just trying to capture the best!. Recently, my 3 photos which I had submitted got the approval from your team. I am bit confused of the next step as what I should do now as the photos have got approval. In addition to above, I did like to know what is "pulblished Sets" and manage your release. I am eagerly waiting for your replies. Regards, Harsh trivedi
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