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Found 3 results

  1. Hello dear, Hope all are well, what you are experiencing with your content now a days? Do you working with trend which buyer seeking for? Or as you like? Thank you.
  2. Hello, For some time now I have had an ethical problem to submit to you. In my opinion, targeting a certain group for their "skin color", gender, sexual orientation or body shape is the basis of what we define as racism, sexism, and phobias based on sexual orientation or the look. So my question is: isn't it a reprehensible attitude to seek out and target a certain type of people as advised in the shotlist? I understand that the objective is justified as wanting to change mentalities but some people will in my opinion be quite right to feel harassed. How do you see this problem? Personally
  3. Why do you think the sales have so low? I've heard and read all kinds of variations - including that sales have deliberately dropped (which I personally do not think) ... So, there are too many pictures put on sale and too few buyers? Is it about inflation? Are we, the contributors, guilty that not understanding the current changes and choosing to send the same kind of images as we did until now +/- some small variations? This is it? Should we radically change something to our style or the things are independent of anything we do? Is "the blame" of SS? Why would be? Do we have to take more pic
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