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Found 3 results

  1. Has your experience been as mine? Sells have been very slow at just over a year and right on 500, photos and videos total. The number of photos sold is 15 and no videos with $8.33 total. It seems at first sells were brisk but the last couple of months nothing. Would love to know about how the rest of you are doing. ...L of C and L Perry
  2. We've sold a misty mountain photo four times all over the world IN A ROW. Is this a coincidence or is something broken on reporting our photos that have sold? Has this happened to anyone else? Like to know. We are new to Shutterstock.
  3. Hello All I am new to Shutterstock and love it already. I only have a couple of hundred photos uploaded so far. I am already seeing the more photos I load the more sales I get. I have also realised you never can sell what will sell. Am I missing any tricks about promoting my gallery or myself on this great site ?. Does anyone have any tips for promotion to increase my sales. Or do great photos just sell themselves and that were I should focus my effort. Thank you in-advance for any help Regards Johnnie. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/johnniemartin
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