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Found 9 results

  1. Hello dear, Hope all are well, what you are experiencing with your content now a days? Do you working with trend which buyer seeking for? Or as you like? Thank you.
  2. im new on ss, i have now 46 piece vector work... and tottaly so far i only sell 2 pieces, is that too hard on selling on ss? i need tips, is that normal sales for beginner ? how was it when you started? i think i need a some motivation 😓😕
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Mike and I am a new seller to Shutterstock. Haven't really had many sales yet though and I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice? I have added around 20-30 keywords for each photo, but is there any way of finding out what content is high in demand? Also, if anyone doesn't mind sharing some of their stats for motivation, that would be cool too. Thanks, Mike
  4. Hi Guys, Just thought id share my momentous occasion. After years of contributing ive bought my first ever stock image!! Had no buyers account, bought it though a 3rd party as part of a web design system and the image cost me $2.75 I feel good giving back after about 10 years. If you are a seller usually, how many stock images do you buy? if any? http://www.simonbrattphotography.com Latest Blog- The Reluctant Poser
  5. Hey there everyone I want to ask you to share your experience about : * Working on multi fields of work, for example, doing photography, drawing illustrations, creating resources and much more and using every skills to make better stocks * Or, keeping in one of field of works, which most of people know you with that and you doing that best... Which worked for you?, is there any other talents that you want to achieve to make yourself a better stock-designer?
  6. Hi There Folks! I tried to get on SS several months ago, and was not accepted as a seller. So, I've been working at this thing I submitted a new set of photos to SS late last night.. I logged on this evening and to my delight I have been approved and sold one of my photos already today!! Wow! So excited Hope everyone is having a terrific week Mine is obviously off to an AMAZING start!! Rebekah
  7. Hi! I was recently approved to be a SS seller. I can see my portfolio from my contributor dashboard, but do not see it on my profile or under my name in the forums... Do I have a setting wrong? Thanks for your help guys! Rebekah
  8. Hi contributors...there is a group on Facebook (name: STOCK VIDEO PROMOTION) has been created to promote stock videography. It is a "hub" between sellers and buyers. You can share and make known your creations. Feel free also to leave your comments, invite other videographers and share your knowledge. As well as advertising and web agencies, movie studios, publishers, can take a look at the creative works that are published and, why not, directly interact with the videographer. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1634887400112299 Good luck
  9. My gallery is pretty varied and these two very different videos sell weekly with out fail. I always wonder about the buyer's use! http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-4359308-stock-footage-police-tape-at-scene-of-emergency-with-ambulance-and-flashing-lights.html?src=gallery/ZAiyqzGyybRrs_PATlbAnQ:1:0/3p http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-4913756-stock-footage-family-bike-riding-on-forest-trail-pov.html?src=gallery/ZAiyqzGyybRrs_PATlbAnQ:1:1/3p
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