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  1. Hi Friends, I purchased i phone SE and started shooting videos in 4K mode and SS already accepted almost 100 of footage. As I am a newcomer and quite new in the area of Videos,I am little bit anxious about selling the footage in SS. Can any SS Friend tell me regarding the sell and revenues from footage in general form? Does 4K sell? Partha Pal from India
  2. Hi everyone I am new here not sure what I am doing. Any advice welcome. I am a model and have a portfolio of photographs. I have a large library of animal photography. I travelled to Mauritius and also have nice video and photo content. Any suggestions on what I can do/ sell/ gain from the above? Many thanks
  3. hello everyone, I'm a graphic designer and i have some questions about selling vector stock i hope that experiencing contributors in this platforms help me get some insight. my questions are: obviously the first one will be if this worth my time? what are the best platform to sell stock vector? how many sale you have monthly? what items that sell well (posters,logos,patterns...)? how much you earn from each platform (you can avoid this if you don't feel comfortable to answer) ? individual or set?
  4. Hello, my name is Helena and im in Shutterstock since October 2019. I upload vectors, jpg and videos, but until today I was not having sells, can you please see my work and if possible giving me hints how I can improve myself in order to have sells in the future? Thanks for your help 😊 https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Helena+de+Almeida
  5. Recently Ive been in a fashion show in Detroit and a took around 1000 pictures of models walking on runway but I dont know if i can sell them as editorial pictures ? Am I allowed to sell them here ?
  6. Hey Guys i want to know is selling vector on Shutterstock really worth it because i have 5 vector stock but 2 months no sales any Guide Please.
  7. Hi All, Im water colorist and pattern designer recently joined this website. I usually do painting on paper not digital vector designs. I would be happy if you as watercolor pattern designer/Illustrator share your experience about selling on Shutter Stock, it seems it is a good platform for vector files, but Im not sure about non-vector patterns. What is your experience do you recommend it? Thank you
  8. What techniques do you use to increase sales? where do you advertise? can you help me please. which social media do you use for advertising purposes?
  9. Hi, I need to help and guide . I am contributor on shutterstock from 2015, I have above 4500 images( mostly Backgrounds). But sell is very low. average 3 /6 dollars a months . Can any on check my portfolio. What is wrong with me or my work. How can improve my sell . Pls Thanks Masum-gdtech The background below 1 time sale
  10. My portfolio has 700 designs and I'm earning 80-100 dollars. My earnings should be greater or more than that. You should tell your opinion? Please see my portfolio https://www.shutterstock.com/g/shabirajmeri
  11. Hello everybody, How are you? I wanted to ask you a question. When do you have an event, a march, a protest, or even a show in your city or somewhere nearby, do you photograph only with the intention of putting it on this site later? Or even on vacation, do you go to some places just for that purpose? Or do not do it because you find the return too small? Hug to everyone!
  12. hi im new on ss, and tottaly sell i 1 piece, is that too hard on sell? and how is it all in sales? and does advertise for sell? this is mine works
  13. I got approval for my 350 images but didn't make a single dollar till today. I use catalog manager tool ans made set and publish them and share too. But got none result in positive sale.. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/VipinGaud?language=en If any other thing is pending anyone if like to guide me is welcomed. This is my portfolio on shutterstock : https://www.shutterstock.com/g/VipinGaud?language=en Thanks
  14. Hello all, I began to upload about 2 months ago and I uploaded about 600 pics. Before that I had about 20 photos. For last two months I have only 4 sold photos. Is there a time period like photos are sold most or is it generally about the subject trend according to time ( like new year photos nowadays) ? BTW any advices are very welcome. Thanks in advance...
  15. hello, i found an Etsy store that sells stickers with my illustrations. what kind of license is required for such usage? thanks
  16. how do you sell photos on here do you just upload and when its approved you play the waiting game ?
  17. Is there a way I can find the tags or the imagens that are selling more during the week, month or something like that? I´m a new contributor from Brazil (less than 1 month), just sold 8 photos til now, and I would like to improve my performance. Thanks in advance.
  18. Any one can help me , I can not sell my Background image . very low monthly selling
  19. What you think about this method for increase our clients? You can Insert link of your Photos, it's open to all! I will pay for advertising, for increase the new people interested. https://www.facebook.com/Photo-Stock-Shop-391941317913479/?modal=admin_todo_tour I'm waiting your think and tips THANKS!
  20. I am mostly a dreamer here so far, so it is not that this subject matters completely in reality at this time. But am I correct that liscensing allows for buyers to sell images as art? If so, any of you who do sell your work as art, do you keep that content and your stock content here exclusive from each other? (maybe poor wording...?)
  21. hello guys, Can every photo be sold as editorial? Examples: - the photo of my dog - the photo of a tree - the photo of my pencils - the photo of the coca-cola brand - the photo of the face of a homeless person (i ask for permission to take the photo, but don't say it's going to be sold) - the photo of the homeless but showing the street or buildings (don't asked for permission, it's from relatively far away) - the photo of a kid playing in the park with a dangerous dog (i ask for permission to parents / i don't ask for permission) - the photo of a kid playing in
  22. Why are we starting to get so many $1.80 royalties on quality HD footage sales. Today's is very desirable and sellable clip of a baby on heart monitor equipment in ICU hospital. A clips when discounted was well worth $100 and up easily. This is discouraging and see NO reason to discount to this level. It hurts everyone. With quality clips this kind of mass discount makes little sense. Of course I'm not the CEO but I am a savvy and very successful businessman outside of the video industry. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1985917
  23. Hi! I've been here for a month and I have not sold anything. Can you help me with some advice because I don't know where my mistakes are. I hope there's someone who will help me :(. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Pius thx.
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