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  1. This contributor has several of my videos in his portfolio. For example this ... https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/video/clip-1063378141-stack-gold-bars-bullion-precious-metal-investment My original videos were HD and this thief converted them to 4k. This is my original video https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/video/clip-5057402-gold-barsingot-loop-finance-3d-animation Please look, maybe your videos are there too ... And the second question! Why is my video footage visible in search results? My Video Portfolio has been disabled since November 2020... And obviously I will ask the
  2. Hi there I'm wondering how keywords should be formulated: * lower case or upper case (for names)? * singular or plural (for nouns)? * Which tense (for verbs)? * How are special characters (especially diacritics like ä,á,ø,ß) handled? For example, i get the same (or similar) results for the search terms: * "dog" * "dogs" * "Dog" * "Dogs" Note that the distinction between lower case and upper case may be important for words with different meanings: * "turkey" = the bird * "Turkey" = the country So, image search do
  3. Hello! I m new to shutterstock. My photos are approved and I have portfolio of two photos. Why don’t they appear on google search engine? How will people find them? http://Check out the following image on Shutterstock - A global marketplace for creativity: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/1739261870
  4. Hi, I'm new here and could use some advice I've uploaded some pics, but none of them seem to be selling. Below is a link to my profile: http://shutterstock.com/g/Susmith+Suresh
  5. While i'm waiting for the answer from SS contributors support I was wondering what are other contributors experience about this problem. I shoot mostly 4K footage and I noticed if someone choose HD filter in search my clips won't show up, even do shutterstock sell them all in HD (and sd) resolution also. I think this is ridiculous, because purchasing HD is available for 4K clips also, they should be visible in search also. Since there's really low demand on 4K clips and they are invisible in search with HD filter, is it best option to upload all the footage in HD resolution also, does an
  6. My Shutterstock profile does appear when I search in google. My public profile is shutterstock.com/g/scrane. What can I do to correct this?
  7. Anyone have any information, or can direct me to information regarding how ShutterStock's Search Algorithm works? I am curious because it seams like newer content gets more activity than older aged photos which should be more popular and should be getting more traffic. I really hope my observations, which basically equate to new content getting preferred over aged content is not correct, otherwise I'm wasting my time. If that is the case we are all just chasing our tails. Any input, or definitive information on this topic would be great. Peace, J
  8. Most popular tab for video shows Crossroads portfolio on first pages, if you use keyword "man" then in first places you can see Crossroads footages on the top (even drone footages without people)
  9. Search on buyer site or elsewhere for "some users" is not working (EU). A note about maintenance comes up but on Twitter they say it is a bug and they have "All hands are on deck working on a fix. Appreciate your patience!" Anyone else on other parts of the world having this?
  10. Can anyone help with the guide on how to contribute to the Shutterstock free image gallery? https://www.shutterstock.com/search/free
  11. Hi all, How long does it usually take for approved footage to actually become searchable? A few of my clips were approved on Saturday, and I still can't find them when I search for them. Thanks guys! E_Rocka
  12. Searching on keyword "canon" in my catalog includes bringing back an image which does not have that in its keywords. Anyone think of something I may be overlooking? It is not important to me within my catalog, but I don't know if customers would get the same result. Or is the system saying the bread I made is only good to be shot out of a canon...
  13. Maybe it's something simple but I can't find out how to do it: I'm trying to find the work of someone I knew (don't really know if he uploaded to SS, but I know he did some stock in the past). Just entering the name in the global SS searchbox isn't working. Any tips?
  14. Hello, two days ago I have submitted some images about yoga, they were approved and could be found in SS' database if searching with keyword "yoga". But only on 3rd page! On 1st page I see exactly the same images as I saw before I submitted my images. Sorting type is "new". Why? If search by "yoga russia" then they are on 1st page, this is OK. Why old images are on top but new ones are on next pages? I understand that would be OK if sort by "Popular", but this is by "New". Any ideas?
  15. What happened with popular images scheldue? There are much of my images that have never been popular on the first page in my gallery. Does popular and best match switched places? And of course, drop in sales comes again...
  16. I've noticed in the "top performers" page that some of my downloaded photos shows what keywords the buyers have used when searching the photo. But most of the photos doesn't show any keywords... so what does that exactly mean? Does it mean that the buyer have "accidentally" found my photos when browsing the web and not used the SS search engine? Have they used google for example.. or some other search engine? What is the reason why some downloaded photos don't show keywords that was used?
  17. Search queries just bring up a screen of empty 'boxes'. No pics loading for me. Firefox, Windows 7. Won't help sales I fear......
  18. Just now I have tested "stock photo research tool" - http://research.picworkflow.com/ the result is confused me! I can not find my images by keywords on SS at all! I tried only 2 sets - dietitian, online and veterinary, online. There aren't one of my photos on SS! But on other stocks I see my pics in good order. That means I shooted prepared and uploaded my images to SS hidden warehouse w/out chances to be found by customers. I do have not time to investigate what else is wrong with SS search tools. I trust to SS support and hope that problem will be fixed. Anyone may check the
  19. On Shutter some ugly algorithm for issuing the search results, gives some shit, hundreds of similars, they can not be sorted out, filters and switches are ineffective, there were some normal pictures somewhere, but it's not really possible to get to them. To me, as the buyer would be disgusted in this shit digging, I would go register on another site with normal search and content.
  20. hello! i added a new image yesterday and it was found in Shutterstock search(vector) after few hours. But today while searching with the same title image was'nt found. it's visible in keywords suggest form but not founded in main search on site. what is the problem?
  21. Hi everybody, I've already submitted this issue to the support some weeks ago, but I'm not receiving any update anymore and I'd like to know other people's opinions on that; if you try searching a video, then you select "HD" from the left panel, can you see any 4K video? being a 4K video bigger than HD and with the possibility to download them as HD, why are they not shown in the search results?
  22. but without registering for a buyer account? This must be a stupid question but I can't figure it out. Until these last changes, when I searched for something and clicked on an image on the search result, it first showed me the image plans and the respective prices on a black background. Now, when I click on a search result, it jumps to the image, without the prices, just as we see them on submit.shutt....com. The same thing happens when I click a google search result. Am I searching at the wrong place or do I have a memory problem?
  23. I have placed a new idea to the following idea generator place: https://sssubmit.uservoice.com/forums/116747-catalog-manager/suggestions/15292017-search-feature-in-image-gallery-stats-section I believe I am not only one who analyze relevant keywords in the Image Gallery Stats. Please read and vote in case the feature is really needed. Thank you.
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