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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! I made a seamless pattern. I expanded every element of my pattern, but I keep getting the error 'Your vector has an unexpanded pattern fill. Expand all the pattern fills and upload your file again.' I searched for solutions online but can't seem to find one that fixes my problem. I followed these instructions to make my seamless pattern: https://www.elancreativeco.com/seamless-patterns-using-pattern-tool-illustrator/ As you can see, expanding the pattern is part of these instructions. I also tried turning everything in a compound
  2. Hi everyone, I have searched a lot through the website but still couldn't find a proper guide how to meet Shutterstock's requirements for uploading seamless patterns. I'm not new in Illustrator and know how to create and use seamless patterns I understand that all objects and fills have to be expanded, unlocked, strokes and text outlined etc. However, none of my submittions were aproved because of the reason “Inaccessible Vector Objects -- All sublayers must be unlocked and all effects must be expanded”. Checked everything several times – all objects inside patterns are expanded, no t
  3. It might boost sales for seamless images if you have a simple repeat feature. When you open editor (as a customer) in shutterstock, there are several things you can do and it's kinda cool, but I think it would be helpful for seamless design sales if the customer could simply click a repeat pattern button (I.E. x4, x9, x12 etc) so they can instantly see how the repeated pattern will look at various scales (more repeats = smaller scale print / image) This would be especially helpful for people looking for textile print images (fabric, wallpaper etc)
  4. Why my pattern rejected: "Not a Seamless Design -- Design is not seamless. Please remove âseamlessâ from title and/or keywords." It seems like it is seamless
  5. Hello, I have successfully submitted seamless pattern and now I would like to upload a pattern set, I have created 8 variations of a themed pattern set and had them as rectangles next to each other with a ribbon on top with the title "seamless pattern set", I have outlined the text so it wouldn't cause problem, I basically copied the layout of the set from other pattern sets that I found on shutterstock to make sure it's acceptable, alas it was rejected with the following message "Linked Images / Bitmaps / Raster Effects -- Linked images, bitmaps and raster effects are not acceptable." Ad
  6. Hi, I've got one of my seamless pattern accepted BUT the keyword "seamless" disappeared from the list, it looks like it was deleted by inspectors? Could anyone give me a clue why so?
  7. Butterflies pattern. I tried to make it look like flowers too.

    © Serena Kim

  8. Hi Guys, I have searched far and wide for a definitive guide on the proper way to prepare a seamless pattern for shutterstock or at least what shutterstock expects from a seamless pattern upload. Let me clarify... I already know how to create a seamless pattern in Illustrator and Photoshop using pattern swatch. I know that objects and fills need to be expanded, unlocked, strokes and text outlined etc. Basically, I know the process of how to create a pattern, making it accessible. My confusion is regarding the correct way to prepare the EPS file and how to present the preview JPEG
  9. I've uploaded some footage recently which loops perfectly seamlessly in After Effects however not a single video player I've tested can playback footage seamlessly. They all either blackscreen for a second, buffer for a moment or just straight up don't have a loop feature. Means I can only test footage loops in AE and that doesn't take into account any errors that may have occurred when rendering it to a file. Even the Shutterstock website pauses for a second to reload the footage since it doesn't store it in ram or the cache like AE does. Anyone know of any video players out there tha
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