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Found 3 results

  1. Many years ago, I read a post in this same forum written by Yuri Arcurs. It was a post in which he shared that he had reached 1000 sales a day in Shutterstock. Wow! It was incredibly motivating for me to know that there was someone out there capable of achieving such high numbers. I promised myself that one day I would reach that level as well. I reached that level many months ago, but I had not shared it with anyone. So today I share with you the sales of September 30th: My best day ever 😍. I hope it will be an inspiration for many, just as it was for me. I am currently doing several interviews about my story, in different blogs. If you have a website or blog and are interested in interviewing me, it will be a pleasure. Contact me via Instagram Just for fun, how about turning this post into a "screenshot party"? Share a screenshot of your best day ever here 🙂 Aaron
  2. I recently tried to submit one of the MXGP game screenshot as editorial photo on SS (given below), but it got rejected under reason "Press credentials required" Again I tried to submit the game screenshots under image type as "illustration" and usage as "Editorial" with notes for reviewer as 'illustration without reference', but again the images got rejected with reason "Intellectual property" Here I am attaching some of the illustrations which got rejected with above reason Can someone please help me understand if I can really submit such cool screenshots on SS under any particular category (as I had really applied good efforts while taking such screenshots and editing them to make them look beautiful) Thanks in advance..
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