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Found 5 results

  1. I have multiple images which looks almost same to each other. So can I give the description of two or more than two photos same?
  2. Just recently I've uploaded a photo of a dog shaking off water, but today I've made even better photo of that content type. I know we're not allowed to upload similar content. So, do I delete the previous photo and upload another one? thanks for you help
  3. Hi I cant seem to find an answer anywhere so I`l try my luck here. When you upload let`s say 2 photo batches at different times on the same day, does these batched get reviewed by the same person or two different persons?
  4. Let us suppose that some word or phrase (e.g. "abstract background") is already present in the Description of my picture. Is it enough for my picture to be searchable by this phrase? Do I really need to include this phrase into the Keywords as well?
  5. Hi everybody! Today i looked for new images by keywords "christmas tree" and saw !!!386!!! (I counted:) varicolored same trees of same contributor! Please explain where is the limit of similarity? And how they do this?? P.S.: I'm a contributor and sometimes making similar images too, but usually it 5-10 images, half of which is rejected because of similarity. Thank's!
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