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  1. Hi all I was collecting new data for Stock Photo Ideas after the feedback on top-100 customer queries by traffic. I took top-500 customer queries by traffic instead of top-100 this time and analyzed portfolios that were on the first pages of Shutterstock search for these queries. These are only queries for photo and video. The results are published on Petapixel: https://petapixel.com/2021/07/23/how-to-rank-on-the-first-page-of-top-queries-on-stock-photo-sites/ Believe it or not, I found out that about 30% of portfolios that rank at least once on the first page have 1000 or less photos
  2. Can this have a negative effect on Shutterstock as an agency and us as contributors? For example, can contributing the same images to Freepik hurt our sales here since they are cheaper, but yeah, I've heard a lot of negative things about them. Thanks.
  3. please help, I was wrong in choosing NO on the image sales license option. Do I have to wait 30 days for my images to sell? Is it possible to wait 30 days for my pictures to be sold. I am a new contributor at Shutterstock and just started 1 month ago. does it affect the development of my portfolio. ☚ī¸
  4. I opted out of selling my content on Shutterstock on December 28 in disgust at their new pricing structure and took my content elsewhere. How is is therefore possible that I've had video sales after this date? I've had 3 sales so far this month including 2 for an insultingly paltry $0.96. I'm in contact with support over this but they're dragging their heels to respond and resolve this. Surely this is in breach of their own conditions?
  5. Many years ago, I read a post in this same forum written by Yuri Arcurs. It was a post in which he shared that he had reached 1000 sales a day in Shutterstock. Wow! It was incredibly motivating for me to know that there was someone out there capable of achieving such high numbers. I promised myself that one day I would reach that level as well. I reached that level many months ago, but I had not shared it with anyone. So today I share with you the sales of September 30th: My best day ever 😍. I hope it will be an inspiration for many, just as it was for me. I am currently doing several in
  6. https://ak.picdn.ne t/shutterstock/videos/30286051/preview/stock-footage-red-marker-map-pointer-sign-isolated-on-white-falls-and-rotate-geographical-and-gps-location-video.webm
  7. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if any of you are interested in looking through my portfolio to help me critique my photos? I'm new to stock photography and just starting to edit/ upload some old photos of mine. I didn't shoot them with stock photography in mind, but I do feel like they are decent photos, hoping I can make something off of them. I am aware I need a lot more photos and will be trying to upload a few everyday. Just needed help getting started on this huge platform...
  8. Is Shutterstock dead alive? Or I'm the only one who's not having any sale in this month till now. Can you show your this month sale compared to another month?
  9. With the new earning structure even if you reach 40% with the highest level on subscription plans you wont make more than 20 cents, this is ridiculous they made a pay cut of 60%. They sell a picture on subscription plans for 50 cents on average if the buyer use all his subscription. Dont just stay there and take it, all together we can do something, Opt out of sales https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/How-do-I-deactivatedelete-my-contributor-account?l=en_US&fs=RelatedArticle I just did it myself.
  10. Nice having the video sales on the map, but from contributor perspective will be much more useful additional statistics related to the sales that pointless dots on the map. This feature was prommises few years back and still "video earnings not available". undesratnding what sold a clip will provide us better insights on customers mind therefore generating business for shutterstock AND contributors.
  11. Hi, I am interestin am I the only one who has 50% decrease of the sales, or not?
  12. Hi ! I have only been here for a few weeks so I am very new to this. Sorry if the question has been asked somewhere, couldn't find the answer... Is there a statistic somewhere to know with which keywords each sale was made ? Thank you very much !
  13. Hello dear Contributors I have been working on SS platfom for more than a year with regular addition of images on it. But I hardly earn anything. Kindly suggest me to improve my profile. I would be grateful. Thank you!!!
  14. How to attract buyers and increase sales. It seems to be highly competitive.
  15. This clip might hold the record for my quickest sale. Approved and sold within 24 hours. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1041651721-seattle-washington-november-2019-people-walking-jogging This is a close second. It was very newsworthy at the time. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1020097138-san-diego-california-s-november-2018-members
  16. Uploaded almost 1500 pictures during last two weeks. One or two pictures were sold. New stuff not selling at all. Only old (or very old) ones. It looks like smth is broken and we are drowning in similars.
  17. Hi, anyone out there have any tips on how to make sales? Have 78 posts so far.
  18. It's my first post on the forum so hello everyone! I am contributing since 2 months now and I started to sell something. Since now every image sold the next day was coming at the top in the "most relevant" section in my portfolio, but in the recent days I saw new images at the top, but no sale was reported. Here is my question then, were those images sold but shutterstock keep all the money for themselves or there is another reason why those images came at the top?
  19. Hello guys Which fps is better to shoot videos? Will the fps will affect my sales ? how and why ?
  20. koteik

    no sales

    I recently created an account I already have about 100 works and there is not a single sale. why is that?
  21. hello friends, I'm a new contributor at ShutterStock. and I feel very happy with the increase in my sales even though it might be somewhat spelled out with the download of about 18 of my logos that were sold. just sharing my happy experience seeing sales on this shutterStock. is there any advice from friends here who can give me advice so that my sales continue to increase, is my portfolio still too little? or need an improvement from my design art? https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Faisal+nur
  22. SS is back on top. AS formerly F is now a mid level earner for me. They were my top earner for a long time but sadly since last month sales there have dropped like a stone.
  23. Is Shutterstock still the most cost-effective for photo and footage sales among other image stocks? Which stocks are between your leaders in sales figures?
  24. Hi, I'm new here and could use some advice I've uploaded some pics, but none of them seem to be selling. Below is a link to my profile: http://shutterstock.com/g/Susmith+Suresh
  25. What techniques do you use to increase sales? where do you advertise? can you help me please. which social media do you use for advertising purposes?
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