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Found 51 results

  1. Hello! I recently had a video sale for 0.26!!! How is that possible? I was aware of 1.5 sales but this??? Even less than an image? Please someone explain this to me.
  2. With the new earning structure even if you reach 40% with the highest level on subscription plans you wont make more than 20 cents, this is ridiculous they made a pay cut of 60%. They sell a picture on subscription plans for 50 cents on average if the buyer use all his subscription. Dont just stay there and take it, all together we can do something, Opt out of sales https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/How-do-I-deactivatedelete-my-contributor-account?l=en_US&fs=RelatedArticle I just did it myself.
  3. hello everyone, I'm a graphic designer and i have some questions about selling vector stock i hope that experiencing contributors in this platforms help me get some insight. my questions are: obviously the first one will be if this worth my time? what are the best platform to sell stock vector? how many sale you have monthly? what items that sell well (posters,logos,patterns...)? how much you earn from each platform (you can avoid this if you don't feel comfortable to answer) ? individual or set? I would appreciate any help ,this will help me and help other designers that are new in vector stock contributing. thank you
  4. Hello to all. Share your sales growth or fall. This way we will all know what the current situation is and whether there is a chance that everything will recover. My sales have dropped
  5. Worldwide, Covid 19 has brought with it an economic crisis. Sales have declined significantly and this is understandable. But let's try to share what's relevant this year (what the theme photos are). What do you buy the most? My sales dropped to 2-3 per week, and what about you?
  6. We normally get Congratulations for the first sale, and fifth sales. But no more, more than fifth. Well,,, Show your fifth downloads. I started, Here is mine. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=252378799
  7. Hello to all of you. I am new contributor here, My question is one of my image sold out on under subscription type. whats is subscription and how it is work, is i earn money on every month for that particular image which is sold out under subscription type ?
  8. What techniques do you use to increase sales? where do you advertise? can you help me please. which social media do you use for advertising purposes?
  9. Hi, I need to help and guide . I am contributor on shutterstock from 2015, I have above 4500 images( mostly Backgrounds). But sell is very low. average 3 /6 dollars a months . Can any on check my portfolio. What is wrong with me or my work. How can improve my sell . Pls Thanks Masum-gdtech The background below 1 time sale
  10. 521 vectors 5 downloads in this month.How to boost the sale?
  11. im new on ss, i have now 46 piece vector work... and tottaly so far i only sell 2 pieces, is that too hard on selling on ss? i need tips, is that normal sales for beginner ? how was it when you started? i think i need a some motivation 😓😕
  12. December used to be the best month for stock sales.....but now on SS it is month of bugs and glitches. Same as last two ( 2016, 2017 ). Coincidence ? P.S. This is not a conspiracy theory post. I would just like to hear other people's opinion.
  13. Write those who already have more than 100 sales this month. Is the new context or old one sold?
  14. Hello guys, My name is chediel from Tanzania, I am the new member here in shutterstock, I need your ideas and advice on how to get my first sale and to get my work easily seen and downloaded. Thank you
  15. Hello everybody. The last few months I noticed that sales have fallen very strongly. This is a link to my stock. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/belchenko maksym I do not know what's going on with the stock, sales have fallen sharply, although I'm constantly throwing work here. What is the problem with the rating of photos, it seems to me
  16. Hello, I have 30 images approved on shutter stock and 9 already submitted for approval. I am getting frustrated as no sales nowadays. Its already been 10 days last download. How can I increase more sale. Please give me tips. Regards, Sheetal
  17. Hey guys, I just made my first sale today and I'm super pumped! I'd really appreciate some advice on how to increase downloads besides uploading more. I just got a new camera so I'm going to try and upload as many photos as I can in the coming weeks, but I'd love to hear some tips from some photographi veterans.
  18. I have increased my images to 450+ and increasing value in newer images as compare to my initial images. But downloads not increasing substantially. Also I noticed that this month contributors sharing very few images in latest download thread. That may be because of some other reason. Is it true now downloads are decreasing drastically.
  19. Hello All, I have been noticing for last 4 months that I am not making any sale in the initial days like from 1st to 15th of the month. After that I started making sale. Is there any specific reason why it is happening ? or can I do something for it to have sales in first and second week too? Regards, sheetal
  20. So excited about it! Just woke up in the morning, checked Contributor page as usual, and BAM +$60! There's no better feeling than when your creations are appreciated. What do you think of my portfolio? How can I make it better? Thanks for your time!
  21. HI I'm Jacksangler It's been closely 2month as a shutterstock contributor. I’ve uploaded over 30 images with different images like Nature, texture and landscapes. But still I didn’t get any downloads. As you are all experienced Contributors, I need your suggestions and guidance to improve my photography skill and make money This is my portfolio https://www.shutterstock.com/g/jacksangler
  22. Any one can help me , I can not sell my Background image . very low monthly selling
  23. Hello All, It looks like I am still far way from getting my first payment from Shutter stock. I am not regular at SS as it is not full time activity for me. Can anyone tell me will I get my first payment from this portfolio or I have to add more quality images here in order to get my first payment. Regards, sheetal
  24. Sales are down.....On more that 10K of vectors / images my sales are dropping....and drop is HUGE....trend on SS is : more I work - less I'm paid ...and if this trend continues in January...I'll sign for exclusivity, we all knows where....math doesn't lie.... start is 15 % flat rate for non- exclusive ovethere but on 4000 sales per year percentage goes to 35 % ( double ) ...15 000 goes to 40 % etc etc... I already have more than 15 000 downloads per year there.... And what is also important, there will be no more wasting time on repeated uploads for "File Transfer Error -- Please check your file and resubmit." , less time spent on upload on site that doesn't even listen to people who works for them....overthere is not alloweed to empty SD card....no repeated spam words in names overthere for some contributors such is case on SS...there will be no more thieves such is foundstock that stole our work and giving it for free.
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