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Found 4 results

  1. dimarion

    Missing payment

    Hello I not recieved money. When will I get my money 228 dollars that must be send to my moneybookers account to 12 january 2016. Why I still did not get this money? I am waiting for this 228 money on my PayPal account now (I changed payment information from moneybookers to paypal) Why you do not answer ? I wrote many times to submit@shutterstock.com - but no any answer? Why you ignore me? Hope for your help. Thank you. Dmitry
  2. Hi guys. I've been on here for awhile, and I've deiced to start putting more effort into selling stock but I've heard getting papal cash in a local South African account can be a bugger. Anyone have any advice for me? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I haven't received my April payment 2018 , Payment Type: Total Payment: Help , thanks!
  4. Hi, I would love to learn Photography and start taking Photograph of Nature, Landscape, People and so on with DSLR. But I am not sure or may be scared to start this profession as I am a Graphic Designer and I am making good money. Can a photographers make money more than 60k per year? What would be my salary if I start now? How much money you make from Shutterstock (if you don't want to share it then it's ok, I understand)? How much top author of Shutterstock making every month? I really love the shot I take with my iPhone but I want to buy DSLR. Before buying DSLR I want to know the money I'll get as I google about photography and what I got is all the worst thing about photography like very less money and blah blah! Please check the shot of flower on the attachment I took with my phone, thank you.
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