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Found 20 results

  1. I have had several photos of outdoor monuments in Russia rejected for property release. How does one get a property release for an outdoor monument in Russia?
  2. Received a notice last night that there was suspicious activity on my account. I checked my payment settings, and yep...a hacker removed my email address and added a Russian email address. Perhaps it's time for Shutterstock to add phone verification instead of CAPTCHA for security.
  3. From the album: why rejected?

    "Valley of geysers". Steaming geysers in the national park Valley of Geysers on the Kamchatka peninsula, Russia.
  4. From the album: why rejected?

    SU-27 fighter jets spewing fireworks at MAKS air show, 2013. Recolored and focused to accent the fireworks, taking focus away from the actual jets.
  5. Hello. Question about payments. I would like to receive an answer from people from Russia. Question 1 - Transfers to PayPal do not pass, the reason - the transaction was rejected (account not verified) Transaction was declined (Account not verified). I apologize for the bad English, I read so far only with the dictionary through translators. Answer from Shutterstock - In order for us to reissue a payment to your PayPal account, please provide us with written or visual proof from PayPal for your account that it is ACTIVE, VERIFIED, and the ability to receive payments. If it's not difficult, tell me step by step, what should I do? I guess intuitively, I need to open a bank card and bind it to PayPal. Confirmation of all these actions is sent to the SS. Question 2 - For Russia, which bank to choose for opening a bank card? There is a card VTB 24 - salary, Sberbank - do not want to. Which bank to choose, where is the cheaper transfer of money from PayPal? Many thanks for the answers. PS. Such problems with PayPal only in Russia? Здравствуйте. Вопрос по платежам на PayPal. Хочется получить ответ от людей из России. Вопрос 1 - Переводы на PayPal не проходят, причина - сделка была отклонена (счет не проверен) Transaction was declined (Account not verified). Прошу прощения за плохой английский язык, читаю пока только со словарем через переводчики. Ответ от Shutterstock - Для того , чтобы мы переиздания платежа на ваш счет PayPal, пожалуйста , предоставьте нам письменные или визуальное доказательством от PayPal для вашего счета, что это ACTIVE, ВЕРИФИЦИРОВАННОЙ, и возможность получать платежи. Если не сложно скажите пошагово, что нужно делать? Догадываюсь интуитивно, надо открыть банковскую карту и привязать её к PayPal. Подтверждение всех этих действий выслать на SS. Вопрос 2 – Для России какой банк выбрать для открытия банковской карты? Есть карта ВТБ 24 – зарплатная, Сбербанк – не хочется. Какой банк выбрать, где дешевле перевод денег с PayPal? Большое спасибо за ответы. PS. Такие проблемы с PayPal только в Росси?
  6. Zhivopisnyy most

    © Terekhin Aleksei

  7. Sunset

    © Terekhin Aleksei

  8. mirror

    © Terekhin Aleksei

  9. Three street cleaner talk with each other. Moscow, Red Square.
  10. From the album: Pano

    Kama Rivers Winter
  11. From the album: Pano

    The Presidential Palace, Izhevsk, Russia
  12. From the album: Pano

    The Kama River, Russia
  13. From the album: Pano

    The Kama River, Russia
  14. From the album: Pano

    Roads of Russia, Udmurtia
  15. From the album: Pano

    Roads of Russia, Udmurtia
  16. From the album: Pano

    Roads of Russia, Udmurtia
  17. From the album: Pano

    Roads of Russia, Udmurtia
  18. What do you think about my footages? I use BMPCC and GoPro3. The main theme is nature. I am trying to guess what the buyer need. But sales are small. http://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/1976099/
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