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Found 3 results

  1. I have recently started uploading to shutterstock, I currently have 53 images in my prtfolio and I'm planning to keep expanding it. Could you take a look at them and tell me if I'm going in the right direction? Are my images useful, do they stand up to the quality required? Thanks for your help.
  2. As the title says, a few pictures got approved tonight and I have 200 in my portfolio now. I know those are very few photos for stock photography and I was planning to make this post when I reached 500, but since I've made very few sales, I ask for help right away. Quick storytime: I started taking pictures years ago, but wasn't really into photography, I just learnt how to use my old Canon 400 D so I could take pics of wildlife. It was basicaly an excuse to spend more time outdoors chasing deer and birds. Just a few months ago I found out about stock photography and started reading about real photography in this forum and searching for info everywhere I could (videos from YT, posts, blogs, etc.). I feel like I'm starting to figure out how things work, even tho I have a looooong way to go yet. I know I still have many technical things to learn (lightning, composition...), and I'm working on it, it's a slow process. But that's not the main issue in this thread, I'd like to know if you guys could give me a review at my portfolio and help me with the pictures that you think might have a selling value. So tell me which pictures are worthless, which could have sold if I had taken them differently, what kind of pictures should I aim for... any sugestion on how to improve sales is accepted. So far I've sold mostly macro pictures (a spider, an ant, a frog...), but haven't even made it to 2$ yet. And my equipment is a Canon 80D, a Canon 70-300 IS USM f4-5.6 which I use for wildlife, a Sigma 17-70mm 2.8-4, and an old and basic Canon 18-55mm. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey guys, I am completely new to stock. Recently i uploaded an image (to test with) and it was declined. I uploaded image along with a Shutter Stock branded model release. The JPG is clear, as a matter of fact it even include a photo of the model holding her ID. The only thing it did not have was a signature from a witness? Dont think this is required when shes holding her own ID. Here is the remarks on the decline "Model Release -- A model release is required for this image; or the attached model release does not meet our requirements, is illegible or additional model releases are needed. " The image was shot in against a public city pedestrian tunnel, there are no brands, logos, signs, nada. Also, the person rejecting does not give detailed explanation nor a way for me to ask them any questions? Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
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