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Found 9 results

  1. this is about digital altered, painted images etc. it really happens ALL THE TIME and i am getting a bit sick of it: day 1: i upload an image and submit is as illustration.... i get the rejection message i can not submit it as illustration. day 2: i upload the same image and do not check "illustration"... i get the message i must submit it as illustration. day 3: i upload the same image and submit is as illustration.. i get the rejection message i can not submit it as illustration. ... ad nauseam when this happens i always give a notice to the r
  2. Photo rejected for lacking press credentials: Video clip of SAME BAND AND EVENT approved as editorial: Serious, SS? And people there wonder why there's so much b!tching about reviewers here?!?!? Can we please get everyone on the same page of the playbook there, @jeffde
  3. I read somewhere that reviewers get paid based on the number of rejections. If that is true, than it is really bad.
  4. So curious as to others’ experience with reviewers. As we enter spring I have had an issue over the past three months that I was curious ifothers may have experienced...as you can imagine it was winter and here in the midwest we had well...snow. So many familiar scenes became new opportunities as they were covered in snow with new reflected light or better yet real scenes of depth with snow falling. Low and behold it is hard to get a reviewer who can look at a screen blanketed in white on a cloudy to realize maybe I dont have a camera that just came our of a desert sand storm but rather tho
  5. Good day. I've read through the comments on previous messages. It seems like approvals on Editorial work is still a major issue. On average it takes 4-7 days to approve. I'm a Photographer and Journalist Artist but I mostly do illustrative work for editorial, which means I create work for current News (not photos where I don't have release forms). This delay in approvals is really affecting my sales. My work used to sell as the stories are happening on CNN, BBC etc. because my images used to be approved on the same day. With this delay I'm starting to really worry. Once my image
  6. Hi everyone, This is really starting to make me sick. I spend my whole night, I have upload more than 4 GB footages, title it, tag it, giving all effort and someone came up just clicking the rejected button. Why? Probably he/she wanna go home asap.. Reason: Frame Rate / Shutter Speed -- Clip Exhibits issues bla bla. The weird thing is I have upload 16 HD videos %100 same size, FPS, Shutter rates but 15 rejected and 1 approved. Same thing happen yesterday. My footage rejected with same reason but when I upload again, next reviewer approved. I can't believe Shutterstock can't fig
  7. I've just uploaded an image for the resignation of the US Secretary - Tom Price. The caption read: WASHINGTON, US HEALTH SECRETARY, TOM PRICE, leaves Trump administration following allegations of misuse of USAF jet for travel. Digital illustration of starburst with stars and stripes background. Rejected because its not editorial? Please reviewers! seriously! Read the caption! So irritated wasting time with rubbish comments like this. Ideas like this lose relevance.
  8. I do a lot of light painting long exposure photography, vibrant abstract patterns in a pitch black room, and I just had 47 photos bulk rejected because the reviewers couldn't be bothered to look at the titles or the keywords which fully explained what they were, and just assumed it was a clip art or illustration?! Frustrating does not even come close. Now I have to re-upload them, keyword, caption and submit them all again! C'mon shutterstock, sort it out.
  9. Recently I complained to SS one of their reviewers had absolutely no idea what they were doing, and rejecting a big batch of my clips, because I did not have Credentials - it was video footage of a Grand Mosque. SS sent me a message saying yes, the reviewer did make a mistake, and I could simply upload all the clips again. I said NO. I was not going to waste my time and money going through all this again due to a staff member who has absolutely no idea what they were doing! Guess what? I have just had another useless reviewer waste all my time and electricity / internet expenses once agai
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