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Found 93 results

  1. I have an image that was taken in the UK in the early 2000's. It features several individuals in a public park. I think it is a great photo and let's say for the sake of argument that it is technically sharp and would get accepted. I am trying to determine a few things. 1) Is there a way to share this photo with a person or group that could help provide advice without the photo getting leaked? 2) Should I just upload it and see what happens (I don't have a release for anyone). 3) Is there any reason ethically that I should not post photos from the past or present in public venues where I have no way of getting releases from people. I am new to this, so not sure how to handle that. Thanks.
  2. Post here all spamfolios you can find on the Shutterstock site Here, for example, why to allow all the possible pairs, when one image for each country could be enough, and then the customer can choose the couple of images he needs and put them together? https://www.shutterstock.com/g/ayaz.ck?page=1&section=1&sort=newest&search_source=base_gallery&language=en
  3. Yesterday, I submitted 20 photographs. All of them were rejected by Shutterstock for the exact same reason of Noise/Film Grain. Most of these photographs do not have noise/film grain, and some pictures of mine that were much worse than these have been approved in the past (take a look at my portfolio; you'll see what I'm talking about). These photographs were taken with different equipment, so there isn't something wrong with the camera I'm using. Is there a way to appeal? I have submitted photos before, and many have been rejected, therefore I'm familiar with this system. What happened today is very strange, though. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached are some of the images I submitted. These are previews of the images, so the actual quality of the files is much higher than what you see. The preview also makes them slightly blurry. The black and white image was taken with a film camera, so there may be some film grain, but without the film grain, the photo would look digital, which isn't what I'm going for.
  4. COMPREHENSIVE TEST OF PORTABLE LARGE SENSOR DEVICES: 1/1.54", 1/1.33", 1/1.2", 1" https://spacedrone808.blogspot.com/2019/12/xiaomi-mi-note-10-8p-pro-vs-huawei-mate.html WHY I DON'T CONSIDER 1/2.55" SENSORS? I'LL SHOW YOU WHY: 1/1.2" NOKIA 808 SENSOR 1/2.55" XIAOMI MI MAX 3 SENSOR
  5. Hello Everyone, As we continue upgrading and stabilizing the technology that powers Shutterstock, we will soon be making changes to the Approval Status pages. As a result, we are at this time removing the ability to edit content that is Pending Review. This change will enable us to stabilize and secure the content review pipeline and ensure a more efficient file transfer process. You can still edit your content after the image has been approved by visiting the Approved Status pages. We thank you for your understanding and continued contributions to our marketplace! Alex
  6. I've uploaded images which have been approved but my portfolio in my catalogue manger is empty. How do I upload the reviewed images? Thank you, Kylie
  7. Hello Everybody, I hope you are all well? I am new to Shutterstock and I have a question, I wonder if anybody can help me? Okay so here goes... I've recently submitted a whole load of images and because they were all of similar contect I entered the details for 'multiple images, multiple description' etc. The title for these images was very generic. It did not give away to much detail but was enough to indicate the general message of the photography. I was planning on adding more detail via the catalog manager once my images had been approved. The description was on topic, spelt correctly and had no gramattical errors in it, as far as I'm concerned. However, after submitting these images the reviewer decided not to approve my images. So this means I have a whole load of unapproaved images all with the 'title' reasoning. Does anybody have an idea if we can appeal this decision? To save contributors from re-uploading their stock and having to go through the metadata input again? Hope to hear your responses soon. Many Thanks, Jade
  8. After my uploaded images were approved, shutterstock asked for my address and when I submitted it, the page stuck and loading forever. Is this could effect my payment?
  9. So Filezilla seems to upload multiple clips of the same video file, my question is there anyway to preview these before I submit it? Currently it is only giving me an option of re-downloading the file all over again which is pure waste of time since most of my files are large 4K and that is a pure waste of time to see if the file uploaded is fully done or not.
  10. Hi All I’m new to Shutterstock, just approved about a week ago so no sales yet. I’m hoping to submit a set of photos this weekend and I am keen to make sure I submit the right ones, given how long it can take to do properly. Anyway, my first photos for approval are in my portfolio and I would appreciate any feedback on them, obviously with the view to generating sales. Both good and bad points welcome. Thanks Marc https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Marc+Dumont Equipment: Nikon D5500
  11. Hi! New here in the Forums, and relatively new to SS and stock in general. After uploading here and also on DT, had a few sales on each since first of year, and I keep shooting and adding more. Inspired, I recently joined two other agencies, but finding their review times and clunkiness a bit draining. Anywho, having fun with this so far, and the Forums are proving to be a great learning space as well! I'd love to have some peeps take a look at my portfolio and give an honest critique, if you have a minute. It's small yet, but I keep adding to it as often as I can! And if this request is in the wrong forum, thanks for redirecting me as needed! https://www.shutterstock.com/g/laurieasmith?language=en
  12. Review times are getting ridiculously slow and seem to be staying that way. For non recent event images I can live with that. But if you are taking images for a recent event for editorial use....well by the time you have reviewed them the potential purchaser has gone elsewhere as the event is long gone. I can't see how this helps either Shutterstock or ourselves financially. It is ok saying "we are working on the backlog", but does that involve recruiting and training new reviewers? Because there clearly aren't enough for the volume of work submitted. Editorial images I really don't think should take more than 24 hours, preferably even quicker
  13. Hi, How do I upload my CSV batch file? I'm new here, uploaded 250 photos and searching where to submit my CSV batch file. It takes a long time to make the CSV file, so I don't want to copy paste to each one as possible. Can anybody give instruction and if possible with screenshots? Thanks!
  14. Please give me some honest critique on my portfolio: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/tschumi97 Im wondering if you think i can make a good income out of this?
  15. Hello friends... I have 28 files waiting since 02/05/2019. It was usually going faster on review process but this one took a bit too long in my experience. Should I keep uploading or waiting this batch to be reviewed? Also in my experience files aren't going to be reviewed in weekends. Thank you all in advance!
  16. Hello everybody, I have recently noticed that some of my cityscapes of Prague historic city centre were rejected because of missing property release requirement. For example the attached photo. Alright, I can license such scenes as editorials. However, while browsing similar images, I noticed that many quite similar images are listed as non-editorial, for example here: https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/image-photo/lobkowicz-palace-on-cloudy-day-prague-412618756 Where is the difference? I tend to be more specific when naming buildings that can be seen (In the case of the linked image, it was the Prague Castle, Church of St. Nicholas, Church of Our Lady Victorious and a water tower of the Lesser town). All of them are 19th century or older (for example the castle is medieval, but the cathedral was finished in 19th century, the churches are baroque and the tower is 19th century). Could it be that only more generically named photos are accepted ("Cityscape of Prague at Night"), or does it depend more on reviewers and their guidelines (which may change in time)? I have also noticed that churches tend to be rejected for commercial release more often than castles or abandoned industrial monuments, are possibly guidelines for religious objects more strict? Best, Jan Pohunek
  17. Happy New Year ! Here are a few data about my first 2018 on SS (not a full year, actually since I joined in April), I'd be interested in comparing notes with other newish contributors, should any feel so inclined. When I joined I had almost no backlog of viable photos, my portfolio is growing slower than most but what I upload is, generally, shot on purpose. As of this moment I have 354 photos up for sale, I closed 2018 with 83 downloads, 3 where 'single and other' and 3 'on demand' December was my best month per number of downloads (19) my second best for earnings, my best for earnings was September. in August I had started seeing multiple sales on a single day. Worst month was June with 0 downloads My best seller photo by number of downloads sold 8 times since upload on August 31st. I had my first sale in May, with 64 photos in my portfolio. All in all I'm looking forward to 2019 photography-wise, I've a lot to learn but I feel I'm also getting something right and I'm definitely enjoying the process.
  18. I've been on Shutterstock for a while providing vector illustrations without any problems but recently images are being rejected for inconsistent technical reasons. Either the image is rejected for "Artboard" (image overlaps artboard, or is too small or there are multiple artboards) or the for "JPEG Preview" reasons - that the JPEG does not match the EPS file. I've been struggling to fix the issues when I realised that it was inconsistent. Using the same basic vector background some images would get approved and others rejected. So I just did a test. An image was rejected last night for "Artboard" reasons. I made no changes but resubmitted and this time it was rejected for "JPEG reasons". There have been no problems uploading the same graphics to other sites. Anyone else having these problems? Can I check anything else? I've raised a support "ticket" but I need to get these images uploaded again sooner rather than later as the images are seasonal and this is my most profitable time of year. Any help appreciated. Cheers, Paul
  19. Our own contributor Farbled is now a published novelist, and it is a fantastic read! In case he's too modest to tell you, I will. The book is called Flashback, and it has archaeology and adventure and, well, I don't want to ruin anything so I'll just say I loved it and they should make a movie out of it! Go Terry You can get it here: https://books2read.com/TRDavis-Flashback From the link above, you can go to Amazon and a number of other sites. @farbled
  20. When you got a big batch of photos you want to upload, let's say that you want to start seeing results right away instead of in a week. Assuming that 80% or higher of, let's say, 150 photos are approved on Shutterstock, would you try to upload all the photos and get them all reviewed in one fell swoop, or do you upload batches of them, one at a time? When I uploaded my first 130 photos here, it took about 5 days to get them all evaluated, in which almost all of them were rejected. That's in comparison to 20 photos, which were reviewed in two full days. See, I don't know how the review system works within Shutterstock as a new contributor, but considering I want to try to get as most of the uploaded photos onto my portfolio as possible, which would be the fastest way? Submit all of my 150 photos in one setting, or upload 20 photos for now, have them reviewed, and after some approvals and rejections, upload the next 20 and so on? In the long run, getting 150 photos submitted and reviewed may be faster, but it's possible more time may be lost because of editing required in order to get rejected ones approved, or some photos simply can't be uploaded because I don't have permission to do so. I can't control how fast the photos are reviewed because it's not my role to review them to see if they can be put on my portfolio and up for sale. But I can control how frequent or big I upload them.
  21. its my first image and its not approved due to model release forum required, so i want to remove it and wan to add something else for approve, but how? could someone answer it?
  22. Hello, I would like to ask you (experienced photographers) for my portfolio review. Could you tell me how does it look for you? Are my photos any good? What should I do to improve my skills and up my sales. I have just started with stock photography a week ago. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/anna+sobolewska Thank you for your time and advice
  23. Hello everyone! Me and my sister have only started working on this since September last year. Now that we're reaching one year of uploading content, I thought we should ask for some portfolio advice. I know we definitely need to grow our portfolio and make more images. But besides that, what do you think we should do to improve our quality? What's your opinion on what we've been doing so far? Thanks so much in advance! Teixeira
  24. I just started the stock photography last month (July 2018). Started photography as a hobby. Came to know about SS and gave it a try. To my great surprise, I got some downloads also.. I want suggestions, comments and constructive critiques from the veterans and experienced persons in this field. Where should I improve ?? As of now got 8 downloads on 7 photos out of 38 photos in portfolio.. Device : Nikon D5500 Lens 18-55mm kit lens
  25. I read somewhere that reviewers get paid based on the number of rejections. If that is true, than it is really bad.
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