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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! This morning there was 6000 images in my NOT YET SUBMITTED queue. I had an employee working and the next thing we see is it dropped to 1500 unsubmitted images. Question is, anyone knows what happened there? If they are gone for good, is there way I can have the list of all the content I have in my portfolio in order for me to reupload the images that were removed for I do not know what reason? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I had several photos that i uploaded and when i push submit it appears that some essential keywords for that photo are removed automated and it gives error. How can we change this? I uploaded an example. as you can see for this photo the keywords that were removed are the essential keywords for this photo: studs, boots, shoes, woman. Thanks https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/ugg-womens-lilou-sheepskin-boots-isolated-555768649?src=pddxnyrTz3CzosES-_AjPg-1-0
  3. Hello to y'all, I received a mail from SS, informing me that one of my images has been removed from my portfolio: We have removed the following images that you uploaded. xxxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxx) deleted because: Removed- Scope Regards, ShutterStock Support I wrote to support and got no answer yet and couldn't find any info about this specific removal reason (in most cases images are rejected due to copyright issues or quality control, which is clear), what "scope" should stand for? It was a fairly good seller of mine i've lost here! :-( , at least i'd like to better understan
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