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Found 3 results

  1. hello, I got written permission to photograph an event. The responsible persons for the event knew i was going to submit the photos to microstock websites. Recently a visitor of that event discovered her photo on shutterstock. Asked for the photos to be removed and asked for money. i said to her i got written permission to photograph and sell the images as editorial to microstock websites. What is the best answer to give when something like this happens ? Do i have to remove the photos if she wants? If the organizers of the event give in to her requests and then ask me to remove the photos, what can i do? Do i have to give her any money of the sales? Note: one reason for removing the photo could be that it causes ridicule to her, like: "i think i'm fat and ugly on the photo" - Is this considered a valid reason? thanks
  2. Shutterstock <noreply@shutterstock.com> Aug 29 (3 days ago) to me Feliks Kogan, We have removed the following images that you uploaded. The scissors with brass knuckles (34071070) deleted because: Removed as courtesy due to potential, future issues for customers Regards, ShutterStock Support
  3. Hi everyone, I'm sure this happens a thousand +1 times a day, but I couldn't just let this one pass without confronting the scoundrel and raising the issue here. I came across some guy on twitter blatantly asking for help on removing the watermark from an SS image. I replied to the tweet and copied it as a DM to SS, but I doubt any action will be taken. He even had the nerve to say how he'd done it! Here's the tweet if anyone else wants to add their comments too. https://twitter.com/89o/status/748753156486553600 Best wishes, Jennie
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