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Found 54 results

  1. Hello everyone, I would like to ask something. I am making soap at home. I consider it not only as a hobby, but a piece of art also as I use nice little forms. Do I have to sign a release when I submit a photo of the soaps?
  2. Hi guys, I'm searching for the answer for the photos of Mac book. I'm finding a lot of these images in editorial section and some in regular section. I know that top view of iPhone is protected, but what about Mac book. Do I upload them in editorial or regular and wait for them to be rejected? Thanks to all in advance.
  3. Hi. New member. 3 photos have been rejected for "Missing Vintage Content Property Release." 1. Is that the "Property Release" form? It says nothing about vintage. I am having a hard time navigating the whole "form" requirements in general. Also, can you update the reviewed/reject photos with the missing reasons without uploading it all over again. It seem silly to start all over when all I need to do is upload a form. Thank you.
  4. Hi all! I'm a fairly new contributor and I was wondering, am I allowed to post designer clothing in my images, do I need some kind of permission from the designer or are just the model releases enough? This particular clothes doesn't have a visible logo on it and it's not unique in the scence there is only one piece in the world, but it is fairly unique and recognizable, some pieces also have hand-made embroidery (which is kinda generic etno embroidery work) but it, combined with the type of old cotton material and cut, makes for some pretty unique dresses. Check out the attachment to see what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance! :)
  5. Hi, I’m new to SS and like many, struggling to come to terms with the inconsistent rejections. The most frustrating is Model Release rejections - I have many clips with 20+ people in which have been accepted fine elsewhere, however, i’m Having problems here. The most infuriating part is the reviewers just giving a generic rejection reason saying something like ‘Invalid Model Release’ How am I supposed to know which one of the 20+ releases they have the issue with? And then how do I know what the specific issue is? Mind reading isn’t my strong point! Am I missing some specific details somewhere? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. I do not fully understand how that works. How is it possible that I find all possible images of the Eiffel tower, the Petronas towers, etc. on stock platforms? I doubt it is easy to get a property release form from whoever the owner is of those buildings and monuments. Royalty-free license should be the right license I assume. How will photos of such buildings be accepted on stock platforms? The photography of the Petronas towers in the attachment got rejected by Shutterstock but accepted by Alamy. I do not have a property release form and will never ever get one. Still Alamy lists it in my portfolio, even though I do not understand what is the sense of having it in my portfolio if it anyway requires a release form in the end.
  7. Hello! I’ve uploaded a picture of my personal notes. I also uploaded a property release, but my photo is still getting rejected even with a property release. I don’t understand what the problem is? There is no other reason that is given with the rejection. I tried uploading to 2 times and both times the photo was rejected for the property release reason. Please help!
  8. Hi All, The below image was rejected only for "Missing Artwork Property Release". I assume that is partially due to the fact that I didn't describe the pieces as chess pieces because that isn't something that is relevant to the image or clear about what they are. The statuettes are from a chess set I bought at a tag sale almost 20 years ago so I have no way of knowing where they came from. With respect to this image, I'm not clear on if I actually need an artwork release or if the reviewer just mistook the statuettes (chess pieces) as pieces of art that would need a release. Thoughts? More generally, how do you navigate object photography? Do objects need to be entirely generic and logo free unless you have a release? Thanks
  9. If the person taking the photo is also the model in the photo will a release still be required?
  10. First off I'm new here. I've had a photo rejected for model release reasons. I can solve one problem by attaching photo id and re-scanning to submit but I don't know where to attach or upload the source photo for the altered image. I can't seem to find any clear information on how to do this. Am I missing something? Thank you.
  11. So I have some artifacts that are not vintage - ancient Egyptian, or Medieval, etc. Are these even allowed on SS? Or would they be auto rejected, also anyone know what kind of release I would need? Or would I submit as editorial? Any help is appreciated
  12. Excuse me, how do you load model release?
  13. i have not yet been able to find a way to communicate with SS directly so I have to ask this question in a public forum. I have had problems getting images with humans accepted. I understand the need for a model release and have printed off the one that is on SS's contributor page, but am still getting images rejected for a missing model release even when I resubmit it and make certain that the SS model release is attached, I get another rejection. I have been able to figure out the technical issues for other rejections, but cannot figure out why SS rejects an image for a missing model release when the one that they supplied is attached. Does anyone have any guidance or should I stick with landscapes for SS? It is not a huge deal but as a former teacher, I know that students do not learn from failure unless they understand why they failed in the first place.
  14. Hello Everyone sorry if I'm posting in wrong section as I'm new here i don't know where to post, my question is if i take photos of everyday people i need release for those pictures for example i go to market and ask shop keeper if i can take his photo in shop and tell them that i'll sell your photo on shutterstock and he agrees do i still need release from him ? thank you
  15. Hi everyone, I'm having problem with every single image I submit due to model release issue in spite of approved hundreds of images of the same model previuosly ,is there any need to update the model release after a year or so ???? pls answer
  16. So I started uploading here last November and after a month made a sale. I've been making one sale a month since, except for February. Anyway, I have 96 images currently on Shutterstock and started uploading images of people to try and increase my sales. My first batch got rejected cause of the witness. So my question is this: Does the model release need to be signed the same day as the shoot? In other words, can it be signed a week or so later?
  17. After several years of submitting illustrations created by myself, and with a release that specifies this, my release is now being rejected. The reason given is "A property release is required for this image or the attached property release does not meet our requirements or is illegible." I have checked my saved releases and the release for the rejected images is listed and is perfectly readable. It is the same pixel size and quality as the releases I have been using with no problem for several years. I am at a loss as to why the release is now being rejected, and the rejection reason given is not a lot of help. The way I've been using the release is to embed thumbnails of the illustrations being submitted in the release document using photoshop, exactly as I have always done in the past, and then flatten the document into jpg format. I have written to SS contributor support asking for help but I don't expect a response will be immediate, and so if anyone has a word of wisdom or advice to offer in this matter I would be grateful. I have attached a reduced-size, low resolution copy of the release in question. Sensitive data has been smudged to make it illegible.
  18. Hi, I have some rejected photo have only one of these rejection reason Artwork Property Release Visible Trademark Intellectual Property .... May I allow to reupload them again by just add "editorial" property? hope that won't make reviewer upset or I should just ignore these photo?
  19. Hi everyone New to SS and trying to learn the ropes. I submitted 10 photos and had 7 accepted. A few questions below that I have searched the forum for but can't pinpoint. - In my approved photos batch, it says "Released: N" - is there a lag between approval and release (by which I assume it means available for downloading). I can't see my photos when I search for them in the SS gallery. - If a photo is rejected for inappropriate category, can you edit this or do you need to delete the photo and resubmit? Thanks! Pep
  20. Dear all, I don't have so much experience here. I tried to ask SS support but they didn't answer me correctly. Unfortunately you can't upload a sample image when you ask their technical support. In their answer they sent me their guidelines about of proprierty release for non digital illustration but it is not my case. So, given the fact that a similar image has been rejected some months ago for a proprierty release issue. Now, I try to ask you. If I have an image like this... how do you upload it? As photo or illustration because you modified it by inserting a simple script? What if the script is a little more elaborated?! And more important, the background photo is digital and it mine BUT IT IS NOT UPLOADED ON SS ((AND I DON'T HAVE INTENTION TO UPLOAD IT). Do I need to compile a propriety form with the representation of the background photo?! If I had already uploaded the background photo no release form is required, right? Thank you for your advices, Sil_Sal
  21. Hello ! I just took some pictures of St Benedict´s Cross. This is a very old symbol, more than 500 yrs I guess. Im wondering if it needs a property release? Do I have to submit them as editorial? Or can I upload them as comercial with no release? Thanks everyone for any orientation !
  22. I submitted about #8 images of a building, one of which is shown. I did not provide specific information about the building or site and submitted them as commercial. I also submitted them as commercial to two other agencies. SS rejected them all on the basis that they needed a property release. Looking at SS's policy, there is a catch-all 'Modern Architecture', under which I presume they were rejected. (Although there seem to be many other pictures of modern buildings submitted as commercial already.) The building is in fact the OmniMax theatre, part of the Tijuana Cultural Centre in Mexico which does not appear to be specifically excluded. Following SS's rejection, I have been in contact with a senior editor for one of the other agencies. She seems happy for them to remain as commercial. As I am keen to avoid my first (and possibly only) big transaction in microstock to involve money going out of my bank account, I'd like to ask you guys with the experience what your opinion is. Is SS correct or just being over cautious? Should I change the license type to editorial on the other sites? How would you have submitted them? Thanks in advance of your help.
  23. Some of the images rejected due to "Intellectual Property - Image potentially infringes on intellectual property rights" at the same time some accepted without any issue for a same property. So what is the criteria of accepting and rejection? Recently i uploaded attached four images and rejected due to same "Intellectual Property". It is "Raj Ghat - Mahatma Gandhi Crematorium Site". Now tell me to whom i get it signed? Mahatma Gandhi itself? Who is the owner of this site? Its a free site, anyone can visit and shoot.
  24. I'm having trouble attaching a new model realese. How can I do to import the release that is in jpg. The + next button to Releases in the Content Editor does not give me the option of a new authorization, only the old ones. I need a help.
  25. Just wondering if I can use a model release with my own letterhead if I use the wording from Shutterstock's release form, or one of the approved external releases? My company is well known in the area and I feel I have more luck if the release has our company name rather "Shutterstock" at the top. Some people are wary when they see a big stock library company name. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006567?q=model+release&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1
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