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Found 38 results

  1. Hello Again, while there are multiple issues I have with the review process of SS, there are a few issues I am struggling with in the last few days. One of them is rejection of a majority of my images under the category of "Title" and 'Keyword". From a series of similar uploads, some randomly get rejected under the above two categories. I tried multiple variations of the title, but to no effect. I even tried copying similar titles from existing images on SS that are similar to my images (obviously with appropriate modification in wording), but again, they get rejected. I just don't seem to understand the issue, esp when some images get accepted and others randomly get rejected. Is there no way to communicate with the reviewers for this?
  2. It is so incredibly hard to have your work approved. It is a disaster to get in touch with shutterstock because the links don't work so it is impossible to reply to these 'helpers or guides'. It took me 2 years to have almost 200 photos approved, but I think I admitted at least 500, if not more. So many rejections... and selling??? I had a mind blowing 7,62 earnings in 2 years time. and guess what. Since my photos are not found, even though I did a lot of work choosing the best keywords... the commission went down from 25 cents to 10 cents. Anyone some tips? Valuable tips? So I can start earning some money? Feedback is highly appreciated.
  3. So I uploaded some 3d render illustrations that all of them had a blurred object at the back of the main focused object. I got rejection due to "Illustration has rasterization issues such as blurriness and/or artifacting.". How can I solve this problem? The blurred object must be blurred.
  4. Hello, Yes, what is wrong with your inspectors, I am really tired of unjustified rejections of my materials on your site, only on your site, on all other sites, I have no refusals for more than 3 years. Tell me what exactly was offensive in this image (1711268383) that was rejected and then accepted, what are these images like (1711268380, 1711268374, 1711268377) that your vulnerable inspector took them for creepy similars, while not forgetting to accept tons of the same type of backgrounds and icons. How tired they are of creating the appearance of their work. I wrote again to your support service and received another apology with a link to the FAQ, why do I need them? But nevertheless, these same images were rejected again, now with the reason for the unacceptable content in the description and same creepy similars, what is there similar? Do you have poorly configured bots accept jobs or are people so incompetent? What's really going on? I would ignore such antics if they were rare, but they are permanent, and only on the Shutterstock. Your support does absolutely nothing, just presses ctrl+C ctrl+V, writing there is just useless, when will it stop? Thx
  5. I am new and I recently had 4 editorial photo rejected for unacceptable editorial description. I realized I had forgotten to fill in the description part. So I resubmitted them the next day filling in the description properly and they were again rejected for unacceptable editorial description. No other reason was given. The description I wrote fulfilled all the criteria in their checklist, place, date and what is shown in the photo and what is "happening". I suspect they rejected them just because they were resubmitted, but not sure. If the description is the only reason shouldn't you be allowed to rewrite the description? Any insights appreciated, thx
  6. Hello! I'm a new contributor at Shutterstock and I was feeling kind of motivated when one of my images sold twice already and two other photos sold once each. However, I've now loaded a bunch of new images and noticed my sunset pictures keep being rejected. I thought they were beautiful sunsets, but maybe it's something with the mechanics. Can anyone provide a little insight? Also, are they salvageable in some way or a totally lost cause? The notes said something about a logo or brand name, which I didn't realize was even legible on the boat?! The notes also said the main subject was not in focus, but I thought the sunset was the focus, so I'm not sure what the actual problem might be. Some images also flagged the noice/film grain rejection item. I'd be grateful for anyone's advice or thoughts on this. I am hoping to expand my portfolio and it will be significantly quicker and easier if I can avoid a few rejections here and there. Thanks so much for your time!
  7. Hi everyone. Is there something wrong with the image analysis in the submission process? I have been trying to solve this with the help of the support on Shutterstock, but except generic email answers that clearly do not take into account the problem I explained in my emails to them I get nothing. A few days back I uploaded 18 images which all were rejected because of the 'title' being wrong (even though they were in English, did not have special signs) and they had different titles. So I took the time to resubmit all of them again, writing different titles and descriptions, etc. After a very short time (about two days) all images were rejected again. Only this time the reason for ALL of them was being out of focus. (??!?) Suffice to say, they were not out of focus and previous images with unsharp elements due to motion blur, depth of field, etc) were happily accepted by the system. I resubmiited some of those again, and hey, this time they accepted even though they were the same images that earlier got rejected ... focus problems fixed themselves, I guess. Now a new series of photos submitted has the same problem all over again. All out of focus and some of them have an additional rejection reason is Noise and Film Grain. This also is not valid. The only grain I can see as grain is pigment dots on butterfly wings (all Noise or Grain rejections have a butterfly wing in there). Again, other images that have slight grain were happily accepted. The image analysis is most likely done by an automated, or at least in parts, that misinterprets pixels because it does not understand the pixels in the context of the image. It is a massive waste of time to resubmit and fix rejection issues when the next time they are rejected, seemingly at random, for another, completely different reason. Has anyone more insight into this problem? Please let me know, because the support team at Shutterstock does not really seem to bother. Before I add a series of 50 images in a row, spending a lot of time filling out the details to optimize their possible success rate, just to be rejected for obviously misinterpreted pixels I will rather close my account again and rely on different platforms out there. Thanks, people!
  8. I am new to Shutterstock and misunderstood at first the difference between uploading as editorial and commercial. I started with all editorial and had few rejections. The last batch uploaded as commercial had about half the images rejected, most for "subject not in focus," but I am not really understanding. Is the threshold you must meet in commercial so much higher. I had one dog peaking through a fence shot accepted and a squirrel eating a pumpkin not. The eye was sharp in both cases, but the dog photo head and fence he was peaking through were more on the same plane so that the depth of field was more uniform. Is that what they are looking for? It was rather discouraging to not really understand why one was accepted and the other not. Any ideas?
  9. I might be missing something here but several of my pictures have been rejected due to reasons that are objectively wrong. Below I have some examples. This picture of tiles was rejected because it required an "illustration designation". This picture of snow on some mopeds in Rome was rejected due to missing an "artwork property release". I tried to reupload it again but it was denied for the same reason. The bridge picture was rejected due to requiring an art work release. I think that you can somewhat defend the bridge is art work but it's a stretch in my opinion. It's also not one of my best pictures. Is anyone else having this issue? Am I missing something here? Thank you in advance for any help.
  10. This image was rejected as "only acceptable for editorial use". Will all submissions for commercial use be rejected without model/ property releases? How would you handle a commercial submission of wildlife?
  11. Quite regularly my videos are rejected because of "Clip exhibits issues related to frame rate or shutter speed." I believe that in rare cases the curator noticed something like a jello effect after occasional tripod shake and therefore made such a decision. But in most cases, I'm just puzzled. I've got rejections of both camera footage and CGI compositions, with the same explanation about "issues related to frame rate or shutter speed". Recently made a set of shots in a room with studio lighting, totally motionless tripod and theoretically ideal shutter. They were rejected for the same reason. Yes, I carefully read guidelines. As far as I can tell, I followed all these recommendations long before I started contributing. Since all my clips play on my computers without "jerky motion or visible ghosting", I guess why curators see it differently. Maybe they really stop the video on individual frames to make sure that there are "no ghosting"? Example with the keyboard from guidelines just claims ghosting "unacceptable" not taking into account neither the frame rate nor the speed of the fingers of a person who types on the keyboard. But the usual practice for cinema is to leave some motion blur on moving subjects. To be precise, exactly such a blur, which is obtained at a shutter speed equal to half the frame rate (1/48 for 24 fps). Is it ok for Shutterstock, or really curators were instructed to review each video frame by frame to eliminate any ghosting? My other guess is that it is 4K clips (both ProRes and h.264) are maybe just not playing smoothly on the curators' computers?
  12. They wanted a model release even for silhouette bridge! I am really confuced about that.I think i should not waste my time for such photos and continue the food photography !
  13. This makes me wonder.....how similar rejection rejection actually work on SS ? Here is my work : https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/red-airplane-changing-directionthink-differently-concept-1036085566?src=X1RZeEv3wx9KD2F5yHcCng-1-18 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/red-airplane-changing-direction-white-ones-1016143204?src=w1UhJoTeosdDMUhi_PWkAA-1-21 And here is a copycat : https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/think-differently-concept-red-airplane-changing-1217543695 Not only that this person take my file and copyed it but also used practicaly same keywords and EXACTLY THE SAME TITLE as mine. Having taken the exact title, even word order is more than obvious proof where the idea had come from. I simply have to ask this....considering how much " Similar Content: This image is too similar to another image that has already been submitted or published." rejections I had lately.
  14. I don't ask many questions on the forum, but this one has gotten me stumped. I have a high acceptance rate - probably well over 95% at this point - but a large batch of images were all rejected for "Title" issues. I did nothing different with these than I have the others I have submitted over the years - I state a title and then a description in the area for description. All of the photos I have in my portfolio have been submitted like that - over 4500 images. (This is only a hobby for me - I have learned so much about photography by following SS's guidelines.) Am I supposed to now change the actual title of the image when I edit on my computer, before submitting it? I have also noticed the delay in reviewing images, but it's not a huge deal to me. Since they recently made the change to allowing two categories, I have been assuming they are working on the submission page. Is this another new change to it? If so, I will change the way I submit images, but if this was just one reviewer doing things differently than all the others, I don't want to completely change the way I do things. Input appreciated! Ramona
  15. Gets frustrating. I alone have made SS over a quarter million dollars on their share of sales (their 70%) yet rejections in last couple months are crazy. A couple weeks ago it was great and accurate, 99% approval. Before that 20-30% rejections for a couple months before and now this week back to 20-40% rejections on footage. Almost all are for noise, pixilization problems. All shot with Canon 1DX MK II and some from Canon 5D MK IV. Yet crap from cell phones and old GoPro are accepted by the thousands probably every day. So some hired help in Pakistan or India that reviews footage is a better judge of pixilization and noise than one of the first SS footage contributors shooting and contributing since 2005 with some of the absolute cleanest shooting cameras available. A real crappy new data entry page that has slowed down process by at least 300%. No full original file names viewable on edit screen or on all rejections. Now keywords like "swimming" is automatically deleted as not valid. If a simple wording fix is needed the footage is deleted and requires a full hour long upload when a 10 second edit would comply with editorial byline or whatever was needed. Please think about us as your suppliers of goods, make it easy for us to supply and figure out what you want. Years of good reviews and acceptance and since you started to contract it out it seems that they feel they need to have a large rejection rate to justify their work. Yes, anyone can go back and with pixel peeping can justify any rejection and could also go back and reject 90% of all approved footage on SS, millions of them. I've made tens of thousands of dollars on clips that were rejected here on one other site that accepted them. I'm loyal to SS but need a little loyalty back. I'm not a newby at this. Isn't there a point somewhere that we as submitters can be trusted? Do we have to make SS individually a half million dollars each before we have proven ourselves?
  16. I uploaded two images of people playing basketball in a public court in the park. One was rejected, one is still pending. I thought the rejection reason was for the ball according to this, however they don't say anything about basketballs: Then I checked the newly approved images with basketball and I see, even professional basketball games are approved, both editorial and commercial, images taken on the same day as mine. Ball closeups as the main subject are recently approved too as RF, so the rejection is not about the ball. So who decides who lives and who dies at SS? There should be a more precise description of the restriction than just "will be reviewed on a case by case basis".
  17. Come on SS! Why the rejections for non-licensable content on a set of sunset images over Chesil Beach? Nothing here is easy...
  18. I just had several images rejected for non-licensable content. This is new to me and I don't understand what about this image is non-licensable. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks. Non-Licensable Content: Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection.
  19. These two pictures are from Nahargarh fort Jaipur, India. It is a popular tourist destination for locals as well as foreigners. Nahargarh fort was built in the 1600s, now from where should i get property releases???
  20. Noticed an oddity today. My Recent Rejections is showing I've had 24 rejections in the last 3 weeks - the oddity is that if I go to the Rejections page my last rejections were 4 on 2/28, before that was 2 on 11/10 and before that 3 on 10/27. Probably a minor thing, but if it's being counted in any way towards my "viability" as a contributor, I'd like it fixed. Thanks - Holly
  21. Hello Does anyone know why these images submitted as editorial have received a 'Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in ou' rejection reason? Would've accepted a variation of 'not very good' rejection reason but i can't see any graffiti and I wouldn't have thought there was a problem with the bank names on the skyscrapers or identifiable cars because editorial, so I'm a bit stumped as to what's wrong? It may well be perfectly obvious, but not to me! Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Harry
  22. I recently bought a dji Inspire 1 drone because I want to add some aerial photography to my portfolio. All the clips I have uploaded have been accepted by other agencies, but I am having trouble getting the footage accepted by Shutterstock. A lot of what I have submitted has been rejected for noise and artifacts. When I watch the clips, I don't see anything unusual, but perhaps I don't know what to look for. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do/not do when shooting video with a drone? I would upload a sample clip, but they are all over the allowed limit. I appreciate any help that anyone can give. Have a great day.
  23. Some times it happens we did some model-release related error, causing a rejection. Could you at SS consider something like that? -> don't erase the files, just move them in the edit queue WITHOUT an attached MR. We can read your rejections causes and we can solve this. If you have a safe system idiot-proof, like a ... counter? if the same error happens on the same set, you could erase the files as you do so far, but ... force us to upload several times the files is time consuming and RESOURCEconsuming (at your side). What do you think about? Thanks for reading :-) G.
  24. It happens that last days I've experienced rejections by "Keywords -- Irrelevant keywords were used or your keywords were not in English". I check and everything seems to be right. I've submit twice and same rejection reason. I mailed to contributors support team and they answer me an automated mail. I've submit for third time and some of them were aproved and others rejected now by "File Transfer Error -- Please check your file and resubmit." By the way no changes made it in keywords. Curiously all that files are Christmas seasonal photos. My "Recent rejections banner" continues adding. May something is going wrong
  25. I am new to Shutterstock but have had 5 downloads in the week or 10 days since I've posted images, so I'm excited about the possibility. But rejections seem random and very frustrating given the time it takes to upload them and add relevant keywords, etc. Sorry for the long rant to follow... I have a picture of a beach looking to the left, looking ahead, and looking to the right. Same camera, same settings, same focus, same day same time. All three perfectly in focus as far as I can tell on a fairly large monitor. 2 of three rejected for "subject out of focus." The third is one of my downloads. Hmmm. I uploaded 6 images yesterday looking up at the sunrise through highrises in downtown San Francisco. Camera on a tripod, same camera, same lens, same time of day, same focus. All 6 are identical with a slight variation in angle and POV2. 2 out of 6 rejected for "subject out of focus". The last one rejected for "potentially infringing on a copyright" and for the life of me I can't find any other artwork in a window or a logo on a building. Hmmm. From the same series I uploaded an image of a vintage streetcar. The streetcar, which is the main subject of the image is perfecty in focus, although there is some motion blur through the window with a passenger getting on the bus. Rejected for "subject out of focus." The passenger moving is what makes the image interesting. Hmmm. I've attached a downsampled small version. Same series, 4 images of SF skyline from the ferry heading east. 2 approved, 2 not approved for "visible brand names" and again, for the life of me, can't find a single one and can't spot the difference in the two pics. Hmmm. I've attached downsampled small versions. I can resubmit I guess, but there doesn't seem to be a way to interact with a live human. I'd be thrilled if someone could point out the differences, where half are accepted and half are rejected for being out of focus, or having a trademark somewhere. Any tips for a novice uploader, but relatively experienced photographer? Really appreciate your thoughts in advance.
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