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  1. I have noticed the incidence of submission rejections has increased very dramatically over recent months and these often include rejections of work that has been accepted by other agencies without any rejections. Without giving the reason for its rejection at this stage I am submitting one of three images rejected for the same reason and asking for a critique of it. Can you tell me why you would reject it. I make no claim to fame or skill. I just enjoy taking photos. My equipment is average. A canon EOS 600D or EOS 1200D with an EF 28-105 lens. So take it easy on me!!!
  2. I am now seeing an increase in rejections for totally inaccurate reasons centred around focus issues and would like my contributions to be reassessed. Since when has a shallow depth of field become a focus issue, as long as the subject is in focus. Sometimes I don't think the reviewer even knows what the subject is! How do you know if a cloud is in focus when it has no distinct form. If AI is the problem, there needs to be a quick way to debate the rejection reasons. What is the current process?
  3. Hallo, I use contributor-app for android, keep it updated and I never see approval/rejection feedback for videos. It's only me? It's a bug or by design? And if it's by design... why? :-(
  4. So, for some time I am frustrated by the senseless rejections, and now I am beyond that point. This image below was rejected with the reason, TOO MUCH NOISE and I am kindly asking everybody to tell me, where is that awful noise? I am writing about this because I am here to learn and to progress and to make money for Shutterstock and for myself, but I am really baffled now. I have spoken to a good friend of mine who is one of those top tier stock photographers. He is making a fortune out of his portfolio, while I am making cca 30 dollars per month here. That wont be the problem, If I haven't in
  5. Hello, I upload several videos film with the DJI mini 2 and all are rejected by noise or resolution and proportion. All the videos are film in 4K with 3840x2160. Frame rate 29.97 Video quality = 100Mbps Video Codec = H264 My videos are approved on other site, so I think that they are ok on terms of quality. Why the rejections here? 85848645_Drone17.mp4
  6. Hello, both of these photos were rejected because it's out of focus and noise. Even though i've used a noise reducer in Photoshop and the object is quite focused enough for me. Should I retake? or maybe is there something I can work with using Photoshop? thanks for the help!
  7. Dear All, I'm new at the stock-photography and also at the forum. So if I'm making something wrong, please worn me. Let's say I'm at the beginning of uploading photos to shutterstock. I tried 3 photos and 1 is accepted where the other two is not. Well, I understand one of them but I can not understand the reason for the photo I share attached. Rejection reasons (1) Focus: The main subject is out of focus or is not in focus due to camera shake, motion blur, overuse of noise reduction, or technical limitations of the equipment used (e.g. autofocus searching, camera sensor q
  8. Hello dear coleagues. I recently started to work on some bakground animations on blender 2.9. The problem is that they were rejected by artifacts/noise reason. I rendered those animations at 4K 60fps some on 128 samples with Cycles (i did probably had some animations at 250 samples) and i used denoising data with denoising nodes in composition window, and some were rendered with Eevee at same sample sizes. Probably Eevee ones were in fact at 250 samples to get rid of clamping and other artifacts. All Blender animations were rejected. Now that is probably due to the fact that i
  9. I have submitted an image of a male Red Grouse in purple heather with just the minimum amount of words both in the Title and in the Keywords to avoid it being rejected as follows:- Title - Title must be descriptive and relevant to the subject matter and must be in English. Titles cannot contain special characters, spelling/grammar errors, or repeats words/phrases in excess. I'm pulling my hair out :). I can't see where I've gone wrong. This is my first post. And guess what? It's been rejected twice, but for the life of me I cannot see why :(
  10. Recently I started getting my photos rejected for posterization. Rejection reasons (1) Focus: The main subject is out of focus or is not in focus due to camera shake, motion blur, overuse of noise reduction, or technical limitations of the equipment used (e.g. autofocus searching, camera sensor quality, etc). I've viewed them in both Lightroom and Photoshop and I do not see the issue. A few others that were rejected by Shutterstock I submitted to two other major competitors and they were accepted. Not sure what the issue is. Shot with Camera: Nikon D5200 &
  11. I am submitting an image of a bridge called "Cedar Ford Covered Bridge." It is being rejected for copyright violation in the description/keywords. I assume it is because of the word "ford," which in this context is river crossing, not an auto maker. So either a bot is automatically kicking it out, or a reviewer doesn't understand what fording a river means. Any suggestions? Yes, I know I can just leave "ford" out of it, so no need to suggest that. Thanks. I would love to keep it in since that is, in fact, the covered bridge's actual name.
  12. Dear Shutterstock contributors, I am kind of new to Shutterstock. I have only 10 successful uploads to it. However, for the first time a photo of mine got rejected 8 times because of the title. I tried many different things, all spelled correctly (im not the best in english but I do my best when I upload, I even check the spelling in google), and nothing worked so far. Can someone give me an advice. I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks in advance. Stamen
  13. I have created a vector of the ancient philosopher, Aristotle, because I need it for an educational project. The original drawing was from an compilation of ancient statues of him. I actually took parts of him, like his eyes, from people I know, but the whole thing is what I imagine he looked like. (I am creating a course on Logic and Aristotle's Triangle.) Shutterstock has many pictures of his statue and sketches, etc. of him, and they are not editorial. I have submitted pictures of ancient Greek statues and have had them accepted before. And I included my original sketch as
  14. Can anybody tell me how many times they have received this with their uploads: Noise / Artifacts: Content contains noise, film grain, compression artifacts, pixelation, and/or posterization that detracts from the main subject. I uploaded 6 videos and all were rejected, yet I uploaded the same videos on competitor platforms, Pond5 and Adobe Stock and they were all accepted. I've added a screen shot of the video to this post, keep in mind the original video 2.7k so the screen shot wont be the same quality but as for the rejection who knows Any thoughts would be appreciated
  15. Informational text ''FACE SHILED'' from a photo in the attachment, yes or no? Its not a logo in my opinion, will it be accepted or I need to remove it?
  16. I recently used shutterstock's new beta feature for model releases but they are rejecting that model release by saying that it doesn't meet their requirements.
  17. My illustration of DeLorean time machine rejected TWO times immediately after submitting with reason of Editorial Designation even when its designated correctly. I wonder if SS staff ever see this post, please @Kate Shutterstock @Alex Shutterstock
  18. I got a rejection for the attached photo as below. Focus: The main subject is out of focus or is not in focus due to camera shake, motion blur, overuse of noise reduction, or technical limitations of the equipment used (e.g. autofocus searching, camera sensor quality, etc). From my views, I think the main subject is the white paper umbrella with a peacock and it's in focus. However, it is true that if someone follows the perspective of umbrellas towards the tower, other umbrellas are out of focus. Hence, my questions are: Is it okay if I resubmit the photo beca
  19. Today I uploaded 3 images about jhu covid 19 map. But two of them got rejected and the other one was approved (which kinda pretty similar to the rejected images). I read the article about Non-Licensable Content and for me it seems that those 2 photos really don't violate the restrictions. All the photos were submitted under editorial section btw. Can someone explain what's happening here?
  20. Why this vector got rejection? The rejection reason Sensitive Information. Can anyone tell me where is the problem?
  21. Hello partners. I have a question about a rejection. "The metadata contains potentially unacceptable or offensive language." Tittle: Two hands in discussion pose with USA and China flags overprinted on black background. World conflict Keywords: aggression, aggressive, america, american, anger, arguing, battle, business, china, chinese, combat, commercial, communication, communism, concept, conflict, confrontation, countries, crisis, disagreement, dispute, economic, economy, fight, fighting, finance, financial, finger, fist, flag, government, hand, hands, illustratio
  22. Dear fellow photographers, my image has been rejected because they say it's out of focus... does it look out of focus to you? I used a tamron 90mm with VR off, a tripod and delayed exposure mode, so I'm no sure what is wrong here. Maybe because I used f/57 instead of something like f/22? Please help! (click on the image)
  23. The majority of my contributions lately are getting rejected for nonsense. I've had whole batches rejected do to "transfer error" which was stupid as all images worked fine in multiple programs. Now I just had my resubmitted images rejected due to missing reference. Non of my contributions use reference of anykind and do not violate their own rules. Everything down to the textures is handmade by me. Clearly SS does not have it together right now. Either their AI is bad or they've been hiring bad batches of reviewers. I intend to make an account on Adobe and put my backlog there to see if they
  24. Yesterday, I submitted 20 photographs. All of them were rejected by Shutterstock for the exact same reason of Noise/Film Grain. Most of these photographs do not have noise/film grain, and some pictures of mine that were much worse than these have been approved in the past (take a look at my portfolio; you'll see what I'm talking about). These photographs were taken with different equipment, so there isn't something wrong with the camera I'm using. Is there a way to appeal? I have submitted photos before, and many have been rejected, therefore I'm familiar with this system. What happened today
  25. So I uploaded some 3d render illustrations that all of them had a blurred object at the back of the main focused object. I got rejection due to "Illustration has rasterization issues such as blurriness and/or artifacting.". How can I solve this problem? The blurred object must be blurred.
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