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Found 121 results

  1. hello, I'm new here. Recently I wanted to submit my photo of a dirty ball. But it got rejected because it got "too much noise". I think they mistaken the scratches on the ball as noises. I've attached the picture below. any ways that my photo can get accepted? I don't want to remove the scratches because it's the main focus here
  2. I have same nice images of yoga on stand up paddle board. Took a drive during the night to go to the river to take them in the early morning at 6 o clock during the sunrise. Busted my ass for it and now they reject them all because they say they are not sharp, and I think its total BS. How can you tell if its sharp enough when it is a silhouette and the subject is dark. I get them that it ''looks'' that is not sharp, but I know they are sharp because the board where the subject is standing IS sharp. And that place is in the plane with her face, and I am not able to get those images online. And to say, they also reject them and say that I have dust on my sensor when clearly those are bird in the background. That is not a big issue to correct, but they are really busting my ass because of it and don't know if all of my images will be thrown in the garbage, and to say, people on the Instagram love them and I am already having a ton of praise for them and some jobs appointed just because of those images, so clearly they will sell on SS also. What to do guys, how to make them see that the pictures are sharp and good for selling, have anyone had rejections of silhouettes? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have had a couple of images rejected do to main subject not in focus, blurry. What if that is how I want the photo to look, a little soft/blurry to give a certain feel? Perhaps Shutterstock is not interested in photos that have a little creative different look to them. Has anyone else run into this situation? Below are two different examples.
  4. I recently attached Shutterstocks electronic model release form completed by model correctly and submitted... It came back" Invalid Model Release: One or more of the attached model releases does not meet our requirements." I had the model check and complete again. Submitted again and was rejected with the same reason! I am baffled to what is wrong??? It was Shutterstocks Form???
  5. Yesterday, I submitted 20 photographs. All of them were rejected by Shutterstock for the exact same reason of Noise/Film Grain. Most of these photographs do not have noise/film grain, and some pictures of mine that were much worse than these have been approved in the past (take a look at my portfolio; you'll see what I'm talking about). These photographs were taken with different equipment, so there isn't something wrong with the camera I'm using. Is there a way to appeal? I have submitted photos before, and many have been rejected, therefore I'm familiar with this system. What happened today is very strange, though. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached are some of the images I submitted. These are previews of the images, so the actual quality of the files is much higher than what you see. The preview also makes them slightly blurry. The black and white image was taken with a film camera, so there may be some film grain, but without the film grain, the photo would look digital, which isn't what I'm going for.
  6. I've had some images rejected, corrected the indicated topics, do I have to wait until the rejected works are deleted?
  7. Hi, I was uploading some photos today, and my photo of a set of vintage silverplate flatware was rejected with the following comment: "Title must be descriptive and relevant to the subject matter and must be in English. Titles cannot contain special characters, spelling/grammar errors, or repeat words/phrases in excess" I do not feel any of those were valid reasons. The description read, "Vintage silverware service for 12 people" That's exactly what was pictured, and it's obviously in English. It was preciscely relevant and descriptive. There were no special characters (it said nothing about numerals counting as "special characters") was that the issue? As far as I know, there were not excess keywords used; only those which targeted various ways people might search for such an item, and yes, that does invove some repetition of similar phrases--which has not been a problem in other submissions I've made, e.g., "scenic, scenery, landscape, scenic view, beautiful landscape,..." etc. on one photo... I am baffled, but also annoyed, as the whole thing is grayed out, and it won't let me edit or change any of those "problems" What can I do here?
  8. Hello! I'm a new contributor at Shutterstock and I was feeling kind of motivated when one of my images sold twice already and two other photos sold once each. However, I've now loaded a bunch of new images and noticed my sunset pictures keep being rejected. I thought they were beautiful sunsets, but maybe it's something with the mechanics. Can anyone provide a little insight? Also, are they salvageable in some way or a totally lost cause? The notes said something about a logo or brand name, which I didn't realize was even legible on the boat?! The notes also said the main subject was not in focus, but I thought the sunset was the focus, so I'm not sure what the actual problem might be. Some images also flagged the noice/film grain rejection item. I'd be grateful for anyone's advice or thoughts on this. I am hoping to expand my portfolio and it will be significantly quicker and easier if I can avoid a few rejections here and there. Thanks so much for your time!
  9. Dear sir/madam please let me know that why shutter stock is rejecting images that have no problems. I am submit lot of HD images draw by myself in Photoshop that have no feather one pixel even. Rejection reason every time is "Illustration has rasterization issues such as blurriness and/or artifacting." And lot of images that if i send again got approved. have no idea. please must reply me if anyone know. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I'm a full time freelance photographer/filmmaker and I've been a Shutterstock Contributor for 4 years and have had up until December 2019 been getting nearly all my submitted images accepted. Recently I've been getting a lot of images rejected with the "Similar Content" rejection. I've read through other forum posts regarding this topic but was wondering if anyone has any solutions or workarounds for this issue? Below is an example of a recent photo session upload where I've had many more rejections for "Similar Content" than I've had before. I've recently read through the Shutterstock "Similar Images Guidelines" and have tried resubmitting the image several times. The Image that was accepted is one with the model portraying a sad/depressed student where the image that was rejected shows a happy/excited student. Isn't this enough variation to validate both images being accepted? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  11. Why is this photo not taken to stock ?? Rejection reasons (1) Focus: The main subject of this image is not in focus. Kind people! What is this happening ?? This is sabotage! It is specially not take such simple beautiful photos ?? Who works here ?? The complete lack of taste, elementary concepts in photography!
  12. Hello, I took and submitted a perspective view of center / medallion of my Persian carpet (I am carpet's owner & uploaded property release). It is rejected and it says because of "Intellectual Property". Do you have any idea why the image is rejected, despite that I uploaded required property release? Thanks
  13. I have submitted 2 similar photos. For me they are in different ankle so I thought it should be fine. However, it turned that one of them was approved and another one was rejected. If I need to choose one, I'd rather keep the one that was rejected. Therefore, I removed the approved photo from my portfolio and resubmitted the one which was rejected before. BUT it was rejected again due to "similar content" even though there was no such similar photo in my portfolio now. I tried to resubmit and select "previously submitted" as note to reviewer but nothing changed. Anyone can advise me how to make the reviewer team notice that the previously approved photo has been removed already ? Thanks.
  14. Hello I am new to shutterstock contributors. I have recently uploaded some images which were too large. So I compressed them slightly to be the right size for upload. Looking at the image and zooming in, the image is fine. But, when uploaded they get rejected and for out of focus, when I click on the images they are awful. Is there a particular export setting in photoshop to counter this? Many thanks
  15. Hi, This week I had very strange rejection. I uploaded couple of images and videos representing a human face generated from code (symbols and letters). And both got rejected as Non-licensable content. I send a question to the Shutterstock support and the answer was: I still to not understand what exactly is the reason for this content to be Non-licensable. What exactly is the problem with artificial intelligence topic? Does anyone have an idea? And as far as I can see there are many images in the SS library with the same topic and rendered human faces. Thanks
  16. I am confused as to why the attached image was refused for barcoded.
  17. Hi! I find I've made a somewhat minor mistake in uploading a number of images recently. I want to correct that single mistake in the description of each and all the images that have been rejected under that same reason (1). Is there a fast and easy way to do this? [I'm afraid I'll have to upload each image again, cut paste the keywords and description again for each image, etc.] Any suggestions you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you for your help!
  18. My original seven works rejected already that "Intellectual Property: Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright). I really do not understand how can be this! I am really sad.My kitchen utensil always what i am using even my backgrounds same color that pink serie belong to me,how can be another person's work 😮 I am working since last Ramadan feast by same serie and many already on my port that belong to me.Strange. I had contact with them but wasting time a lot.I wished my feast works lay out on my port before feast holiday but rejected.I do not need someone's idea when i make my compositions,i have many idea already.I do not deserve such treatment !! 😞 I have a large serie about pink serie some on my port but i will not share anymore from this album. https://www.shutterstock.com/tr/image-photo/traditional-turkish-sparkling-coffee-vintagesilver-cups-1464964688?src=BOLE1KzX_ZRGq2Xyi83fvw-3-42 same objects even same background : https://www.shutterstock.com/tr/image-photo/traditional-turkish-delight-coffee-silver-vintage-1411534910?src=BOLE1KzX_ZRGq2Xyi83fvw-7-21
  19. Hi, I have uploaded some photos and everyone of them was rejected for not being editorial. I have uploaded similar before that did not have to be editorial. Is it that someone else has looked at them. This baffles me. Why? I have an example uploaded. Thanks. Andrew Penniall
  20. I have some photos that had been rejected and I can understand why. But for these two photos I feel like it was unfortunate to be rejected. So how can I fix this problem? Photo number 1 (the first above): the main object is not focus. It was a landscape photo, how is this not focus, or did I just miss something here? Can I fix it or leave it? Photo number 2: visible trade marks, which I notice it was text on the boat "pariwista" or tourism in English. It wasn't a logo or something commercial. Should I erase this text or just forget about it? Please help, thank you.
  21. I tried to upload these photos but they were rejected because, according to them, they contain trademarks or logos. Can anyone help me find them? I built the bicycle myself with my own hands and I'm sure it doesn't contain any logos or brands. The tires have the mark on the other side that is not seen in the photograph. The saddle has no mark. ...I also wanted to ask if anyone knows if there is a way to ask that the photo be reviewed more carefully, without having to upload it again. Thank you for your availability.
  22. Hello, I am a total newbie here (an amateur just shooting for fun and wanted to try to upload some of my pics - and see what happens). I just tried to submit some of my images and was suprised by the ratio of rejected - approved photos. (To many rejected.) One of the most suprising rejections are pictures from a graveyard where, if you zoom enough, you can read the names, birth and death dates at the grave stones. Why are these considered sensitive information although the cemeteries are publicly accessible and everyone can go there and read the dates? I saw pictures here of famous people's graves and evidently, these are not considered sensitive. So, what the hell is the difference? Can anyone tell? Or give me some tips for graveyard photos? I'm doing those quite often. Thank you for any advice.
  23. Hi, I am new in shutterstock but I have a problem. My two item has rejected for the reason of "JPEG Preview: The JPEG preview does not match the EPS file or is low resolution." But I am confident that JPEG are match with eps file and high resolution with 750 dpi. I want to know how to resubmission or how can make approve?
  24. Rejected tab is now Reviewed tab By popular demand we’ve replaced the "Rejected" tab with the "Reviewed" tab. Your rejected and approved content from the last 21 days will now be in one easy place to find. As an added bonus, you also have the ability to filter for just Approved or just Rejected content! Keyword Suggestions for Videos We also want to introduce the auto keyword tool for videos. Suggested keywords can be applied to videos you are submitting, or to your previously approved clips. Whenever you create or edit metadata for your content, remember to keep in mind our Title and Keyword Guidelines.
  25. Hi, everyone, can anyone tell me why this rejected in editorial , reason is "The main subject of this image is not in focus". And how can I edit with Photoshop to get it approved?? Any tips?? I think the water before the boat is need to be blurred ??
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