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Found 99 results

  1. Rejected tab is now Reviewed tab By popular demand we’ve replaced the "Rejected" tab with the "Reviewed" tab. Your rejected and approved content from the last 21 days will now be in one easy place to find. As an added bonus, you also have the ability to filter for just Approved or just Rejected content! Keyword Suggestions for Videos We also want to introduce the auto keyword tool for videos. Suggested keywords can be applied to videos you are submitting, or to your previously approved clips. Whenever you create or edit metadata for your content, remember to keep in mind our Title and Keyword Guidelines.
  2. Hi, everyone, can anyone tell me why this rejected in editorial , reason is "The main subject of this image is not in focus". And how can I edit with Photoshop to get it approved?? Any tips?? I think the water before the boat is need to be blurred ??
  3. Hi all guys, I am new into the SS contributors, I am learning. I had uploaded some camera and it's lenses images and rejected with "Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright). I removed the logo of canon. But I can now understand all text also have copyrights of some fonts' of course. I want to know if I submit these types of images in editorial,it will be accepted or not?? or is it right to try some image rejected in commercial ,after that try to editorial next?? Thanks in advance everyone.
  4. It is already 5 days ago I submitted a question to SS concerning rejected image with a not correct info on model release to Shutterstock and i'm still waiting for their answer...I'm new here and don't know if they (SS) answer or reply on every submitting question to them? The photo theme, it is about skiing and , waiting longer for a answer SS means...customers Shutterstock would have already chosen other photo they need from other contributor or even other stock agency. So far: it seems that if when I photograph my daughter on a ski piste and my wife, the mother of my daughter is standing aside me, it is not valid to have mother's child as witness?? Have I badly understood the rules Shutterstock or not. Sure is : I never will be with a printed model release and a pencil in my pocket to ask a stranger on the ski piste to sign as witness for the photo I just have token with my own family. My daughter signed, me the photographer signed model release and my wife. The photo was when my daughter was minor..but that was not the problem. She is now adult. So I filled in second time model release....the problem is also that when SS reject they stay vague...and then we (I & SS) are losing time=money. It is not so complicated to SS to design, invent some elements to click, some pré filled info that is more precise about rejection I think, no? If I understand I would need to stop a person, ask his email, ask signing, ask his, her first name, family name and show my passport and daughters that I we are really we, because the stranger is not knowing who I photographed and who is model ...and hoping the witness stranger doesn't want some cash for his witness being, because we earn little $ , € for stock? Here under the remark SS The witness must not be the videographer/photographer and must not be the model, or model’s parent/guardian.
  5. Hi, I am new in shutterstock but I have a problem. My two item has rejected for the reason of "JPEG Preview: The JPEG preview does not match the EPS file or is low resolution." But I am confident that JPEG are match with eps file and high resolution with 750 dpi. I want to know how to resubmission or how can make approve?
  6. Since a few days ago I keep getting pretty much all of my vector illustrations rejected for the reason "reference image is required". Uhm, I am a bit confused here. I would possibly understand it if this was some kind of realistic-art type where you would think that maybe a reference photo was used (though even then it would be kind of problematic since not everyone needs any reference pictures to draw realistic stuff and how do you prove that you had no reference image?), but we are talking about images like this: So, what kind of "reference image" do they want to see? Do I go to the supermarket now and photograph some water melons? Might be hard to get at this time of the year... (Also, I already had this particular pattern up and approved at some point, but realized there was a tiny white line in the jpg version making it not completely seamless and I re-uploaded it with a fixed version. So it was fine before, now it's getting rejected for lack of reference images?) Right now I pretty much cannot submit any illustrations at all, because they all get rejected for reasons I do not understand. Please, someone explain this to me and tell me what to upload as "reference picture". ?
  7. Hi, I'm new to Shutterstock, and just had my first 15 uploads summarily rejected because they were "out of focus." My shots were intentionally blurred natural scenes; I see many similar shots on Shutterstock when I search on "blurry background nature." I uploaded one of the photo here. Are the photos actually reviewed by human beings or computers? Can I resubmit? Any help would be appreciated!
  8. worledit


    © worledit

  9. My photo of Berlin TV tower and St. Mary's church was rejected, although there are many pictures of these buildings already on ShutterStock and other stock photography agencies, for commercial use. It's unlikely that all of them have property releases, but if so, how do I obtain one? The reason for rejection: "Intellectual Property: Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright)."
  10. I have shot many sporting events requiring credentials. However, I have also shot some people playing sports in the park. In particular one set of photos keeps getting rejected because Shutterstock needs credentials when there were none. It was a recreational game in the park. How is a contributor supposed to designate photos that were taken at an event that had no credentialing process? Strangely Shutterstock has taken other photos I've shot at professional events without asking for credentials. How can I tag these photos as ones taken at a pickup game in the park so Shutterstock stop asking for credentials and approve them?
  11. Hi, My image has been rejected twice for overexposed/underexposed reasons. At first I thought it was underexposed because I could easily add couple of stops of exposure in Lightroom. However, after I re-uploaded the "corrected" photo, I again got rejected for the same reason. I am the first person to criticize my own work, so I always try not to complain. However, this is getting really ridiculous. (second photo is approximate version of original upload)
  12. Hello all!! I am just getting started as a contributor and I have some questions about resubmitting (I searched the forums but didn’t find the answer.. if you know of a thread that covers this, please point me that way!) I submitted 10 images. Four were accepted. Five were rejected for keyword issues. One for a release issue. How do I resolve this? It seems that I should be able to re-keyword and add the model release and then the photos will be accepted. Is this possible? In poking around, it seems that this is not an option. Why is there an expiration on the content if it has been rejected? I attempted to re-upload the images with new keywords and the needed release (also, I was sure to study more about how to appropriately keyword my photos). I added one additional image (making the total I’ve submitted 11) and the 6 that I attempted to re-submit are stuck under the “to submit” tab. Do I need to wait until the rejected images expire? Should I rename my images and then upload? Am I just missing something that should be completely obvious?! I've attached the rejection memo and upload info/keywords. This is all very new to me, but doesn’t seem like rocket science. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you! evan
  13. Curious, If one has a video rejected due to visible trademark, Is there a simple way to just flip it to editorial? Or do I have to go thru the whole process of uploading etc etc.? thanks
  14. My image got rejected 3 times for the same reason. And I'm unable to understand where the problem is. If someone could point me out it would be of great help. Reason: Intellectual Property: Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright).
  15. HI team, I uploaded an image on Shutterstock which has been rejected on the basis of intellectual property and Artwork Property Release, however, a similar image is available in non-editorial mode and that has been approved. Could you please explain what is the reason? Here is the image ID: My image ID: 1097200385, 1097200379 The similar image observed: 227520916 Could you please elaborate. Another such issue with one more image: My image: 1097177174 Similar image by a contributor: 754001920 Both the images are similar and with the same title and the other person has submitted it as NON-EDITORIAL Looking forward to your response. Thanks and Regards, Peepygraphics
  16. Hi, I fairly new here. recently when uploading 4K footage I keep getting rejected for "Noise / Artifacts / Pixelation ". This seems very strange since I review my content throughly before submitting it. I shoot at times when the lighting is suitable, and use the correct camera settings (in this case a drone - DJI Mavic). I suspect that Shutterstock aren't using the correct gear to review 4K footage (High res display and a strong enough computer). I suspect that because I recently replaced my computer to a MacBook Pro retina, my previous computer was a non retina MacBook Pro, when I reviewed content on that computer the clips appeared with some distortions, my guess is that those distortions appear, due to the downscaling the computer does in order to play 4K content on a low res display. My suspicions increased when, I submitted the same exact content to one of Shutterstock's competitors (I must add that they appear to have higher standards), and it got accepted... Did anyone came across this problem as well?
  17. Around two weeks ago I uploaded a vector with a football theme that had the "Russia" text on it and in the title, the words "world championship" in the keywords. First it got rejected because of the title and the keywords after that they asked me to remove the "Russia" text from the vector, now I find this portfolio with a bunch of "fifa world cup" titled vectors https://www.shutterstock.com/g/samorodinov?page=1&searchterm=russia&measurement=px&sort=popular&safe=true&search_source=base_gallery&language=en&saveFiltersLink=true (I thought this was a trademark) and the also have the Russia text on them, all of them... what kind of preferential treatment is this, is this guy a relative? I had no downloads on the vectors I uploaded after the requested changes....
  18. Powerhouse Productions

    Deleting Rejected Clips Gone?

    I don't seem to be able to delete rejected video clips in the new submission tool. Or am I missing something?
  19. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. I submited my first 10 images a few days ago but they got rejected because one of them (photo below) was with "the main subject of this image is not in focus" review (is it really?). My pending now is empty and I only got feedback from one of the photos. Is this normal? If one of my first 10 photos gets rejected do they ignore the other 9? Thanks in advance. Heres the out of focus photo (accepting tips to improve):
  20. I'm new here so may not fully understand the procedure but I have serious issues with the acceptance/rejection policy. Rejected: https://home.dagley.co.uk/photo/share/EKJ1pvUN/photo_526f73732f536b79646976696e672f6c696c6c6f20666562203039_536b79646976652d4c696c6c6f2d506c616e652d446976696e672d546f77617264732d47726f756e642e6a7067 Accepted: https://home.dagley.co.uk/photo/share/EKJ1pvUN/photo_526f73732f536b79646976696e672f6c696c6c6f20666562203039_536b79646976652d4c696c6c6f2d506c616e652d446976696e672d546f77617264732d47726f756e64322e6a7067 Given I was the one skydiving, upside down, at 150mph circling within 50ft of this aircraft with 5kgs of camera equipment on my head, I'd like to know how this rejected photo violates anyone's intellectual property rights (the first rejection reason) and 'visible trademarks' policy. Given the second photo (exactly the same photo, shot around 2 seconds later) is acceptable, why was the first rejected? Any advice? Thanks!
  21. Aleksandra Stepien

    How to remove rejected photos?

    Hello I have 3 rejected pictures but I can't remove it. How to do it? After changes on SS I'm just confused Thank yo for your help Best regards Alex
  22. Hey there, I've recently joined Shutterstock (contributor) and I was combing over old images (taken without any stock photography considerations or forethought whatsoever, just as a hobby) to see if there is anything that might be worth submitting. Still learning about stock, and to a point it's clear that reading will only get you so far since there is a lot of nuance involved. I'm just curious for future reference. Can some point out where the trademark is in this image? Is it the street sign with the address? Is it any store's name in the background? I don't really see any prominent trademark anywhere, and most shop names are little more than plain text and partially covered in the far background. The image resolution was reduced for upload here. Anyway, if someone could simply say "submit either as 'editorial' or remove the element if X is within the frame in the future", I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  23. Sorry not sure where this should go, and I did search..... Uploaded a couple pictures with buddhist items and the pics had prayer flags in them. The pics were rejected with this message: "Large Amounts of Non-English Text -- Images containing large amounts of non-English text are unacceptable." However, if I search Shutterstock, there are many, many images with prayer flags... How do I find out exactly why these were rejected? Attached is one of them (and no... the ones uploaded for shutterstock do not have a signature on them) Any info or thoughts on this would be great.... just trying to improve and understand.
  24. Hi, recently I have rejections for "Incorrect Model Release" but my releases are correct. It concerns previous used documents and also new one. Other stocks do not see any obstacles. Is it global issue? Do you have the same problem?
  25. Pat Beckerle

    Rejected Images Advice

    Hello, I'm new to stock photos. I have years worth of images that I want to sell. In my first upload of 10 photos 6 were rejected, I don't agree with some of the reasons. Let me know if I am wrong. 1. Tiger - Property release - taken at a zoo, do I need a release form the zoo? 2. Orchid - OOF - Looks fine, shallow DOF 3. Apples - OOF - Focus isn't exactly where I want it, but its is in focus 4. Car - IP - Old Chrysler logo 1940s I understand this one. 5. Peacock - OOF - A little bit soft near the head, but sill good I think. 6. Flag - Exposure - Maybe a little dark, will fix Should I just Re-Submit if I disagree at all or not let it phase me and keep uploading? Any advice to a newbie would be appreciated.