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Found 6 results

  1. Photos were shot raw in low light used ISO3200 and processed in LR.....thank you for your comments.
  2. Hello! I am having a bit of trouble with one picture in particular. First time I sent it, I missed to put it as 'Editorial'; then, it obviously got rejected only because not having a Property Release. But now, second time, when I thought everything was fine, it got rejected once again, this time because of out of focus. I revised it very, very closely, but still couldn't find where the out of focus actually is. I am not complaining about the photo getting rejected, simply asking where should I look at. I am a bit new to this so maybe I still don't have a well trained eye. Would like to know where should I take a look for next time... or if it was just an error, and I should submit it again? Thank you so much. Photo is attached.
  3. Hey guys I'm new here but I have uploaded two photos I took of a railroad that was flagged as "Missing Artwork Property Release: ". Not too sure why its doing that.
  4. Hello. I uploaded like 40 pictures a few days ago, and yesterday they got approved. But at least 15 of them got rejected for having noise and I dont know why. They just dont have it or I can't see it. 5 of them were pictures of a river taken at ISO 250 with a Canon 80 D. Others were taken at ISO 800 or 1000, never more than that. Actually some of them were taken a month ago and I had already uploaded some of those, they are similar pictures taken in the same place at the same moment with the same camera parameters. They were accepted before but not now. I'm kinda new here (only 150 pics uploaded and a very few sales) and I don't know how all this works, but I had a few photos rejected for this reason before and they actually did have some noise. But never so many and with no noise at all. I'll try to upload one of the pictures here so you guys can see it. Should I reupload again the same pictures? Do I waste time in PS trying to eliminate the almost non-existant noise before uploading? Was this just a reviewer having a bad day? Is it because they are getting more strict with the pictures they allow? Maybe I'm over sharpening them in PS? Please enlighten me because I'm lost. Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. Hello everyone: I started here some days ago and I love photography. I don't have previous experience. It's just my hobby and my camera is just my phone camera (I even don't know if it's possible to have success in shutterstock with pictures taken from phone XD) Well, I got rejected this picture because "The main subject of this image is not in focus." First of all, the main subject would be the lake... right? And second...is there a way to fix this with Gimp, Photoshop, etc...? Or I just need a better camera and there's no other way? Thanks in advance.
  6. My Image was rejected and the reason was Reference Image -- A reference image is required for this image I didn't got it where actually i m wrong so if someone knows please tell me
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