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Found 3 results

  1. May as well start a thread so we can celebrate how much extra profit Shutterstock make and share price is boosted by stealing off every single contributor... For context i was on the old top SS tier and had been for many years (the >$10k tier) and from last June was on L5 images and L3 video. I expected it to be bad but hadn't calculated it was going to be THIS bad. Download *numbers* overall up for me.... First the total: Just go get an idea from the last 2 years. Down doesnt begin to describe it. In fact the worst month since 2012 (when i had 400 ima
  2. Good day everyone, We all know that 'noise' is one of the major issues for high rejection. But today I'm seriously confused while reading this article https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/behind-scenes-look-sweet-funny-life-family-photographer. I am personally thankful to Carrie Yuan for her amazing photography but at the same time kind of lost and frustrated to see that many of her images are over iso 500 and one of the most highly regarded one has been taken in iso 2500. I would appreciate some comments from experts in regards to what am I missing out or haven't achieved yet!
  3. Hello I received an email today saying Franzis Denoise projects professional is on offer for £30.00, regular price £111.20. I have read ephotozines review and there verdict overall was that it is very good. I was just wondering if anybody uses, or has had any experience with, Franzis Denoise projects professional and, if so what you think of it?
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