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Found 26 results

  1. Hi every1! As a new contributor, (started in June, had my firt sale in July) i have an honest question: Since my 1st sale (July 18/2020) i've sold 31 photos 'til now, with a 182 images portfolio. Honestly: is that a good rate? I have no idea if that's a good, it's an average or a bad performance and i would like some opinions Note: i'm not professional photographer, just an amateur with an average acknowledge, a semiprofessional cam and a kind of good eye lol.
  2. I have uploaded nearly 20 photos and they all got rejected and probably they are not as good as other people are uploading but some lf them are up to the mark. And the main problem is that almost all of them got rejected because of Editorial discription. My question:- is it okay to not select any on the options which are "editorial, illustration or matured" or do I have to select one of them. 2nd Question :- I think my discriptions were upto the mark and it is asking for date time and settings on which I have taken photos. The thing is the photo which got approved doesn't have these discreption and still ot got approved. What kind of discreption should I use?
  3. Can you guys tell me, which kind of video sells better on shutterstock. Or show me your top sold video/videos on shutterstock.
  4. My humble question is, I've some really professionally worthfull content on my part and want to sell it on stock sites but it is making me uneasy to think about how much I could get through such photo and videos sell though I heard this site (Shutterstock) pays lot than others stock sites, but is it really great decision to sell it for pennies? My Photo Examples I really want you go check my suggested images and give your unbiased review. Below is the link for some of my example images...
  5. I am still reading through upload requirements. However, I am not finding the answer to this generic question. Can we upload and get approved images or videos that have an artistic viewpoint? I know Shutterstock sells illustrations, but I don't work with that medium yet. I have attached a photograph as an example. The image was taken on the west coast near the water. I inverted the colors to make something interesting. Also, if we are able to upload artistic images, do they need to adhere to the same requirements or any at all? For example, if this image is out of focus, does that matter like a standard stock image would? Thanks.
  6. hello everyone, I'm a graphic designer and i have some questions about selling vector stock i hope that experiencing contributors in this platforms help me get some insight. my questions are: obviously the first one will be if this worth my time? what are the best platform to sell stock vector? how many sale you have monthly? what items that sell well (posters,logos,patterns...)? how much you earn from each platform (you can avoid this if you don't feel comfortable to answer) ? individual or set? I would appreciate any help ,this will help me and help other designers that are new in vector stock contributing. thank you
  7. Hi, My name is Beatrice and I am a new user and only two photos have been accepted from those I uploaded, but these two do not appear on my portfolio if I go to my profile ... is it normal? do I have to do any specific actions to make them visible to users and in my portfolio? Thanks, have a good day!
  8. Hello! I am new user, i created today a contributor account, i uploaded some pictures of mine and im waiting for them to get verified. In the account settings section, i just saw " How can we license your work? " and everything under that by default is "yes" (image sales, footage sales, enhanced license, sensitive use). My question is: Can i use these photos that i submitted as a contributor, for example at my personal website or facebook or it is not permitted and shutterstock owns all the rights of these photos ? Thanks in advance!
  9. My portfolio has 700 designs and I'm earning 80-100 dollars. My earnings should be greater or more than that. You should tell your opinion? Please see my portfolio https://www.shutterstock.com/g/shabirajmeri
  10. I have been lurking on the edge of stock photography for a while. Shortly, I will have more time to devote to the subject. I recognize I have many things to learn (I take to heart many of the remarks I have read on this blog and thank the many contributors). In regards to that, I have a few questions on copy space. I have reviewed my photos and I fail at setting space aside for copy use. Where is the "best" place to leave space for copy? (I know there is no, one best answer.) Rather than picking one please give me a reason for your choice, that will give me more information to work with. Left side Right side Top Bottom Center How much space should be reserved for copy? 1/4, 1/3 of the photo? Should/can one composition be submitted with multiple positioning of the copy space? One for the right side and one with the top open, ect. When there is a person or animal in the composition, should they be facing the the copy area or looking away (if not looking at the camera)?
  11. This image was rejected due to a trademark violation. The only thing that resembles a trademark would be the lettering on a purplish box, the second from the top. The one that says R&F shrubs and R&F bulbs. The thing is, it is not a trademark; it is a lettered decor representing an imaginary flower company on a no-name storage box. I am not sure what to do with this image now. Is there a way to prove to the reviewers there is no trademark violation? Or will this be too hard and I should just let it go and throw the image out? Any ideas?
  12. I don't even know the basics, like if ss are even in China. Can anyone fill me in about the state of the Chinese Market with regards to stock? (aware of the copyright situation, so that doesn't really need saying)
  13. So I am new to this "selling your photos" thing. I have approved images on my account. Now, what shall I do next? 1. Do I just wait and keep uploading new work? 2. Is it initially 25 cents per download raising to 33 cents and so on and so on? 3. Can I upload the same photos on other sites to increase my sales? 4. In settings, in "how can we license your work", should I select all option to 'yes'?
  14. Hello guys can someone of you explain about "releases" my English language not fluent so I need an rewritten examples ..what to write.. how to mention names...etc. Thanks in advance ??‍♂️
  15. Hi, some images from my latest batch appear without category or keywords. I'm trying to add both via the Catalog Manager, but the form does not recognize entries in the keywords field. As no keywords are registered, I can not at least change the category because I can not save the changes. I've tried separating the keywords with commas, semicolons, tabs...keyword count always remains 0. Interestingly, when I open another image with existing keywords, I can add new ones and they are picked up immediately. This happens in Edge, Firefox and Chrome. Any hints?
  16. I've created 3 photo manipulated images which I've attached. I'm getting contradictory opinions from the reviewers. One is telling me to upload it into editorial the other says that I can't. I personally think this is editorial but maybe I'm wrong. Please could someone help with what I need to do. I've also attached the reviewers reason for rejection. Caption for image: THE AMERICAS, October 2017. After earthquakes and hurricanes, the americas are struck by devastating fires.
  17. Hi, am I allowed to upload the same picture once as editorial and once as commercial? Shouldn't that increase the probability of selling the picture or getting it recognized?
  18. Hi, I am relatively new to Shutterstock. I have several photos that have been approved, but they have not been released. Why would a photo be approved, but not released? Is there anything I need to do to cause the photo to be released? Thanks you, Joe
  19. Hi guys, I've been a hobbyist photographer for about 10 years and six months ago decided to try to get into the Microstock business (to be fair I did upload a few images about 4-5 years earlier, with no success). In the past six months I've uploaded 800 photos and made about 150$ averaging at 35 image downloads a month. It's a start, but it's not great and quite far from my goal of making 100$ a month. Now obviously travel photography has a very limited success these days, I knew that when I started so I'm not overly surprised or disappointed. The question is where do I go from here. I've looked into hiring models, but the cost is quite high (vs the sales I've been seeing so far) and while I have uploaded textures / objects regularly they have not sold better than the random travel photos. I'm looking for feedback in 3 fronts: 1. Quality - anything I should do better? I'm getting better (I think) but it's a work in progress and some photos are obviously better than others (older tend to be worse) but I'm wondering if there's anything obvious I'm missing 2. Tagging - I use the Shutterstock tagging recommendation and add a few additional tags on top. Am I on the right track, any suggestions? Am I losing sales because I'm just not tagging good enough? 3. Subject - If I want to move away from travel photography what are my options? I've been struggling with property release requirements (In most cases there's no one who can sign those) and I'm assuming that isolated photos of X have been done so many times before that I'm unlikely to make any sales off that. Any feedback would really be appreciated. My portfolio for reference - https://www.shutterstock.com/g/guyn?language=en Thanks, Guy N.
  20. Although it's been 7 months, I still am not over 100$. What is my mistake, or what am ı missing in my portfolio, you think? Should ı keep trying or just give up? Shutterstock portfolio link; https://www.shutterstock.com/g/buraktumler
  21. Hi guys, I'm relatively new and this question has been on my mind for some time now and I found no clear answer on the blog or here, so I finally gathered the courage to ask: what category do you use for conceptual images? What I mean is, let's say the image below, apart from obvious objects visible it is supposed to symbolize problems with drugs or diet pills, etc. One category would be "Food and drink". What else? How do you deal with that? You think a separate category would be a good idea? Thanks in advance for no backlash.
  22. Hello partners. I have a question. A few days ago submit a photo showing a flower with blurred background. I thought it was a good picture, and I see that there are many good pictures with blurred background. However it was rejected with reason "Focus - The subject is blurred." Shutterstock's no way accept it? or definitely you can not deliver such pictures ?. Thank you
  23. Does any one know of a good plugin for a perspective blur for use in Photoshop? Tried and used other techniques in PS but not exactly doing it for me. So a plugin would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  24. And please tell me what is the most funny animal ?
  25. Hi I submit series of Thai bills as show in attachment, one was accepted. but for the rest were rejected. with reason. "Unacceptable for Commercial or Editorial -- We cannot accept this image for commercial or editorial use." Could you please explain because I can't find topic relate with this reason? If I know I'll be careful about this kind of image next time. Thank in advance. Punyasit J.
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