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Found 30 results

  1. When you shoot in collaboration with other people, for example. I just shot some images in a beauty studio. the deal is, they get the images, I get their studio to shoot in. In my experience, there a lot of different people. Some of them are impatient and are calling me every day when I will send them images, and I have like 5 shoots to edit and just don't have enough time to send them all their images at once. What do you do? Do you send them unedited images and keep it like that, or you deal with them once at a time. I get that some of you that are making a lot of bucks here can pay for the venue where you shoot, but I am still not that guy. Also, do you send them full resolution jpgs or web resolution?
  2. I submitted before many acrylic and mix media illustrations created by myself, with the property release form that created by Shutterstock, recently I'm trying to submit my illustrations as usual, however Sutterstock refuses all my illustrations under a new reason each time, that is really big disappointed.
  3. I do not fully understand how that works. How is it possible that I find all possible images of the Eiffel tower, the Petronas towers, etc. on stock platforms? I doubt it is easy to get a property release form from whoever the owner is of those buildings and monuments. Royalty-free license should be the right license I assume. How will photos of such buildings be accepted on stock platforms? The photography of the Petronas towers in the attachment got rejected by Shutterstock but accepted by Alamy. I do not have a property release form and will never ever get one. Still Alamy lists it in my portfolio, even though I do not understand what is the sense of having it in my portfolio if it anyway requires a release form in the end.
  4. Are property releases required for images taken in US National Parks? No people are identifiable.
  5. Hello there! I don't understand this rejection reason... This is my work created from scratch. Perhaps there are similar concept out there but this is not someone else's work - its mine so how this can "infringes on another person's intellectual property" ?!
  6. Hi all guys, I am new into the SS contributors, I am learning. I had uploaded some camera and it's lenses images and rejected with "Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright). I removed the logo of canon. But I can now understand all text also have copyrights of some fonts' of course. I want to know if I submit these types of images in editorial,it will be accepted or not?? or is it right to try some image rejected in commercial ,after that try to editorial next?? Thanks in advance everyone.
  7. Hi, I have some rejected photo have only one of these rejection reason Artwork Property Release Visible Trademark Intellectual Property .... May I allow to reupload them again by just add "editorial" property? hope that won't make reviewer upset or I should just ignore these photo?
  8. Hello ! I just took some pictures of St Benedict´s Cross. This is a very old symbol, more than 500 yrs I guess. Im wondering if it needs a property release? Do I have to submit them as editorial? Or can I upload them as comercial with no release? Thanks everyone for any orientation !
  9. I submitted about #8 images of a building, one of which is shown. I did not provide specific information about the building or site and submitted them as commercial. I also submitted them as commercial to two other agencies. SS rejected them all on the basis that they needed a property release. Looking at SS's policy, there is a catch-all 'Modern Architecture', under which I presume they were rejected. (Although there seem to be many other pictures of modern buildings submitted as commercial already.) The building is in fact the OmniMax theatre, part of the Tijuana Cultural Centre in Mexico which does not appear to be specifically excluded. Following SS's rejection, I have been in contact with a senior editor for one of the other agencies. She seems happy for them to remain as commercial. As I am keen to avoid my first (and possibly only) big transaction in microstock to involve money going out of my bank account, I'd like to ask you guys with the experience what your opinion is. Is SS correct or just being over cautious? Should I change the license type to editorial on the other sites? How would you have submitted them? Thanks in advance of your help.
  10. Some of the images rejected due to "Intellectual Property - Image potentially infringes on intellectual property rights" at the same time some accepted without any issue for a same property. So what is the criteria of accepting and rejection? Recently i uploaded attached four images and rejected due to same "Intellectual Property". It is "Raj Ghat - Mahatma Gandhi Crematorium Site". Now tell me to whom i get it signed? Mahatma Gandhi itself? Who is the owner of this site? Its a free site, anyone can visit and shoot.
  11. All pics from the last upload wasn't approve because of the model release. And I can say, that no-one didn't check it, because of this: A few weeks ago (it's about another shooting) I already send the message to shutterstock about releases, because I didn't understand why they declined my photos, they send me this: But other websites accepted the same file and this file is not corrupted in my folder, I can see full document, not only the half. What is going on with shutter?
  12. Hi I've tried to upload a completed property release form JPEG but it keeps refusing me as it says the JPEG is incorrectly formatted? It is less than 20mb in size. Can anyone advise please? Many thanks Neil
  13. Just rotating circle and nothing happens. Bug appears randomly, i can't find the pattern. Tried different browsers - same results. Do anyone have such experience?
  14. Hi there! I often make scientific technical illustrations for my profession and can now draw lots of animals without reference. I submitted a group of drawings I made without a reference and the image got rejected saying references were needed. How am I supposed to submit a reference for this? I drew it on my ipad so I do not have sketches or process besides the final drawing. Thank you!
  15. This image was rejected due to intellectual property and I can't really see why. Is it because the phone is recognizable? Because I thought it looked fairly generic, and don't think there's a logo or anything copyrighted visible.. Or is it because someone else is taking the selfie I took the picture of..? Is it the smiley faces? I put those there so I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of getting everyone sign a model release form. Is there anything I can do? Help appreciated!
  16. Hi everyone! My parents are selling their house, and apparently their real estate agent is in need of a new photographer. He has nearly 30 agents working for him, so this could be a big money-making opportunity. I'd love to be able to submit my real estate photos to Shutterstock as well, but I'm not sure about the legalities surrounding this. Would I need a property release for every house? If so - would it need to be from the current owner(s)? If so - would the property release still be valid/legal after the house has sold and has different owners? Attached is some photos of my own house. These are my first ever real estate photos, so any constructive criticism and feedback is more than welcome! Thank you so much!
  17. I have made a series of A4 sized pages, each with a cheetah in soft-tones as a background. In the corners I display miniatures of cheetah figurines. See attachment for an example. The goal is, of course, to offer forms that people (that have a connection with big cats, for instance) can use for their announcements, pamflets etc. I uploaded a first batch of 8, to see which improvements were needed, if any. After that I plan on more series with different cats. The series was rejected with a "Property Release -- A property release is required for this image; or the attached property release does not meet our requirements or is illegible.". For the life of me, I cannot understand which property they are talking about! The background is my own photograph, the figurines are my own (payed for and all). Anyone who can shed a light on this?
  18. Could anyone can explain what this rejection means? Trademark--Image / Metadata potentially infringes on intellectual property rights. I am attaching a property release. The band of the cigar was designed by me. So why the rejection?
  19. Hi guys, I'm constantly failing to upload a new property release. Could you, please, explain me the reason and help me to succeed. Thanks
  20. Hello Team, I have rejected for 96 vectors last time. This is showed message below Intellectual Property -- Image potentially infringes on another partyâs intellectual property rights (e.g., someone elseâs artwork is visible in the image or an object's design is protected by copyright). Regards, Shrikant Garg (Hearing Impaired)
  21. Hello. I've been trying to upload a property release of a jpg file since yesterday afternoon and have been unable to get it uploaded. I am not using FTP. I am using the upload process for one image (digitally painted image that requires a property release). When I click to upload the little "wheel" just spins and spins and never stops spinning until I cancel out of it. I have let it spin for an hour at a time thinking it might just be slow. Any advice? Thanks!
  22. Hallo. I have a not-so-old note that seems to have been "copied and pasted" with that exact same topic I used here. The answer, also copied and pasted, states: "Before you start ... Make sure your photos have been processed! Make sure you have an active FTP account. prepare the Model/Property Release CSV Mapping file. Download the sample file here. Connect to your FTP account. Create these folders (one time only): Create "releases" folder. ------------> OPERATION NOT PERMITTED (there also is "release" folder that cannot be deleted) Create "model" folder inside the "releases" folder. Create "property" folder inside the "releases" folder. Upload all your files in the following manner: The CSV mapping file should be uploaded into the "releases" folder. Model releases should go into the "model" folder. Property releases are to be uploaded into the "property" folder. Click the "Start Batch Process" button. Sit back and relax, it might take a while!" but... I can't find that "start batch process" button and ... I can't find the CSV mapping. Of course I have doubts about this note ... does it really come from SS ? I can't remember. But... there DO is a "release" folder ... and can't understand what's for. I want to completely automate the FILE <---> MODEL_RELEASE(s) process ... but it seems that we have to do it by hand. Or is there any chance to change this?
  23. Hello, I just begin using Shutterstock a few days ago, and I'm pretty new at this. I'm surprised that two of my images have been rejected due to "Trademark--Image / Metadata potentially infringes on intellectual property rights". Do you know why this happened? What criteria do I need to follow? I deleted all branded content in both images. Thanks in advance for you help.
  24. The other day I uploaded a few property releases. Only wanted one cause the rest ended up not up to par. Is there any way I can delete the ones I don't want besides just "check marking" them for non-visibility? Or do they just go away after awhile? Thanks.
  25. Hello everyone, Im new to shutterstock Didn't find any information to answer my question, so I came to ask you guys. I want to load a photograph of a national park in Montenegro - Durmitor, but its a UNESCO world heritage site, do I need a property release for that?
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