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  1. I am using the Easy Release Pro for Android application. Colleagues, tell me how to fill out the Property Release for an animal correctly? Can anyone have a ready-made template for this application? Can I use the digital release from Shutterstock, how do I fill it in correctly? Does everyone use the paper Property Release? I give an example in the attachment, is this one up-to-date? Thanks in advance for your replies, good sales everyone! PROPERTY_ANIMAL_ENG.rtf
  2. How can I handle this? I use self defined bar codes on my medical pictures. And I add a property release for it, too. But they are always rejected. do someone know how it works?
  3. Hello! I’ve uploaded a picture of my personal notes. I also uploaded a property release, but my photo is still getting rejected even with a property release. I don’t understand what the problem is? There is no other reason that is given with the rejection. I tried uploading to 2 times and both times the photo was rejected for the property release reason. Please help!
  4. A lot of images rejected due to Missing Property Release while in these images not violence any property .
  5. Hi, First post so please be gentle. How do I go about getting a property release from a major manufacturer AND since there are so many products the company makes, is it possible to get a "blanket" release for all their products that can be held on file? In my case I take photos of wheat farming and it often involves equipment made by John Deere which holds rights not only to its individual implements but the Green and Yellow colors too so I can't just edit out the logo and submit the image. Can I just have a registered dealer sign a release that states under the description "any and all
  6. Hello Guys, I have a quick question - does anybody know if I need a property release (for commercial use) for Glennfinan Viaduct in Scotland? I uploaded https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/glenfinnan-viaduct-scotland-1337269202, it has been approved and already been sold once. However, now I'm wondering if it is okay to sell this exact picture without property release, for commercial use. Thanks for the help in advance (and I do apologize for all the misspellings and grammar mistakes).
  7. Hi all, I am a newbie... I want to upload my vector to SS. But it was rejected with two reasons. Please help me to correct them. Here I attached the reply with two errors. Thank you
  8. I have recently tried to submit photos depicting rows of coloured beach huts only to be told they require a property release. I'm confused as to why this is as the shutterstock team themselves state that property release are only required for unique and distinctly recognisable properties. Given that buildings of this kind appear ad-nauseam throughout England's coastal regions it seems a little petty to be demanding a property release, especially when I have not focused on one hut in particular but rather a row of huts in general. Attached are some of the photos I tried to submit - I would subm
  9. I'm trying to be a new contributor and am slowly getting the hang of it, but fell foul of property release forms.I thought I'd done it right recently but it would seem not.To put you in the picture I'm submitting cartoons illustration of my own which are not digitally created but are generally black and white line drawings with some later photoshop work to add grey areas.I can supply simple black and white artwork too, but will be doing that in due course. I've filled in the forms on a pdf, and added my signature via pdf. I did not fill in the Witnessed by part of the form, is this where
  10. My photo of Berlin TV tower and St. Mary's church was rejected, although there are many pictures of these buildings already on ShutterStock and other stock photography agencies, for commercial use. It's unlikely that all of them have property releases, but if so, how do I obtain one? The reason for rejection: "Intellectual Property: Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright)."
  11. How should I mark a photo with a sculpture before 1918? These sculptures is 100 years old an more. In my opinion there isn't an owner the property. And no need to get consent from a property owner.
  12. Hm... I just got a rejection. The first building is a hall on the public market place, the second and third building is the public railway station... Both surely over 100 years old. I thought you don't have to show a property release for old public buildings - am I wrong?
  13. My friend has refurbished his house and made it look like a show house to advertise it for sale. I had a chance to take some photographs, he signed the property release as the owner of the house but the pictures got rejected because of release not meeting standard or being illegible. I am sure this subject must have been discussed somewhere on the forums but I can find any information anywhere. Does anyone know what am I doing wrong please?
  14. Hi everyone, I am new and still trying to figure things out I have a garden Buddha statue that is about 15 inches high, I took it down to the beach today, dressed it up with some crystals, and took a whole bunch of photos. I sent two of them in and they came back as being rejected because I need a property release? Property release for an ornament? What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for any answers!
  15. Hi, I'm a new contributor so I apologise if this is a stupid question; and if this is the wrong place to ask this question. Some of my photos are processed as digital artworks; however when I try to upload them I'm asked for a property release form from the artists. I am the artist. How do I resolve this problem? Be a bit daft to be giving myself permission to use my own images. Any help with this problem would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  16. Hi folks, I'm relatively new to stock photography, but I've been around long enough to begin to grasp how much I don't know. So far, most of my photos have focused on nature and public parks, but I'd like to venture into the local business side. I've already spoke with the owner of a coffee shop in the area and he is willing to sign a property release so I can perform my first "photo shoot". So, my question to you veterans is can the name of his business be in the photo for commercial use if he's signed a release? Also, can the shop name be in the title and keywords? Obviously, no ot
  17. Hello again, I'm just curious as these pics were rejected for not having a property release and visible trademark. Photos are of a former Nazi concentration camp with the "Arbeit Macht Frei" on the entry gate- is a Nazi slogan is trademark? Who would sign a release for the slogan if it's viewed as a trademark? I've seen some that were accepted as editorial but some just regular. Why the discrepancy?
  18. Property Release -- A property release is required for this image or the attached property release d A property release is needed for photographs of flowers? I understand there may be problems with photographing recognizable people, trademarks and private buildings but I have just had a whole series of photographs of flowers rejected. Can someone please explain?
  19. I have had several photos of outdoor monuments in Russia rejected for property release. How does one get a property release for an outdoor monument in Russia?
  20. I'm a beginner to stock photography. Can someone share a basic story or how to for obtaining property releases from owners of buildings when traveling abroad?
  21. I am interested in understanding how one could take photo or video of an entire neighborhood in an aerial shot and not need to get a property release for the 50 homes in the shot. In the property release descriptions I’ve read on this site, it explains “on private property” sometimes. Multiple homes or buildings are not described. Could be a neighborhood or city scene and would be too many properties to seek releases for. Example: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-2708816-stock-footage-overhead-right-pan-across-houses-yards-and-cars-along-suburban-street.html?src=search/riKIr_f1v9Uc
  22. I am having trouble submitting several images similar to the one below (resized here). The picture is taking on university campus (anyone can walk around, anytime). No building is clearly visible/no text appears, people are not identifiable. First time images were rejected because of "property release" reason. Second time "property release" together with "Title / Keyword Trademark". The title I used was just "<University name> campus". Could someone explain to me how the reasons above apply to such images or what could I do differently to get them accepted? I have successfully
  23. Hi, I wondered if anyone could offer some advice to a newbie. I like taking pictures of interiors so I am practising with my own home and things in it as a first step. My submissions keep getting rejected for: 'Property Release -- A property release is required for this image or the attached property release does not meet our requirements or is illegible.' I had no idea whether the description on my release release should cover my 'home and contents' or whether I needed to list each item in the image on the release (painful!). Anyway, I did both and got rejected both times with this same reaso
  24. I went to a local beach today and photographed some of the many bathing boxes. My best photos ever, and I was so excited to upload them. But they all got rejected for not having a property release form. I don't understand. They are on public land, not private property. And there are lots and lots of them. It's not like they're distinctive. There are hundreds of photos of bathing boxes all over Shutterstock. Surely these don't need a property release form? (sorry about the blurry attachment, it's a thumbnail)
  25. I have been asked for a property release for these two pics. Can anyone explain why this would be. It is publicly owned and I have submitted a few others of these boat sheds and also seen a couple of images from other artists taken of these sheds that have been approved
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