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Found 4 results

  1. I am using the Easy Release Pro for Android application. Colleagues, tell me how to fill out the Property Release for an animal correctly? Can anyone have a ready-made template for this application? Can I use the digital release from Shutterstock, how do I fill it in correctly? Does everyone use the paper Property Release? I give an example in the attachment, is this one up-to-date? Thanks in advance for your replies, good sales everyone! PROPERTY_ANIMAL_ENG.rtf
  2. I have bumped into a major problem when trying to fill out a Property Release form digitally in Adobe (including pasting in the image). It now wants me to buy a subscription of Adobe Reader DC for a monthly fee of Eur 18... 🤨 Is there any other way to fill out these forms digitally ? Or should I go back to printing it and filling it in by hand ? This is obviously not cost effective either.. At Astock, I can’t even upload a manual form as it directs me straight to the Adobe software. So basically I am stuck, and unable to upload anything that needs a release. Any tips
  3. I've signed up here last few months ago. Does anybody know what app to use to add my image I took with my Sony camera onto the Property release form? I like to optionally insert my images onto the form. Also Who can and has to be the witness of my signatures? Can Anyone help? I been reading different site pages and even went to YouTube looking for answers but didn't find what I was looking for.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm finding it difficult to decipher the Shutterstock Property Release Policy. I've looked over the page and it says a property release is required for "recognized animals." A dog or cat is a recognized animal, is it not? We all know what a dog or cat looks like! Does Shutterstock ONLY require property releases from animals at a zoo, theme park, or state fair? I'm confused. If I'm photographing my own dog or cat (or a friends dog or cat) would I need a property release? What if I'm photographing a friends dog or cat with their house in the background? I would need a proper
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