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Found 12 results

  1. I recently submit many set of icons and they were rejected because similar content. My icons are in the same topic but they're different styles. Various styles of icons are for various customers' need. I don't have problem to sell my icons in other websites. Shutterstock was my favourite stockphoto marketplace but nowsaday earnings from Shutterstock is the lowest. And Shutterstock inspectors are really bad and poor quality.
  2. Something weird (maybe) in my account. My balance went down, like I had reached payout. But I didn't actually reach payout level until Aug 1, not July 31. So I figured I would have to wait until the end of August. I haven't got the email notice about payout yet either (but sometimes those are slow.) Has anyone else had this happen? Will they do the payout on the first of the month? Or should I be concerned? And who would I try to contact about this?
  3. Hallo everybody, could anyone answer me how it is possible to resolve a problem with a wrong link not referring to my footage portfolio but to a general one? I've asked for weeks to resolve this issue, for days and weeks, to a variety of contact and addresses here on SS, but I've received every time not more than a polite answer like 'We'll try to do our best to fix it'. Weeks go by. I do not know what to do more. Anyone could help me to understand how can I obtain a solution? I have a footage portfolio but no one can reach it...really sad. Thanks in advance everybody and all the best too, Massimiliano
  4. Hello, I was trying to upload videos in m4v format using FileZilla previously and Cyberduck today - failed both times. I don't see my videos in the Content Editor. Any suggestions why this happens? Thanks, Mindaugas
  5. Recently I had some issues with Shutterstock and submitted a complain/report through the contact us menu. After giving all details, the page indicates that an email will be send to deal with my complain. Shortly, I got an email which indicate a "Kathryn" which is a fellow contributor will answer my complain!!!!! A FELLOW CONTRIBUTOR to answer a problem relating to Shutterstock technical issues???? Wow! Didn't know that Shutterstock have gone 100% crowdsourcing their own complain department. Really? Complaints are now dealt with by fellow contributors!! Wonder whether they would crowdsource their CEO, CFO or even their entire staffs! AND THE BEST PART IS the link to the reply don't even work. It just direct me back to the Shutterstock Support page with FAQ! @AlexShutterstock
  6. Now when uploading more images only some appears in the upload page. Then I get the message: "Your uploaded files are processing. We'll let you know when they're ready." I wait… I wait and they are never ready, but a new message appears: "I's taking longer than usual to process your files. If you don't see all your files after refreshing, please check again later. Refresh Now." At last, after refreshing I get this new one…… "It looks like we didn't get all your files. Let's see what happened." I am tired, so tired… Alex Shutterstock what have you to say about it?
  7. Hi Shutterstock, I was advised by one of your team membership to open a new account as my old one has technical problems, i have done so had my ID confirmed and all setup, you have them issued my a warning and closed this new account? I’m understand your conditions but you have closed the wrong account I need by first account now deleting so I can start again... there’s no response or reply from your support email??? thanks aaron
  8. Hallo! I'm trying to upload my very first video and it seems that no metadata survives after the FTP upload. Am I doing something the wrong way? Adobe Bridge was used to keyword, add title, captions and so on to the MOV file. When the file appeared in the "not yet submitted" queue I went to submit it and all of my metadata disappeared so I had to copy/paste them from the files to the indexing section. I also noticed that in the "Approval Status: videos" > approved footage clips, I can find the approved clip, but if I click for details I see "Released: N" but I know that clip was model-released. Is there something I have to know? :-)
  9. Have problems uploading any pics it says my pics are only 1.6 megapixels. Even tho my camera is set to take 16 megapixel pictures I have a coolpix 900 camera .and I use an iPad mini because I can't afford a laptop right now also I edited my pics on my iPads standard photo editing software that came with it .i have Adobe Lightroom but I can't add meta data on either . Help .....
  10. I am a video contributor mainly to this Shutterstock network. I've seen that Video Sets have been asked about and suggested since 2014. So why in 2016 there arestill no Video Sets? I would like to Group my videos into sets, similar to the photo area and be able to make them public. Why the long wait for this easy add on? Please add this feature soon Shutterstock! I even tweeted you guys about this a few months ago. You replied great suggestion! So where are we on this? ALSO I would also like to see all my videos in the app so that I share them easily to social media and hopefully increase my sales. There is also a need for more analytics and insights tools for video too. Grateful for you soonest response. Rezza
  11. hi my submits to SS are on hold [maybe permanently] as ive been waiting over a month for clarification on some of the weirdness's encountered when entereting a submission description and any date format or even a simple number gets flagged as a possible mistake ...other things too which make it a lot of work. like descriptions usually being refused and my not being able to understand why despite reading the help files etc really get the impression they dont care about the little guy as long as they are a large agency with lots of stock any ideas anyone thanks
  12. hello, what kind of problems can happen to shutterstock for selling editorial content, that a photographer took in a event, that for some reason or another didn't have or asked for the required credentials to shoot the event? are there any examples that can you give. thanks
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