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Found 4 results

  1. hi, Though I have been uploading images for the past several months, I consider myself a fairly new contributor to SS, because I am still struggling with various aspects of the overall process. Here I'd like to highlight one particular issue, which is about the earning per image that I am getting. I have sold several dozens of images in these months, and the earning per image that I am receiving is by default USD 00.25. Is this the default and only price that everyone earns for sale per image? A total of 88 images sold and the only earning is @ USD 0.25 per image. Maybe I am doing something wrong, it'd be great if someone can provide guidance on this. Note: All my images fall under the 'Editorial' category. I sell these same images on other similar type stock sites and easily earn more than 100 times per image, than here.
  2. Hello, what's up with Shutterstock constantly changing prices of our footage? The price of 4K footage used to be $169, this summer it went up to $199, then a few weeks after it dropped down a little and now it's back to the original $169, HD is even lower than it used to be. Are there any announcements to this that I am missing? How can I keep track of these changes?
  3. Can I suggest that the pricing of 4K (UHD) material is looked at. Currently my HD material is selling at £54 and the 4K version at £130. I presume the $ price is similar. I believe this sets 4K material to high for buyers to choose as an option. 4K material is not as rare as it was two years ago so I think it should be about 150% the price of the HD version. This would make my 4K files £81 which should be attractive for buyers. It would be interesting to hear from Shutterstock what proportion of its footage sales are now in 4K. What do others think about this?
  4. Once again I'd like to try and understand the pricing of footage clips. There are certain prices listed for each resolution and they all seem to be fixed. And we are said to get 30% of each footage sale. But whenever I get a video sold, my earnings (before tax cut) are almost never a 30% of any of the listed prices. Are there any other options/scenarios for buyers and can anybody tell me - what are they? Thanks
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