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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, there are other sites you can price your pictures. Can you think about some price increase on your site? U$ 0.25 for a shot is very cheep in my point of view. Maybe some other category? Thanks for your kind reply. Ag
  2. Just a question from a new contributor. In december and January I had a couple of SOD for 4$ (2x4$) and then in february I had one for 2.80$ and few days later a SOD for 1.15$. Today I received one for 0.66$. My questions are: what's the "regular" value for a SOD and is it just me or the value is going down?
  3. Hello everyone! May I know the tip on how you get the higher price for image instead of paid 0.25 cent & $1.88? Is it because of the amount of submission? Thank you
  4. Hello, what's up with Shutterstock constantly changing prices of our footage? The price of 4K footage used to be $169, this summer it went up to $199, then a few weeks after it dropped down a little and now it's back to the original $169, HD is even lower than it used to be. Are there any announcements to this that I am missing? How can I keep track of these changes?
  5. Hi, i am very new to shutter-stock most of my submission are 3D Rendered image, i want to buy new camera for stock photography, i need a reasonable camera that must be suitable for quality images for shutter-stock but problem is that i cannot afford costly cameras because of some financial set backs but have little good amount to spent, please be kind to help me. your advice's will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Because we mostly keep our eggs in more than one basket, right...I saw yesterday that this place that rhymes with yeti sells some of my very good images for 3 cents. Because I find that more than insulting, I sent a request for the photos to be removed from my portfolio (will remove all once I reach the payout amount). It's not going to make a difference in the big picture of microstock but this is my 3 cents and I will rather give them away than have yeti pocket anything over them. I don't know, maybe it's childish but I feel better in my mind for doing it.
  7. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/red-poppies-124740118?src=kmwJSk6p6U2KQ_lWlj5_LA-1-0
  8. .... trivial question ... but how is it that the prices of images and videos have been stagnant for years. When will there be an adjustment? Those who work only with the stock are heavily penalized ..... thanks
  9. So far all the single & other earnings for each download have always been greater than $0.25. However, today for 2 Single downloads I received $0.25 each which is same as subscription. Have they changed the pricing structure ?
  10. but without registering for a buyer account? This must be a stupid question but I can't figure it out. Until these last changes, when I searched for something and clicked on an image on the search result, it first showed me the image plans and the respective prices on a black background. Now, when I click on a search result, it jumps to the image, without the prices, just as we see them on submit.shutt....com. The same thing happens when I click a google search result. Am I searching at the wrong place or do I have a memory problem?
  11. hello, my name fierman. i’m new in micro stock industries, but I really interested to be serious in this industries. I know and understand that the payout for every image is small but if a lot of people download it (thousands download maybe?), i think it's very good… . yesterday I read from some of article that some image could reach 1000 download per day? is true? but I understand to make a good picture its need huge money. to hire model, rent studio or location, make up artist and to wardrobe. and my question is, is it worth it to invest huge money to make a serious photoshoot for micro stock? and how much is You invested for 1 project (1 day photoshoot). especially for the model fee, how much you pay for the model fee? and last, I would say Thank You very much for the info… regards, fierman --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- note: i’m sorry if my english is not so good , hope you understand with my question
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