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Found 4 results

  1. We are no longer accepting images or footage for editorial use in which isolated graffiti artwork is the only or primary subject. This type of material can be accepted for commercial use only with a property release from the graffiti artist. Submissions where graffiti or street art is present but not the focus of the content may be accepted for commercial or editorial use on a case by case basis. Please note that we are not currently accepting submissions of isolated graffiti or street art for either commercial or editorial use where the content has been shot in San Francisco, California.
  2. The use of singular isn't a mistake. After more than a year submitting UN coverage to SS without going through credentials, my latest batch was kicked back demanding credentials. I wrote to <credentials@ss.com> explaining the problem. They finally wrote back insisting the reviewer was correct. Wrong. Just to be sure, I checked their credentials policy page, & no, the UN would not require credentials to SS anymore than a city council meeting or other political event would. Adding insult to injury is that through Rex & other agencies, SS is now obtaining UN coverage from
  3. I'm relatively new to shutterstock. Can anyone help me understand why I need a model release for a picture like this where you can not see he face in he first picture? https://adobe.ly/2DGJuhx
  4. 3D illustrations and renderings are amazingly realistic images. To a customer who might not know about 3D illustrations, they may appear to be photographs of real people, interiors and other objects. All 3D content should always be designated as an “Illustration” in the content editor so that customers will find 3D renderings only when they search for illustrations. In order to further clarify 3D content for our customers, we are now requiring that all 3D renderings and illustrations include the term “3D rendering” or “3D illustration” in the description as well as the keywords. Using
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