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Found 8 results

  1. Does artists allowed to use free png sites to edit photos like banner, poster, template etc? asking because free png sites says png for personal use, can I use it to edit photos and use for making designs for shutterstock ? please experts reply thanks in advance
  2. Hello All, I cannot find any technical guidelines for submitting images with a transparent background. I have uploaded images with clippings paths before however I see many people have transparent images that have the checkered background to show the transparency. So my question is what format will shutterstock accept for images with transparent backgrounds? Also, do I generate my own faked thumbnail with the checked background? thanks!
  3. Hi I'm wondering about file formats having to be either JPEG or EPS. I am able to convert PNGs to EPS, but will the file have the same vector qualities as a work that was actually made in illustrator or similar? And why doesn't shutterstock accept PNGs whose resolution is really high, in addition to vectors/eps? Surely a png file that retains the same quality even if it's enlarged to the full size of a wall is good enough even if it's not vector, or perhaps I am missing something obvious?
  4. Hello! For about 3 years, I uploaded video on the Shutterstock with the following parameters: File Format - QuickTime .mov Frame Rates - 30 Resolution - 1920х1080 Channels - RGB+Alpha channel Codec - PNG Until October 2018 there were no problems with these videos. For almost 2 months now, when trying to upload such videos to Shutterstock, they do not appear in pending, but an error message appears: "We do not currently support the codec of your video. Please re-export to one of our accepted codecs. Learn more about our technical requirements." I did not change anything in the render settings of my videos. And on all other microstock this files are uploaded without any problems. I tried to upload those videos that are ALREADY in my portfolio, but nothing changes. Video does not appear in pending, and I see the same error. I have contacted Shutterstock technical support 3 times already. I am constantly asked to read the technical requirements that I know and do everything in accordance with them. When I send details with screenshots about how I make videos, they tell me "I would like to inform you that your case has been escalated to the concerned department on priority basis and I will get back to you as soon as I get the update and assist you further." And this is all - further silence and ignore. I sent an example of such a video to tech support so that they could tell what technical requirement was not met. But there is no answer and probably will not be. Why am I sure that the problem is on the side of Shutterstock: 1 - I uploaded these videos for about 3 years - no problem. I haven't changed anything in settings since then. 2 - Even previously approved similar videos are not uploaded - the same error. 3 - There are no problems with all the other leading microstocks (Pond5, Adobe, Videohive, 123rf). I just want to ask if anyone has encountered this problem? If so, maybe you solved it somehow? Thanks
  5. Quick question...I just read through the info for submitting content. I did read that they want logos and other detailed content in png, but it doesn't give me the opportunity to upload except in jpg. This is for web elements...I would appreciate any help. Thank you
  6. As far as I know, image uploads are only possible as JPG. So, my PNG's with transparancy have to be converted, losing the transparancy option. That reduces the usibility of a lot of pictures significantly. Would SS consider this file format as an option in the near future (don't know if there's a forum for requests like this) ?
  7. Hello, I found this file -> http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-7974475-stock-footage-two-males-going-in-profile-on-alpha-channel-file-format-mov-codeck-png-alpha-use-these.html And I'd like to know how I can render video with Alpha Channel and transparent grid included. I've already tried to do it myself, but when I render to MOV file with PNG codec and Alpha Channel I get black solid background. How I can get a transparent grid inside file? What settings should I use?
  8. I want to upload illustrations to shuttersock. I know how to draw by hand, but i have just some knoledge of digital illustrations. I use Adobe Illustrator but i don´t know how be prepare the file. Like File Formats Unlock or lock of the layers Name of the layers Close shapes Recomendations please, i don´t know how to make ready the vector file. Thanks.
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