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Found 10 results

  1. I have a Google Smart Phone -- Pixel ??, got it in 2018, I think. Anyway, can someone tell me the best way to get pictures from the phone to LightRoom? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have an idea, I hope everyone's attention, we ask the site management to develop a new property، Counter Views for contribute in the pictures.
  3. Hi all, I'm a new contributor to this site, Only done a few photo's mainly with the phantom 4, Never done anything like this before so just testing the waters. All of you have got great images I'm sure and will start looking to see what peeps have.
  4. I generally photographed not so long ago and was always afraid to work with models. This is because, the model needs to be relaxed, so that she would be comfortable with you and she followed your instructions. In this case, emotions will be sincere, and she herself will give ideas for good photos. I want to share with you my experience and options for processing such photos. Автор: AlexRudenko I had some questions. On how many it is effective to use constantly one model. I do not think it's problematic to change the images. Thanks to this, you can also change the style of the photo, if your photoapart with technical and cancer tests allows it. Автор: AlexRudenko Also interested in the processing of portraits and photos of mica. How to handle photo processing? Or is it still better to leave a live sub-correcting the light and shadow? Автор: AlexRudenko I'm waiting for advice from real professionals. For me, the main thing is to work constantly and not to let the camera go, try to constantly improve your skills and strive for excellence. All the successes and good photos!
  5. Am Upload My Pictures But Not Upload Complete What Is The Issue Of This My Apk Store All Pics Am Own Create Why can not Upload ? Apk Mirror , Apk Cheap This is Source
  6. A strange question that I am sure that many have pondered over. Is it better to upload on an 'ad hoc' basis when you have finished processing or do you think that uploading in blocks of images is better? I do not know what impacts your visibility or exposure however, it does seem from peoples experiences that everything has some impact. Does anyone have a particular routine or strategy that they like? Let me know what you think.
  7. Hello, I just created my account 5 days ago with SS, and already have 10 approved photos and only 1 rejection. I don't have any sales yet, can anyone tell me why? Am i doing something wrong? I try to use as many keywords as possible ( Minimum 20 ). I know that it takes time, A LOT of time. Just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. Any other advice would be great! Let me know what you think of my pictures.
  8. Just realised that my active pics and videos dropped from more than 3000 to 30. Someone here with a similar 'good news' ? What is going on there ?
  9. So I am pretty new to Shutterstock and Photography in general. I made a account about half a year ago, and have added some pictures over the last few months. Now it has been a month, and I am getting not a single view, follow, or sale. I know my stock might not be the best ones, but there are a few really great images that I feel should be selling quite well. I normally add roughly 10-30 keywords per image, and try to add different keywords and titles for all my images. (Should I use less keywords? What is an ideal number? I have promoted my images and profile across many platforms from my own website to nearly all social medias. (Still not a single profile view.... Event though I know some have viewed my profile...) Am I doing something wrong here? Is my account "blacklisted" or "not public" or something similar? Please help me, I am really trying to make this happen, and plan to add much much more and better quality images, but right now I feel discouraged, as absolutely nothing is happening... PLEASE ANY ONE IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE PLEASE TELL ME! SEE MY PROFILE HERE..... MY PROFILE (http://shutterstock.com/g/mitchellraman) Thank you!
  10. hello How to upload a picture of a model shutterstock ? what is the process? I understand that I need to attach a model release, this document that I just downloaded from the site or page name on it that the model agreed to use images?
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