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Found 32 results

  1. Hi! I have recently started to use Lightroom Classic. (I was using Rawshooter a lot a few years ago, so I am used to basic editing. ) Now, I wanted to do some touchup in Photoshop, and opened the DNG file. But after having done a tiny bit of cloning the JPG I then saved is slightly more grey than the JPG from Lightroom. So it seems that everytime I want to do a little work in Photoshop, I get an additional round with colour tweaking too. Is this a known issue and is there a way to keep the colour profile?
  2. I decided I wanted a new 4k monitor for a number of reasons (some even valid) but I've run into a problem. I use Photoshop CS4 (2008) and when I run the new monitor at it native resolution (3840 X 2160) or 4k, the size of the "framework" of Photoshop is so small it very difficult to see let alone use. Is there some way to increase the size of Photoshop on the screen without lowering the resolution of the screen, substantially? I understand you can change the size of the Microsoft programs in Windows 10 via "settings" (which I've done) but I have not found a way to increase the "size" of this old version of Photoshop. Is there a way to do this other than lowering the screen resolution? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. Can I upload pictures from my artwork in Photoshop? (not the result of photo manipulation but purely the results of paint brushes in photoshop such as game characters or comic characters).
  4. This query is for the experts and anyone who creates video tuts for youtube etc. I'm looking for decent screen capture software for the PC. It would be awesome if the software included things like highlighted cursor, etc.If it posted shortcut keystrokes onscreen as it went that would be awesome although I'm thinking its likely no one has that. Any sharing of your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone I have 2 questions 1) I have a range of textile designs which have separate channels of colours. But the issue is that there is no way to upload PSD file. Customers need textile design in separate colours. 2) how can work "On demand" action? I mean costumer will contact directly? Or via shutterstock? If through shutterstock then If he demand color separation of a design then how can we upload? My portfolio is: www.shutterstock.com/g/umarhayat63 Lot thanks
  6. Photoshop question: replacing a sky I use blend if to replace a dull sky on seascapes or flat horizons with decent results (still learning!). I am having a lot of trouble with snow capped mountains using this method. I tried doing a "place embedded and then changing it to screen and painting the sky layer on to the background layer copy" method. I found this tedious and it results in either a white line around peaks and valleys or mountains tinted sky colors. Is there an easier method you recommend for replacing the sky with an uneven horizon that may have some greys in it? Of course, I can spend all the extra time at 300% painting meticulously, but surely there is an easier way! Help!
  7. Hello all... I've a query.. What displayed on the (Nikon D5500) camera display looks bit different when viewed on the Acer laptop screen, again when the same laptop is connected via HDMI to Sony Bravia television for editing.. that comes up with different Contrast, vividity and color temperature... After editing keeping television quality as base... The same looks different on different screen... It looks different in Motorola and then in iPhone... And definitely it's going to be different again when it gets printed.. The Question is this how you guys tackle this situation and what you guys make the base.. How to calibrate the display of my laptop so as to give the actual colors and it's effects... PS : of the television display modes... I keep that at "Photo Standard" and not vivid or something like that...
  8. After my video "introduction to layers", this one goes much further. Adjustment layers, masks, blending modes, opacity, layer groups and clipping masks https://youtu.be/VSEx34l7Qy0
  9. Hi, here is a straight-from-my-smartphone picture, just a random snapshot while we were out playing. I liked the dragon head and thought it could be useful. Show me what you can do with Photoshop or whatever editing service you like. Add, subtract, change whatever you want. It doesn't need to be stock friendly. I'm not claiming it's a great pic, I just picked one I knew I wouldn't ever upload so we could play with it. Have fun!
  10. Understanding layers, selections, mask and composite images in Photoshop https://youtu.be/BEdud8QrfSQ
  11. How to customize the interface and optimize the screen in Photoshop. For beginners, but can also be useful to intermediate users. Mastering the basics can save a lot of time on the daily work https://youtu.be/eE6BFea82EQ
  12. There are many ways to make your photo unique, and this is a very simple example. These technique is easy but requires a little patience on the field. Who is interested in a detailed explanation: https://www.rasicaphoto.com/-/galleries/blog/blending-images-through-time-turn-the-lights-on
  13. How to use the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop https://youtu.be/BP6qr0F02S4
  14. Hi everyone, I'm very I'm PSD mockup designer and want to publish my non-executive mockups in Shutterstock and I have couple of simple question here; 1- As I see there is no any PSD option on mockup files should I export my PSD files as .TIFF format with editable layers? 2- I check published PSD mockups on Shutterstock. Designer are use just white background and text "Your Design Here" is this Shutterstock format? For example; I always use pictures for preview visuals but remove it in PSD files. What kind a format I should follow when I upload my mockups in to Shutterstock? With best best regards, Mehmet
  15. New Lightroom video tutorialCropping, import preset, chromatic aberration, lens distortion, transform upright.I look forward to your comments.Many thanks
  16. Library filter and collections. All comments welcome. Many thanks
  17. http://www.bandt.com.au/media/getty-images-bans-retouched-model-images Getty Images will no longer accept creative images depicting models whose body shapes have been retouched to make them look thinner or larger. This is an industry first and an important step for Getty Images and authentic visual representation globally; accurate, healthy depiction in advertising imagery has a direct correlation on fighting stereotypes, creating tolerance and empowering communities. Spurred by a new law in France that requires clients who use commercial images in the region to disclose whether the body shape of the model has been retouched, Getty Images has amended its Creative Stills Submission Requirements globally to ensure that such retouched creative materials cannot be submitted. For many years now, the Getty Images’ team has been tracking the evolving representation of women in imagery and seen a positive shift in customer choices (fuelled by consumer demand) toward those images which show more realistic and authentic representations of women. Search term “unfiltered” has gone up +219% over the past year, “authenticity” has increased 104% and “real life” up 99%.
  18. Anybody can support me with Photoshop filters of portrait (smooth skin) and dramatic!
  19. I watched a few youtube tutorial videos about how to make white background .but i cant make perfect white background when there is woman hair. Corners of hair mostly too soft/hard or cant whiten among hair. how can i perfectly cut out hair? do you know any good tutorial videos or guide?
  20. Sorry if this question has been asked but i honestly could not find the answer. This is my first time uploading images to be reviewed and approved, when i uploaded them I sent them in with my personal watermark that I add to my pictures when I save them from Lightroom. Is this allowed? will my first submission be rejected? Should i submit my images WITHOUT my personal watermark? thank you for all replies!
  21. I live in Stonehaven Scotland beside the Northsea, It's further north than Moscow. A nice day is when you can't see your breath. Because of this, many of the shots I take are of boats in the harhour, and it sometime feels that no matter how hard I work at photoshoping out the logos, numbers, signs and names on the boats, and the images still get rejected over and over again! Some of my best work gets continually rejected, Sometimes, I just give up.and send in the mediocre stuff which gets accepted, WTF. The other day I spent ages positioning myself to make sure that there were no offending boat signs visible, and took lots of shots, I was really chuffed when I thought that I had managed. When I got home and looked at the images, I was horrified to see that because I was concentrating so much on the boats, that I failed to notice the van which had driven up and parked on the pier. The van driver must have stopped to grab and bite to eat and take in the view, and subsequently was in every one of my shots. So my advice is to occasionally stop looking through the viewfider in the camera, stand up and take in the bigger picture, because sometimes, you can't see the woods for the trees! Over and out
  22. I'm not crazy about the composition of this picture, but what I'd like more feedback on is the post editing: colour balancing, contrast, sharpness/noise, focus, and anything else you notice. Almost every time I shoot there is a lot of haze, so I'm trying to eliminate that without creating other problems, which is quite challenging for me at my current level. Is it still too hazy? Is it too sharp? Feedback is greatly appreciated!

    © Laurie Neale

  23. Hi, I'm wondering if you guys could help me, I have just joined as a contributer and I have a question about editing or post prior to uploading. I was under the impression that we should upload content that is untouched. i.e. by photoshop or other editing applications. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance guys Paul
  24. Previously i use Lenovo T530 with FHD screen. Tried Dell M4800, but don't like high pixel density. Requirements: 1) size of screen: 15.6 inch 2) resolution of screen: FHD (1920x1080) or maybe a little bigger, but not 3200x1080 (that's too small pixels for my eyes) 3) screen surface: only matte 4) Quad-core processor with professional GPU Your suggestions?
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