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Found 10 results

  1. Joei62


  2. Hi! This is new to me. I've never asked for feedback or never gotten any real advise. So what do you think of this picture? I aimed to darken the forest, but bring out the part where light hits the snow and tree. I added an Orton effect, made the highlights warmer, the shadows cooler and lifted the blacks a bit. Is this a good photo for Shutterstock or not? Would people buy this? (Also it would be extremely appreciated if someone would take a real quick look at my gallery and shared their opinion... if I'm on the right track. I started with photography in august 2016.)
  3. Here is an image without all the fancy post processing. I just adjust the colour saturation a bit, as I think my phones auto white balance did not do as good a job as I would have hoped. I do have a dslr and will post some of the pics from there as well.
  4. Picture was taken during summer trekking in mountains. This is HDR image. What can you advice me to develop in this image.

    © Oleg Bogachenko

  5. From the album: Mongolian landscape

    I took this photo when I was in "Bulgan" where is near from Erdenet, the second big city in Mongolia.
  6. Chad Ames

    Mitchell Creek

    From the album: Chadventures Photos

    Looking at Lake Chelan and Mitchell Creek, in Washington State, USA

    © Chad Ames

  7. Chad Ames

    Domke Falls

    From the album: Chadventures Photos

    Domke Falls on Lake Chelan, WA USA
  8. From the album: Chadventures Photos

    Traditional Tee Pee on Lake in Washington State

    © Chad Ames

  9. The original image was rejected for poor lighting and noise, so this is the revised post-processed result. Would you expect this image to pass inspection now? Thanks.
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