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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone,i would get my first Payment but still didn't Calculated.is it normal until today? My account is not new one here past 2years already.Anyone help? Thanks
  2. I can't change my paypal address even though the address I entered is correct, and I have sent an email contact to the support center but it hasn't been resolved until now
  3. Due to new earning structure i don't no when will i get paid. Boz i'm not a full time contributor depends on time & mood i will do photography, every time makeup my profile is difficult. Reconsider the payout limit🔽 Try to make 10$ as minimum payout🎷
  4. Hi guys, The question is mostly related to those folks who are using Payoneer. This Monday certain sum from my SS account was deducted and sent to somewhere. Today is Friday and I still don't see this sum in my local bank account as well in Payoneer account. This is my first transfer from SS to a bank account via Payoneer. How much time usually this transfer takes?
  5. Hi, my payout account is set by PayPal. but PayPal does not support my country. Shutterstock paid some money to my PayPal account.But I can not withdraw money from PayPal. I need to change my payout account from PayPal to payoneer. Pls help me .. sorry for my bad English
  6. My dears, could you please help me. My last payout was on the 16th of April, but after that, "unpaid earnings" wasn't reset to $0. Everything that I have earned after that date until 03/08/2019. was added to the previous sum. On the 3rd of August "unpaid earnings" was reset to $0 and everything that I have earned from the 16th of April until yesterday disappeared (along with that sum that was payed out but wasn't reset). I keep asking this question to Shutterstock contributor support center, but I'm getting the message "Jane answered your Shutterstock question..." When I go to view the answer, there is no answer (maybe I just can see it). After that I get the message: "Your Shutterstock question is closed [...] We hope you got the help you were looking for. If there’s anything else our experts can help you with, feel free to ask a new question anytime." Well, my question wasn't answered. And my problem wasn't solved.
  7. Something weird (maybe) in my account. My balance went down, like I had reached payout. But I didn't actually reach payout level until Aug 1, not July 31. So I figured I would have to wait until the end of August. I haven't got the email notice about payout yet either (but sometimes those are slow.) Has anyone else had this happen? Will they do the payout on the first of the month? Or should I be concerned? And who would I try to contact about this?
  8. Hi - Can anyone help me to know, which will be the recommended pay out method (skrill/paypal/payoneer) that I can use in India .... Any difficulties faced while transferring or withdrawing to a bank account? Also which is the right purpose code that one need to select in PayPal when the earnings are from SS? Thanks in advance......
  9. Question on sales ratio to quantity in image portfolio - understanding that subject and quality are required as well as key-wording. That said, is there some trend-line math for an expected ratio of sales quantity (not money) to the quantity of images available (portfolio, all sets)? For example, on SS I have 239 images and sold 51 times (some repeats). On iStock/Getty, I have fewer images but selling sooner. My intention is to upload selected images to reach 1500-2000 total on SS. Update: heard interesting insight on regular corp sales funnel measurement - generally need a 10:1 ratio of opportunity to sell:actual sale. Since most opportunities wont close, a 10:1 sales funnel ratio is needed in order to do well. Not sure this helps, but trying to figure out (all things being equal "sort of") if $100/month in sales at .25 each (or selectively more, but not typically on SS) means selling 400 images/month, then does one need several thousand images available for sale (just mathematically, realizing that some subjects move better than others, etc.). Bottom line: Is this stock selling opportunity on SS equal to hobby money or is there some method to achieve reliable income streams? Thanks
  10. I used to get a payout to my skrill account after I earn 75$. I have more earnings sitting on my balance for a couple of months now and there hasn't been a payout. Have the rules changed now and we need to specifically request for a payout or has the limit gone higher or something? I'm sorry but I haven't been very active for a while. Any help will be appreciated.
  11. When the minimum payout amount is reached for the method selected e.g. paypal, $35, how long does it take to receive the payment? My unpaid amount was reset to $0 approximately one week ago, yet no signs of any payout in my payment history and no evidence of the amount in paypal/my bank account. Also, shutterstock states that I haven't reached the minimum amount. Very confusing.... Has it been reset to $0, because it has taken too long to reach this minimum, therefore I don't receive any payment? Or is there an error?
  12. Hi guys, this month i reached my minimum payout setup but the amount it's still in unpaid earnings, Usually on the first day of the month my unpaid earnings return to 0, but in november that hasnt happened yet. Has this happened to you?
  13. Hi. I'm a Shutterstock contributor. When I created this account I've used only my nickname in "MAKE PAYMENTS TO " section. I thought I will change it later on when I withdraw my earnings. But now I see there is no name changing option. My Nickname is: Mehedi Ishan My Full Name is: S M Imam Mehedi Ishan Also In my PAYONEER account it's: S M Imam Mehedi Ishan I want to withdraw some of my earnings. This will be my first withdraw. I'm not married. So I don't have a "marriage certificate or divorce documentation". I've sent a mail to submit@shutterstock.com but they did not reply me with anything. Now what I can do? I need to connect my payoneer account. How can I contact to the company they don't reply the emails.
  14. I had missed payout for MAY because of my closed PayPal account I am in communication with SS support and they say that we send your request to related section. But they didn't say how and when the missed payout is returned to my new PayPal account . Is there anybody who has such experience?
  15. Hello everyone. I have been wondering if there is any other criteria for the first payout? I have my minimum set to 35$ on Skrill, and i also completed the minimum amount for a payout, but i haven't recieved any e-mail for this month's payout. And advice or help? Thank you in advance, Julija
  16. Hello, last month I managed to achieve the minimum payout amount but i don´t have been paid yet, should I wait or should I write Shutterstock staff to ask them what happened in case that was a mistake? Thanks.
  17. Collecting signatures for the petition. About alternative ways of deriving royalty payments. - Payoneer payout at SS
  18. Hello to my fellow countrymen, I need help here. Skrill/Moneybookers - they have a lot of bad reputation in the Internet and they deactivated my account for no reason (probably, due to my inactivity for two years). And now I can't make a new one (the system says that a similar one already exists) and can't activate my old one (the system says "Contact us" and redirects me to the Support FAQ page with no contact information. PayPal doesn't let Ukrainians to receive funds, only to pay out. And payment by check confuses me. What is it? How is it done? Is it possible to do for us Ukrainians?
  19. Hi In July last year I posted the following statement here - https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/89053-small-milestone/ "Next targets, 1000 images online, and making payout every month. Longer term, making $100/month across all agencies." Well, today I hit 1002 images online at SS, and am hitting the $$$ targets For anyone struggling to stay focused on targets, I'll share something that helped. In October 2016, I was at 460 images, a shortfall of 540. I set a date of 31st March 2017, and made simple spreadsheet showing how many images I needed to get accepted every week, and tracked my progress. I also listed loads of potential subjects, with a target number of images for each one. If I was lacking inspiration, I referred to it for ideas. Below is what the tracker looks like, showing how many I uploaded each week and what I still needed to do. It's dead simple, but pm me if you want a copy. It really helped me stay on schedule. My new challenge is to think of a new target (maybe something more interesting than another 1000 images online!). Cheers Gary
  20. I would like to edit my payout information. But my "Payout Information" section is not clickable. Can't we change payout options easily? From now on do we have to contact SS support to change?
  21. Yesterday I got my largest daily payout in 2 years as a contributor. 11 downloads for $165 US that were all related to Bondi beach. Thank you whoever the customer is. I would be curious to hear from other contributors that would like to share. I've posted the screen shot from this payday as well as my largest payday from other agencies here and what you can learn form them. http://chicvoyageproductions.com/learn-largest-stock-footage-paydays/ thanks
  22. In Germany (as I guess in a lot of other countries as well) you need a proper accountancy when you run a business. Selling media on Shutterstock is a business, even if it is not your full-time job. In order to have a proper accountancy I need to invoice everything I get paid for. For this reason I need an invoice for each payment that I receive from Shutterstock. Mainly this all is driven by tax aspects. I guess Shutterstock does not issue such invoices on behalf of their contributors so that I can print this invoice for my files. Am I right? If they don't, I would like to issue a pro forma invoice on my own - just for my accountancy and files. I am not going to send it to Shutterstock. Nonetheless, I need the proper address to issue the invoice for and I need Shutterstock's right tax ID number to place it on the invoice. Could anyone give me some advice concerning the pro forma invoice. Probably there are a lot of german/european contributors here as well that have hands-on experience. Maybe you can give advice about other remarks I have to place on the invoice concerning tax regulations (e.g. reverse charge). Thanks and kind regards.
  23. Did anyone get their message about their payout yet? Not the actual payout, but the message that says how much it will be. Usually it goes out on the first or second, and I certainly didn't get one yet. The reason that makes me uncomfortable is that while my email address is listed correctly, there is no entry in the "Paypal/Moneybookers Email Address" field. No idea, if there SHOULD be an entry, if it's the same address, but the lack of any email worries me.
  24. Hello, I am a bit confused with how the system works now. I expected my balance would show 0$ starting from October 1st, since I am eligible for a payout for the previous month, however my September balance seems to be passed over to October. Will I still get a payout this month? Or should I have "ordered" it beforehand? I thought it was automatical... Thank you Lana
  25. Is it possible to customize minimum payout in order to receive payout less than current total earning? I mean sometimes It is needed to round down payouts.
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