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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone,i would get my first Payment but still didn't Calculated.is it normal until today? My account is not new one here past 2years already.Anyone help? Thanks
  2. Hey Friends, What would be the amount the contributor receive ?, if their image is sold out.
  3. I have set a minimum wage of $ 100, but I have passed the 200 dollar mark and there is still no transfer of money to the Pioneer. What is the reason for the lack of payments? Could this be a technical problem? Who can provide clarification on this issue?
  4. I have signed up few days ago and approved content today. But my earnings page shows '' Your account is currently in a 90 day waiting period. You will be eligible to receive payments''. So, anyone can explain to me understand what is this and more..? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I was just wondering which service is best to use for receiving Shutterstock payments, PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer? I used to get a check, which I much preferred, but now I have to sign up for one of those three and am looking for the one with the lowest (or no?) fees for receiving a Shutterstock payment. I would not use the service for anything else, just to get that one payment once or twice a year. Which one would you recommend? Thanks!
  6. I recently surpassed $500 in sales as a contributor, I noticed that my earnings per sale have not changed though. Does this mean my earnings won't change until next month?
  7. Since July 2016 I've lost 1000 sales/month! I don't understand why, is it the image flood? I have images waiting to be approved since Friday and nothing... And November payment didn't reset... this is not normal... Is the system wrecking? A response from the staff would be greatly appreciated...
  8. Just received my first payout after a month of contributing, only had two downloads and my earrings showed $47.40 for the two clips. Not bad, not complaining. But then my notice came showing the deposit and it was 30% less at $33.18. I looked up some posts to find out why and all I came across was an article talking about non-US residents having taxes taken form their earnings but nothing about US residents. I sent an email through the online form only to get a canned response by sending me back to the same article (after I already told them I ready that). I called the number on the notice of payment email only to be told they could not tell me any information nor forward me to anyone that could (very poor customer service so far). I don't mind looking for the info myself but good God this is the most trouble I've had outside of dealing with Comcast! Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction or answer my question of why the deposit was 30% less than my earnings? Thanks in advance!
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