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Found 6 results

  1. Edited: How do I upload various images as a set on the Shutterstock upload page? Do I put them in a zipped file or use a special upload page? As I can't find options to upload as a set. Hello fellow contributor, I am new here. I am very happy to share the news that I just made my first $0.25 at Shutterstock. Yeah! I browsed Shutterstock vectors sections and noticed that patterns in sets of 10 are popular. Technical Question: How do I upload my vectors and images in sets? I can't find the option in my upload window. And I also see that the popular sets have a front cover that shows all the 10 patterns in the package too. That is very attractive and useful for the customers. I can design a cover too, but how do I technically upload them as such? Business Question: So selling 10 images in one set... it means the contributor gets... $0.25 for 10 images? Instead of $2.50 for 10 images? Does it make good business sense for us contributors to do that? Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, I have searched a lot through the website but still couldn't find a proper guide how to meet Shutterstock's requirements for uploading seamless patterns. I'm not new in Illustrator and know how to create and use seamless patterns I understand that all objects and fills have to be expanded, unlocked, strokes and text outlined etc. However, none of my submittions were aproved because of the reason “Inaccessible Vector Objects -- All sublayers must be unlocked and all effects must be expanded”. Checked everything several times – all objects inside patterns are expanded, no texts and strokes. Then read at Shutterstock's vector graphics guide that you need to expand shapes with applied pattern fills before uploading. I understood that in this case the patterns will stop being seamless but tried to follow the guide and upload. And, of course, got another rejection for an expected reason “Not a Seamless Design – Design is not seamless. Please remove 'seamless' from title and/or keywords”. D'oh! Here's a short screencast in the attachment. I'm extremely confused how to meet Shutterstock's requirement regarding seamless patterns. I hope somebody can help me to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thank you in advance! Best regards, Alex 2018-02-05_16-58-58.mp4
  3. Hello all, I've just been approved to upload images and I am trying to formulate a strategy for uploading my pattern designs. Is it possible to upload a group of coordinating patterns or a group of coordinating colorways in one file upload or is the best policy to upload each one separately and then create a set or collection of related files?
  4. From the album: Southeast Asia Art Design

    skull with floral giant face vector illustration, image, tattoo / southeast Asia art design / based on Halloween Day

    © Soukthavy SAYASOUK

  5. From the album: Southeast Asia Art Design

    skull with floral giant face vector illustration, image, tattoo / southeast Asia art design / based on Halloween Day

    © Soukthavy SAYASOUK

  6. Hello to Everyone! I need some advice about Patterns. I tried to submit some set several times, but it's been always rejected for these reasons: -Inaccessible Vector Objects -- Sublayers are required to be unlocked and/or vector needs to be expanded. -No Bitmaps--Bitmap images and/or effects are not permitted. I honestly don't know what's the problem. Everything is expanded and unlocked and I don't know which effects create Bitmap images (If I open the file I can't see any bitmap). Could you suggest me how to save it or how do you create the file to be accepted? Thank you so much
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