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Found 38 results

  1. Seamless pattern of beige and yellow flowers and branches on a light green background. Watercolor
  2. Hello! I made a seamless pattern. I expanded every element of my pattern, but I keep getting the error 'Your vector has an unexpanded pattern fill. Expand all the pattern fills and upload your file again.' I searched for solutions online but can't seem to find one that fixes my problem. I followed these instructions to make my seamless pattern: https://www.elancreativeco.com/seamless-patterns-using-pattern-tool-illustrator/ As you can see, expanding the pattern is part of these instructions. I also tried turning everything in a compound path, but with no results. Anyone any idea how to solve this problem? I would be really thankful!
  3. Hi All, Im water colorist and pattern designer recently joined this website. I usually do painting on paper not digital vector designs. I would be happy if you as watercolor pattern designer/Illustrator share your experience about selling on Shutter Stock, it seems it is a good platform for vector files, but Im not sure about non-vector patterns. What is your experience do you recommend it? Thank you
  4. beautiful common mime ( papilio clytia) butterfly.
  5. beautiful common mime male(papilio clytia) butterfly.
  6. beautiful blue tiger (tirumala limniace ) butterfly.
  7. Hi friends. When uploading a vector, I get this error: "Your vector has an unexpanded pattern fill. Expand all the pattern fills and upload your file again." What must I do? I added some shapes as pattern. Must I remove them? or is there any way to pass this error?
  8. Hello every one, I'm new to shutter stock and working on a pattern. But before I upload it for review I like to know base on your experience what is a good size for a pattern. As of right now I'm working on a 100px X 100px square. I don't know if that is a good size, But the patterns I have seen on the site are up in the 1000px range. My question is, Should I upload the 100px square or should I make it into a bigger size?
  9. From the album: Submitted for approval

    Hi all! I submitted for approval and were rejected. Image contains quality issues due to isolation, or other post-production techniques. You could show me the right direction? I know the isolation is old-school, but not this was the problem. Thank you.

    © Gábos Albin

  10. Why my pattern rejected: "Not a Seamless Design -- Design is not seamless. Please remove âseamlessâ from title and/or keywords." It seems like it is seamless
  11. Hi, I've got one of my seamless pattern accepted BUT the keyword "seamless" disappeared from the list, it looks like it was deleted by inspectors? Could anyone give me a clue why so?
  12. Abstract geometric pattern illustration

    © Bernardo Ramonfaur

  13. deanmoriarty


    colored boxes made in photoshop

    © Dean Moriarty

  14. Hello there, I'm a little confused about why I can't upload my patterns to my gallery. Every time I get this message "Clipping Mask Issue -- Please apply clipping mask or edit EPS file to match JPEG crop" and I don't understand what I do wrong. I expand elements before saving, I save both files with the exact same name, I make a clipping mask and it's the exact same size as the artboard and it still doesn't let me through. When I look at both files on my computer they look exactly the same, but the system says they should match even though they are matching, they are the same. Please help me, I've tried everything and nothing helped. Thanks in advance.
  15. keep on practicing

    © Serena Kim

  16. Butterflies pattern. I tried to make it look like flowers too.

    © Serena Kim

  17. Irina Esakova

    4 01

    bright colors birds painted in pop art style

    © © Esakova Irina, 2015

  18. Here is my new work

    © Serena Kim

  19. It's time to go to the beach !

    © Serena Kim

  20. I made a geometry pattern by triangle. I considered good color combinations I have more color options but this is my favorite color combination !!

    © Serena Kim

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