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Found 11 results

  1. I am new member a week ago. My all vector is rejected because of path construction issue, What does it mean ? It like making a cake, does it not permitted with my way/method ... Thank you
  2. It Says to All Vector Illstrations in My Batch Rejection Reason - Path Construction -- Vector/illustration contains path construction issues Any Clue? What's Going on Please?
  3. This photo shows the flight of a bird while it flew past me at a beach in Seattle. I've superimposed multiple images to show the path the bird took. This photo was rejected by Shutterstock with the reason "Focus--Subject is blurry, too soft, or out of focus when viewed at full resolution.". I've looked at the image at different zoom levels but haven't been able to spot any lack of focus. Please suggest what's wrong with this image so I can try to fix it and/or improve future photographs. Thanks!

    © Mayank Yadav

  4. My attempt at a black and white shoot, please let me know what you guys think regarding the contrast and if you thing there is too much grain and noise!
  5. A second version
  6. There are a few thing i like about this picture, a more I don't. I am trying to learn as I move forward, interested in your overall comments
  7. Danny D

    Silly Signage

    Re-submitting as a portrait view. RAW file, only resized and rotated.
  8. From the album: Nature

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