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Found 17 results

  1. I took 540 photos of different plants and trees at the Sugarbrush Park in Waterloo, Ontario. I think once I go through all of them to find out which ones to pick for upload (for commercial use and not editorial), I think I'll have something like 270. Problem is, the photos I have consists of so many plants I can't really describe what they are. That's a problem, as commercial photos still need consistent descriptions and keywords for search engine optimization and so on. What is it I need to identify the types of plants I have to write down in my description and keywords? This is an example I have (and yes, there seems to be some areas of overexposure / underexposure I'll need to adjust using programs like paint.net). It's a bunch of trees that obscure the view of the sky above. There are so many species of trees aside from maple that I can't quite tell which is which. What kinds of trees do I need to mention in my description when I upload an edited version of this onto Shutterstock as a commercial photo? If you folks need to see the full resolution picture because this forum post picture is too small, please send me a message and I'll send it to you.
  2. Waxachie-May5,2019 photo was taken waxachie park tall green v shaped tree
  3. From the album: Bharat Rao

    Sun rays just about reach the park that is verdant green thanks to almost continuous rain.
  4. Perspective shot of tall trees in Sa'dabad Complex park, Teheran, Iran
  5. Hello. I tried play with my pictures and i found this effect that i like a lot. Do you think can be a good idea of stock? If yes, would be better publish it like picture or illust./clip-art? Thanks a lot for your comments.
  6. What do you think about this picture? can be a good stock? Thanks for comments.
  7. Shot this young Yoga instructor in the park. Canon 5dsr, 70-200, profoto b1 for fill against the rising sun. Will be uploading the set shortly

    © Felix Mizioznikov

  8. A soft pink rose during a summer afternoon light.
  9. Park in Gothenburg (Sweden)

    © BecomeOneWithNature

  10. Danny D

    Silly Signage

    Multi distance sign with cities from around the world on a local trail here in Canton, Ga.
  11. If the flowers knew to pose - it would be this - Bold and bright @ Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse

    © (c) Ritesh Mehrotra

  12. AKart

    arch bridge

    From the album: Other

    © All photos and designs © AK ART 2015

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