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Found 6 results

  1. I uploaded some video via ftp using Filezilla. But file disappear, I can't describe it and submit. Please help me.
  2. Uploading hickups....no sales for a few hours.....looks like that we are dead.....again..... This web site has more issues than Vogue.
  3. I've tried to get to the web upload page since yesterday afternoon, and it comes back with a Could someone look into this? Edited to add -- the same happens also with the following pages, and they're inaccessible: Submit Images Submit Videos Approval status: Images Approval status: Videos Keywording tool Edited for clarity. It still does not work through Firefox on 5/23/2017.
  4. Don't know if anyone has noticed there are connection issues when looking at your port. Perhaps this is in line with D Pimborough's post for buyers side being down?
  5. Hello guys, I submitted a new vector (eps compatible with AI 10) and an associated jpg with the same name, both under 4 Mo, and I keyworded the file... but nothing appears in the "pending" section... it just diseapered ! Do you know what is wrong here with uploading vectors ? Many thanks!
  6. Hi, I just tried to upload an eps file, but unfortunately it isn't letting me upload, it is only allowing jpgs. Do you know if there is a problem at the moment? Thank you.
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