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Found 4 results

  1. Hola, esta es la primera vez que hago una consulta en el foro ya que no puedo encotrar la solucion a mi problema. Tengo un drone Air 2s, he realizado varias tomas y subido varios clips pero siempre son rechazados por la misma razón: Ruido/artefactos. Hice varias pruebas para tratar de encontrar una solución y no lo he logrado, siempre son rechazados. Los videos son tomados en full HD, editados en Premiere PRO 2019, exportado con codec h.264, dandole el mejor procesamiento y con un bitrate elevado (VBR 2 pases min 40 máx 55). Al principio pensé que podría ser la corrección de col
  2. Hello dear coleagues. I recently started to work on some bakground animations on blender 2.9. The problem is that they were rejected by artifacts/noise reason. I rendered those animations at 4K 60fps some on 128 samples with Cycles (i did probably had some animations at 250 samples) and i used denoising data with denoising nodes in composition window, and some were rendered with Eevee at same sample sizes. Probably Eevee ones were in fact at 250 samples to get rid of clamping and other artifacts. All Blender animations were rejected. Now that is probably due to the fact that i
  3. I understand the need to be very particular to enable high standards, but over the last few months, I am seeing rejections being done very randomly, at times they are completely unjustified. After a first few rejections, one gets more careful and even then a few mistakes do take place, however "main subject not in focus" is quite a randomly used term at Shutterstock. It is as if there is no space to use shallow depth at all? Camera shake seems to be another term thrown randomly. Believe me, I want to improve and make better pictures, but at times its just one person reviewing picture
  4. Hi, I fairly new here. recently when uploading 4K footage I keep getting rejected for "Noise / Artifacts / Pixelation ". This seems very strange since I review my content throughly before submitting it. I shoot at times when the lighting is suitable, and use the correct camera settings (in this case a drone - DJI Mavic). I suspect that Shutterstock aren't using the correct gear to review 4K footage (High res display and a strong enough computer). I suspect that because I recently replaced my computer to a MacBook Pro retina, my previous computer was a non retina MacBook Pro
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