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Found 11 results

  1. Ok, I am new in the editorial section and never had to upload photos that are newsworthy and needed to be online as quick as possible. Had some images of riots, and thought that they need to be online as soon as possible. So, is there a way for them to be online in quicker way then cca 12 hours that I've experienced with my first editorial submission? The review process is insanely quick these days, but I've found out that my photos were online about 12 hours after the review process. So, can I do something to shorten that time? Thanks.
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2020/02/13/shutterstock-founder-and-ceo-jon-oringer-to-step-down-in-april/#278924fa7e8b
  3. I'm a photojournalist and I often cover newsworthy events and news that need to be uploaded as soon as posible, does anyone know how can shuttestock approve this kind of content?
  4. Hi I am interested in uploading the live news. Can you point me towards the links with some guidance for contributors on how to upload such and what is the pricing (I would expect to be different than normal stock). I do life news regularly through another agency, but thought I would look for other options. Thanks
  5. Hello there, My name is Antonio and I am from Romania. I opened this topic because I need some help for my work art. Well, I am here from 1 of September and i never sold any photo. Can you help me with advises, critique or something? I need to know whether to stop or to go ahead. Thank you, and good luck!
  6. Good day. I've read through the comments on previous messages. It seems like approvals on Editorial work is still a major issue. On average it takes 4-7 days to approve. I'm a Photographer and Journalist Artist but I mostly do illustrative work for editorial, which means I create work for current News (not photos where I don't have release forms). This delay in approvals is really affecting my sales. My work used to sell as the stories are happening on CNN, BBC etc. because my images used to be approved on the same day. With this delay I'm starting to really worry. Once my images are eventually approved, some sell but way way! less. Please Shutterstock, please can someone sort this problem out. It's really is a major concern for me. I do have a suggestion though; Shutterstock has Commercial or Editorial sections. My suggestion is to have a button for (priority review - in the news) or a section entirely for Current News events. Whereby reviewers know that these images need to be reviewed quicker (only 'current' newsworthy images). I just hope Shutterstock realises how much they (and me) are losing simply because reviewers are either flooded with Editorial images or Shutterstock's system of reviewing simply doesn't care for with current events. I love using Shutterstock, I've always had a good experience with reviewers. I would like to keep my positivity up. Come on guys, sort the problem for Editorial approvals. What does everyone think of having a priority review system? Regards, Sergio Lacueva
  7. As someone who lives in Washington, D.C., I am always around major news events (especially protests). What is everyone's experience with editorial images here on Shutterstock? Do you find that they sell better or worse compared to your more creative images?
  8. Jon just posted on FB about the new deal with the AP which is gonna add 30 million more images to the ever growing library, which will bring us to almost 110 million images. Hope it helps us here at SS with getting more editorial coverage being granted for those of us here who do editorial. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/e0a2cfee-e5f5-11e5-ac45-5c039e797d1c.html
  9. Since I cant open a thread in Announcements. http://www.shutterstock.com/blog/announcing-shutterstocks-exclusive-partnership-bfa
  10. Purists having a field day now? . . . http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/11/reuters-bans-submission-of-raw-photos-our-photos-must-reflect-reality/ http://www.theverge.com/2015/11/19/9759620/reuters-raw-photos-ban-worldwide
  11. hello, what kind of problems can happen to shutterstock for selling editorial content, that a photographer took in a event, that for some reason or another didn't have or asked for the required credentials to shoot the event? are there any examples that can you give. thanks
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